Digidesign Pre I/O
Digidesign Pre I/O

Pre I/O, Solid-State Pre-amp from Digidesign.

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stratosweet 01/02/2012

Digidesign Pre I/O : stratosweet's user review

«  Good pre-amp »

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It gives me the hardware best suited to a station Protools, even if the preamp is not as good as other brands. It is almost perfect for the catch drum for example. The ability to create an effects loop on each pre-amp is pretty interRAI.


To set up everything correctly, I think it must begin to "feel" a little. on the other hand once the unit is controlled by noon, the foot.


The sound seems to me rather well reproduced. The device seems pretty transparent, unlike tube models.


I use it for more than two years, for now I serve as the meadow, and I'm not unhappy.
A small thing to know, but not annoying, it's the clicks produced by the knob .... but I do not think I know who touched during the recordings. ;-)