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Thread AKG K141Monitor - what more do I need?

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1 AKG K141Monitor - what more do I need?
Hello! My first post here :)

I recently bought myself a pair of AKG K141 Monitor (600ohms), and I hooked them up to my Technics hifi-amp. After about 1 second of listenting i realized that the sound was very, very poor. I had a pair of AKG K55 before, which is very low budget stuff, but trust me - they sounded way better than the AKG K141 M. Of course it's not meant to be like this.. So now I need someone with knowledge to help me:

- Is it my hifi-amp that can't handle the 600ohms headphones (my old ones were 32ohms), and in this case, would you recommend me buying a simple headphone-amp from Behringer, for instance?
- Could it also have to do with my SB Live! 5.1 soundcard in my PC, to which the amp is connected? I tried connecting the AKG K141 directly to the soundcard and it sounded very poor this way aswell.

Let me add, that what I mean with "poor sound" is that they seriously lack some low and high freqs. The midranges sounds OK to me. I turned the bass knob on my amp up to the max (for test purpose only), and the sound in the headphones didnt exactly get more bass, instead it got highly distorted at a fairly high volume level. It was so bad, I have now switched back to my old K55 while i try to figure out whats wrong.

So now, please - HELP! :(