DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion
DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion

DP100 Super Distortion, Humbucker guitar pickup from DiMarzio in the High Power series.

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 20 reviews )
 9 reviews45 %
 9 reviews45 %
 1 user review5 %
 1 user review5 %
Value For Money : Excellent

RiceEatin2010GT's review"Vintage pickup with high output"

DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion
DiMarzio released the Super Distortion a long time ago. I remember when it first came out and everyone started putting these in their guitars. It was usually a war between this pickup and the Seymour Duncan JB. Both were super high output pickups to help push the older, lesser gain amplifiers into overdrive more. This is pretty much a bridge only pickup. I can’t ever imagine using this in the neck because it would be way too high output. The pickup itself sounds very fat, so if you’re not into those somewhat dark sounding pickups, this might not be for you. The main goal was to help be compatible with old school Marshalls running everything at 10, so the pickup helped balance that naturally bright sound. With today’s amps and guitar tones, it’s not quite as pleasing at times. Iron Maiden was a good example of this pickup’s tone at times, as was Kiss. You have a lot of midrange in this pickup, so you shouldn’t really have any problems cutting. One trick you should do is play with pickup height because it’ll help give you some dynamics back and make the thing a bit more controllable. The pickup doesn’t work too well for modern music because it’s not quite as tight and refined as the newer ones today, but if you have a guitar that has a really bright tone, this could be the ticket to help getting a more pleasing tone without it becoming overly bass heavy in the lower end spectrum. Overall, if you’re looking for something on the vintage side, you can get this. You can also look into the Dual Sound because it’s the exact same pickup but with a push/pull pot for splitting. You can add a push/pull pot to this pickup if yours has four conductor wiring. If you’re more into today’s music, it might be worth looking at the newer stuff DiMarzio has to offer.

MountAnDewMe's review"Used by many I loved, but not by me."

DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion
I purchased this pickup to replace the bridge pickup in a Washburn guitar that seemed to be a touch anemic for playing the heavier music I was in a band for at the time. I chose this pickup because I had an axe with EMGs in it for metal and was looking for something a bit more organic sounding. Many guitar players I was a fan of had used this model over the years and I figured I would like it for myself as well. Well it was OK.

I found that as the name implies it was geared for providing distortion. It did that fine. I played this through two separate tube amp rigs and in both situations it seemed to just have too much high end for my taste. It was a very cutting sound and I have heard many players pull out great tones from this pickup but as we know we all sound different and this was a poor match for me.

I tried cutting the tone on the guitar, pedals, and amp in many different combinations and found that as I tried to reel in the harshness I was killing the parts of the sound I did like. I also like to play certain lead passages on the bridge pickup at times and that was not an option for me with the DP100. The sound was way to thin to be useful for any single note playing in the mid to upper registers of the guitar.

I did give this pickup a long chance with more than a few output options to show me why it has been used for many years by a lot of my guitar heroes but in the end we were not meant to be together. Its hard to slight a piece that has such a good history as this pickup does but not only would I not buy it again but if I found a guitar I really wanted with it installed in it I would be prejudiced against it and preplan its replacement.

jkessel's review"Great crunch and full tone!!"

DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion
Dimarzio DP100 Super Distortion, ceramic magnet, small hex pole pieces. Along side the Duncan JB it's one of the most famous and widely used pickups of all time! I bought this originally for a neck pickup in a Dimebag guitar but needed a pickup for my Jackson Rhoads so decided to throw it in the bridge. I was very surprised at how nice it sounded. A great crunch to it, it was smooth but still aggressive with a good grit to it. Kind of condescending but that's how it sounds, it had a velvety sort of smoothness to it that made leads really sing, but for rhythms it was aggressive and cut through very well. It was pretty thick and full sounding, definitely not a thin bright pickup. The low end was kind of loose so I'm sure with low tunings it'd fall apart a bit, but I didn't venture past drop D. It has a great vintage vibe to it. Good rolled of highs so it has that vintage sort of sound to it compared to modern music that’s tons of bass and tons of highs with little in between. It is still tight enough to pull off metal tones but really excelled and 70s and 80s style rock and lighter metal like Maiden and Scorpions (since both bands used this). Fun little fact, the very first Dean guitars actually had Dimarzio Super Distortions that were slightly overwound at the factory before going into the guitars. They used those throughout the 70s and 80s before Dean was sold off. Randy Rhoads’ Polka dot V had a super distortion in the bridge, Ace Frehley had one in the bridge of his les paul, as well as Iron Maiden all had Super Distortions in the bridge of their guitars.
A great pickup and I would recommend it to anyone.
King Loudness01/31/2012

King Loudness's review"Rock n' Roll!"

DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion
This pickup was one of the very first high output replacement pickups offered. It came out in the seventies and was used by everyone from Ace Frehley to Al DiMeola. It was noted for its very high output sound that worked very well with a high gain amplifier. Many rock players of that time dropped them into their Gibsons, and later superstrat guitars to get that bit of extra raunch. I've tried this pickup with many guitar types and can concur with the general opinion. There are more refined and heavier pickups out there for sure, but if you want something that has that classic "PAF on steroids" feel, this is a good place to look. It's not an uber high output pickup like say, a DiMarzio EVO, but it's also got more punch than a true PAF. It sounds best to my ears in a Les Paul Standard or Custom... something about this pickup and a slab of mahogany just WORKS. It has that nice barky low end, a strong and hefty midrange and a nice sizzly high end that's very hard rock. I also tried this pickup in various alder and ash bodied superstrats, and it worked there too for a nice punchy tone that kicked the amp into another gear, though I find that it could get a bit too bright and biting if put in an already bright guitar. if you want something similar to it but want the coil tapping feature, check out the Dual Sound, which is the same pickup but wired for a coil splitter. The Super Distortion humbucker is the original high gain pickup and though there are so many options in today's market, there is a reason so many players used the Super Distortion and are still using it today... it ROCKS.

tjon901's review"Old school high output pickup"

DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion
The Dimarzio Super Distortion was one of the first aftermarket guitar pickups introducted. In the early 70s guitar players were looking for pickups that would push their amps harder. The PAF pickups at the time were low output and the guitar players needed more. Dimarzio decided to take the PAF design and add more powerful magnets to it. When the Super Distortion came it it had nearly double the output of the classic PAF pickups. With twice the output guitar players were able to push their amps harder and it was easier to get a more distorted heavier sound. The tone of the Super Distortion is more balanced towards the low end and mids. Too much high end in a high output pickup may cause the guitar to sound too bright. The old Super Distortion is still the standard when it comes to high gain pickups. It is a very versatile pickup, it can do anything from classic rock to metal. It is intended to be used in the bridge of a guitar but can also be used in the neck position in a lower gain setup. When the Super Distortion came out it came with a single conductor setup. This was ok at the time but now people want more versatility. The Super Distortion now comes with a 4 conductor setup which allows the coils in the pickups to be split. When you split the coils of a humbucker it turns into a single coil. With a single coil you can replicate the tones of a stratocaster guitar. With the 4 conductor setup you can also wire the pickups in parallel which gives a unique sound. Parallel pickups are still humbucking but they have a more hollow sound.

Hatsubai's review"The original high output pickup"

DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion
DiMarzio was one of the first aftermarket companies to form, and the Super Distortion was one of the world’s first high output pickups. During the 70s and 80s, it gained tons of popularity for those wanting to drive their amps even harder.

The Super Distortion is one of those pickups that, even though it’s old, it’s still somewhat relevant today. It’s a high output pickup that doesn’t clean up too well, but it can still do that oldschool hard rock vibe no problem. Plugged straight into a Marshall, it’ll give you that famous KISS style sound – enough breakup but not too much over the top distortion. It’s a fairly compressed pickup, but it still retains the character of the guitar, unlike certain other pickups on the market.

This pickup works best in guitars that are a bit lacking in the bottom end, IMO. It’s a fat pickup with lots of midrange. If you have a single pickup guitar, I’d say your best bet would probably be either this or a Seymour Duncan Custom. The low notes are fat without sounding flubby, and the high notes sound very round. You don’t have to worry about your treble strings getting too harsh when using this pickup.

The adjustable pole pieces help make this super versatile when it comes to dialing in the magnetic string pull. If you’re finding there’s a bit too much output with this pickup, try lowering it. As it gets lower, it helps clean everything up. It’ll also ghost note less. If you have a four-conductor version, try adding a push/pull pot to split it. Once you do, you’ll have the DiMarzio Dual Sound.

Those of you looking to try out a new pickup for your guitar, this is still worth checking out. It’s a bit more compressed than most boutique pickups, but since the market is saturated with these, you can find them real cheap on eBay or online forms. If you don’t like it, it should be easy enough to flip, unlike certain other rare pickups.
Johnny R07/01/2014

Johnny R's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" THE micro!"

DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion
Used for about 1 year.

I tried everything, all prices .... and frankly the most expensive is not always the best by the way ....

I bought this mic mainly because I'm a fan of Nirvana, Kurt and his .... had this mic on his guitar .... this is the original idea ....

What struck me the most "stuck" is that for a microphone "high gain", it is not strident or shrill, but rather "growler" ...... yes, that's the word that best qualify: grogneur.C is probably due to the fact that it has bass and midrange forward, and treble a little behind.

Somehow, it made me think a P90 ..... in much more muscular course!

I'm not at all agree with the so-called fact that it is not for clean sounds, I find instead that it comes out more than well in the register .... Note that we can splitter and it is very convincing.
It is true that the output level sometimes seems excessive, but it is controlled very well to volume knob (tone or if it is just to remove some teeth to the sound).

For me it is very versatile micro ultimately ..... well on the distortion or overdrive are his favorite terrain, but you can spend a large OD that spot just a little crunch with the volume knob it is not pretty!

Harmonics out all alone ..... perfect I tell you!

The value for money is excellent in my opinion, I would do without hesitation that choice!
I hope that Dimarzio will manufacture for many years to come!

Ultimately, it can transform any scratches that even very average, a super skyscraper with its true .... then on a quality guitar, imagine ....

If you are fans of good old rock, hard, punk, grunge, metal, Metallica style, or whatnot, this mic is for you!
Perceval Vassail07/03/2013

Perceval Vassail's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" my favorite humbucker"

DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion
After a year of intensive use of custom shop Strat HSS I can say without a problem that is the dual microphone to sound fabulous for the whole repertoire from rock to metal.

For everything related to jazz and blues he has not used much in the same clean but do not buy it for that, you must know what you want.
The sound of the microphone is rich in medium without being aggressive in the treble as the many modern metal microphone. The audio is rich in harmonics and does not offer sound too dug.

Having tried many humbucker: Emg 81/89 SH4/SH12 evo, evo 2, D sonic, 500T
So far nothing comes her ankle over sound I'm looking for but it's still also a matter of taste.

FaBolz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" "The Sound of the 80's!""

DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion
How long have you use it?

-For two weeks, bridge mounted on a Jackson Randy Rhoads 1996 to Japan!

What is so special that you love the most, least?

"I like this side very" medium "faithful to the sound of Dimarzio .. grain very 80's I expected to play Randy Rhoads, the Kiss, the Maiden .. In Rhythmic sounds doggone it! typed "Iron Maiden", really! Solo is the feet. I am a soloist, and have a blast! to Me solos Randy Rhoads sauce (my idol)! you will not be disappointed with this f * cking typical grain!

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

- To often work as an intern in a big guitar shop in Lyon, I must say that Dimarzio is the hallmark of Micro, which is closest to my type of sound. I try a lot, Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, Gibson , EMG, Fender .. and other .. for me it Dimarzio!

How would you rate the quality / price?
With experience, you do again this choice? ...

- Quality / price!

Nothing to do with other brands or price differences are huge for little difference sometimes between different models. The Dimarzio is one of the first micro "copy" on the market. Request by a majority of guitar players to push their amp distortion and thoroughly. I would do in this election have one week to put one on my Custom 77: p!

patvmax's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" excellent"

DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion
I had bought was the time for a les paul, and after this was no longer at all the same.! rage, that aggressive sound change and too soft blues of the beautiful. it looks beige coils was apparent also much more beautiful than large caps chrome gibson cheesy ... Of course, I bought the same in the neck position. And my les paul has become a real aggressive tigress. I love the grain of typical old Di Marzio. I recommend to all.! and then I put the same on a Start ... see the result! it's beautiful ...