Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge
Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge

SH-8B Invader Bridge, Humbucker guitar pickup from Seymour Duncan in the High Output Humbuckers series.

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All user reviews for the Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 24 reviews )
 15 reviews63 %
 5 reviews21 %
 2 reviews8 %
 2 reviews8 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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Edward Klupp jr07/11/2019

Edward Klupp jr's review"Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge"

Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge
I purchased the invader pickup for my Eddie Vanhalen custom Stratocaster that I built. And the power and tone is unreal! It sound's better than Eddie's I kid you not. It even sound's as good as my Jackson JS 32T King V. This is truly an amazing pickup. Great choice.

jkessel's review"Great... at what it does"

Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge
Seymour Duncan SH8 Invader. 3 ceramic magnets with 12 large hex pole pieces. It by no means a bad pickup, it's just is it what you want? I bought it mainly because ole Papa Hetfield had used one in his Electra V for Kill Em All and I wanted to have my go at somewhat copying that tone. And while it does get that distinct grind it's soo hard to control this pickup. It has so much bass that it's actually hard to keep it from getting muddy/ flubby. If you have multiple guitars with different pickups rest assured that you WILL have to change the settings if you use this pickup, so in my opinion that's a big con for playing live. Constantly having to tweak you amp.
Now there's many people who've used these with success and great tone, but I can't figure out how. In a thin bright guitar such as a Jackson, maple neck thru, ebony board, alder wings... this would be great to thicken it up a bit and give back some low end. But in a solid mahogany guitar it was too hard for me to get it where I wanted. I play faster paced metal where tightness and articulation is key so for me this was definitely not it. If you're playing more classic rock/metal, sludge, doom or styles that don't rely on speed and articulation as much then this might be a great pickup for you. It will make any guitar thicker and beefy but it'll really lose the definition. It’s also very aggressive so along with being muddy it doesn’t have good cleans. It’ll overdrive your amp too easily so getting sparkly cleans is a real challenge. If you don’t mind a somewhat clean/ light crunch tone then this may work for you, but in my experience a true clean tone was very hard to get.
So while it's a great pickup and does everything it's supposed to do, it's just not what I need or want.

wwhhhaatt's review"Not for me"

Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge
I'm only going to review the sound I got by using this pickup through my distortion channel as I hardly ever use a bridge pickup clean. My main amp is a framus cobra 100 watt tube amp and I also use a peavey 5150 as well as a hughes & ketteer triamp

I tried this pickup in two different guitars and got similar results. I first tried it out in a epiphone LP custom which is one of the nicer Epi guitars and A great deal if you don't want to spend the gibson bucks. It has the typical LP construction with a mahogany body, maple neck, and rosewood fret board. In this guitar it was just muddy and grainy sounding. Normally a muddy pickup will just be overly bass heavy and can sometimes be corrected with a bass cut on the amp but this had flubby bass and shrill highs. Working the EQ controls to overcome one problem only seemed to accentuate the other. Metal playing friends of mine suggested I give it a shot but it was not at all like I expected. I thought maybe that guitar just wasn't the right kind for this pickup.

Next I tried it in my Carvin DC127 which has an alder and mahogany body with a maple neck and ebony fret board. This guitar is normally very tight sounding but even it was a bit undefined in the low end with the invader. The ebony board also adds to the brightness of the guitar so the high end from the invader was even more accentuated. Once again I could not use any amount of EQing to get a sound out of it that I liked.

Some people get great results with this pickup so maybe I got a dud or maybe it's just very picky about the woods and set up you have.


tjon901's review"Single minded metal machine"

Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge
The SH-8 Invader is a metal machine that can do nothing else. It has a unique look than other Seymour Duncans. It has 12 black oxide cap screws on the top of it. If the screws are this big that tells you how big and powerful the magnets are. With these huge magnets and screws you must look out of string pull. I noticed my sustain was was not as good as it was with a lower output pickup. String pull is when the magnetics of the pickup effect the strings. The magnets tug on the strings and stop them from vibrating freely. This lowers the sustain of the note being played on the string. Even with all the histrionics with the huge screws and what not the pickup is not noisy at all. Because the screws on this pickup are so big there is no tremolo size offered. The screws can pick up the strings equally well on both sizes. The Invader is a very hot bass heavy pickup. With these features you have to make sure you are putting it in the right type of guitar. You want to put it in a guitar that will balance out the sound. With the bass heavy voicing of the Invader you may want to put it in a slightly brighter wooded guitar to make the sound neutral. If you put this bassy pickup into an already bassy guitar the sound may become un-useable. The sound will be dark and muddy and totally undefined. With these characteristics it is un-useable in the neck position also. It is far too bassy for the neck position which already produces a bass heavy sound no matter what the pickup is. If you are looking for a pickup for the bridge position of your bright guitar and you only play metal this may be the pickup for you.

nickname009's review"good for super tight metal! nothing else.."

Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge
Oh the famed invader pickup!! Made famous most likely due to James Hetfield using it back in the day on master of puppets. Can be coil tapped if you get the 4 conductor version. I've fortunately been able to use both the neck and bridge pickups together in a Jackson Stars Rhoads V. I have not tried it tapped.

as a neck pickup (CLEAN):
Not bad. Not shimmery or clean-like either. Though it is lower output than the bridge pickup. Clean it doesn't break up if you don't want it to, depending on where you set the height. Of course the magnets are HUGE, so the pickup height should definitely be set properly.

as a neck pickup (DIRTY):
The distortion is very modern with the ceramic pickup. I guess the best way to put it is gritty and a little bit crispy, yet thick at the same time. It's a very stiff sound, not very saggy and saturated at all, which, depending on your uses, can be a good thing.

as a bridge pickup (CLEAN):
Clean this pickup is definitely no fender single coil. It breaks up depending on your right hand technique, which is good for some. Though I personally don't mind break up, this type of break up is not what I'd prefer. Again, like the neck pickup the distortion sound is very stiff, even though it's very bassy it has a very specific sound. After owning the set for over 2 years I can almost hear it distinctly on songs/records or guitars. I wouldn't say this is a dynamic pickup, it doesn't clean up well with the volume rolled down, nor does it sound very good on low/medium gain.

Overall I think these are a great metal pickup and you're looking for a very tight sound with some grit. The clean is only average and not great. So it's not a very versatile pickup. On the positive, no matter how much gain you throw at it, it will stay tight.

rarson's review

Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge
I've been using this pickup for a few weeks now. I installed it into a Switch Wild One guitar, which is a solid body guitar made out of "Vibracell" material (plastic) with a single humbucking pickup in the bridge. I had planned on changing the pickup before I even got the guitar because I'm a pretty big fan of Seymour Duncan pickups, but the Switch pickup sounded pretty good, better than I was expecting, so I waited a while to change it out which turned out to be a good thing, as I had gotten used to the sound of the old pickup.

The first thing I noticed is that the output of this pickup is much higher. That is to be expected, as the Invader is designed to be a high output passive pickup. Despite the higher output, it sounds as if the noise that this pickup makes is actually lower. Perhaps the noise is masked somewhat by the higher output, but I've listened closely to the pickup without playing it, and I can't hear anything.

I wired the pickup to the coil tap switch just like the old one, and what I've noticed is that, when playing the guitar clean, the output drop from humbucker to single-coil is more than it was with the old pickup. This makes sense to me though; if there are two coils and both have hotter outputs, then obviously dropping one out will make a bigger difference because you're losing more output. Anyway, I say this is noticeable when playing clean because when you throw a couple effects into the mix, it becomes a moot point.

One of the great things about this pickup is that it seems to be more flexible because of the higher output. Some of my effects change their character quite a bit when I use the volume knob on the guitar, and when I tried the new pickup, it immediately threw the pedals into overdrive, almost a bit too much. The range of the volume knob has basically been extended.

Some hot humbuckers seem to get a bit dirty at full volume, even when played clean, but this pickup sounds clean to me. Cleaner than the Hot Rails for Strat that I have in my other guitar (which isn't very dirty at all). Even when playing hard, it's just not dirty, just nice and loud. Traits like this are what always impressed me and made me come back to Duncan pickups again and again.

This pickup at full volume thrashes the Little Big Muff and tears my Synth Mangler a new one. Sometimes I have to dial it down a bit for the Synth Mangler, but it's always been useful to adjust the volume knob with the Mangler; now it is even more so. And yet the pickup is good for just about anything. It's got a great, full clean sound.

I've heard some people say that once you put an Invader into your guitar, you won't want to play another guitar without one. I can see why they say that. It's a fantastic pickup. For me personally though, I'm not going to be replacing every pickup in every guitar with an Invader, because that's just not my style. If I didn't like trying new pickups, this would be a good one to stick with though. I'm pretty sure I like it a little more than the Hot Rails, which I already loved. Duncan is simply the brand I go to when I look for pickups, and this is another example why.

The pickup was a bit of a surprise to me, for the reason that I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. You can read about the pickup and Duncan's recommendations for applications of it on their website, but from reading that, I was almost expecting this hot humbucker to be dirty. I'd say it's as clean as a humbucker gets, which is a great thing. It's simply LOUD. I think the only hotter pickup you could get from Duncan would be an active.

I can't say enough about how much I like this pickup. It's just great. It almost seems a shame that Seymour Duncan recommends it for heavier styles of music, because I feel it could be suitable for just about anything with a simple tweak of the volume knob.

Oh, I almost forgot: the single-coil sound is great! It sounds pretty much exactly like a nice Strat on the bridge, very bright and yet full. Crystal clear sound. The old pickup was good but didn't sound too great as a single-coil. But this pickup sounds fantastic!

I can't ask for anything more from such a reasonable priced pickup. No real flaws at all.

MGR/BLAIR PORTER's review"Seymour Duncan Invader Humbucker"

Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge
I ordered it from America early this year, because i needed a more powerfull sound for the music i play , i payed $300 for it.

I like the fullness of the tone it gives and the power of it and it has large harmonics which i really like, and also the way it looks

there is nothing i really dislike about the invader because its perfect for the type of music i play , mainly punk and metal.

it is very good quality its a top of the range pickup. it looks like a normal Humbucker but is a bit funny looking.

the invader is used by Tom Delonge from Blink 182 , but if ur a heavy freak dont let that put you it off , the invader is also ideal for playing metal.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Seymour Duncan Invader Pickups"

Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge
guitar center, $75

I liked the high output

This pickup is one of the worst sounding pickups ever. It has OK mids but the lows are muddy and there are no highs.

Good cnstruction

Not a good investment if you like tone, but if you play death metal or crap like that you might like it.

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Ju13090's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Large blocks / Big Sound!"

Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge
I use it for 4 years

The micro paté en croute sending, 510 or 520 millivolts, Bass Treble 7 8 Medium 4.

A big gain, a mic to thrash or death nothing else.

There is not much to say about a micro knowing that his report will depend on the wood of the guitar.

Mine has a mahogany body and the guitar on which I played before was also mahogany, the sound is very low load and medium, absolutely no acute loud with this microphone.

It can also be mounted on a body with a maple table to win in acute and clarity.

To take full advantage I recommend playing with a big pull.

It blows very easily, palm mutes are also of grave sustain like a gogo.

But do not forget to use Death or Thrash only.

It suits me personally for several years.

AnthonYHurleY's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge
How long you use it?

It's been since I bought my first Fender Tom Delonge Signature Strat on which it was originally fitted, therefore, about 8 years ...

Did you tried many other models before buying it?

Some yes. Mainly simple microphones at the time ... Today, I also have a '57 ES335 with classic fitted as original, obviously nothing to do with the HS-8. They have the name of humbuckers in common, we can not compare them. But I've tried other humbuckers of different brands and manufacturers and it is he who I like best!

What is so special that you love the most, least?

I love her look already! Especially white with black dots! Sends it on my strats like no other! Then of course its her! It is powerful, warm, full of harmonics ... It blends perfectly with alder and rosewood! It looks better than a maple fingerboard I think (I own a Strat equipped microphone with a maple fingerboard).
Contrary to what some say, playing with its volume (at least one connection with "treble bleed"), we arrive at much the sound and nuance to get sounds from the same country, although crunch. It's really beautiful little we know well the mic and we have the proper gear. This mic is a formidable weapon even in areas where we think "not suitable". For the less I find it ...

How would you rate the quality / price?
With experience, you do again this choice? ...

quality / price excellent!
I would do this choice even 1000 times in a row!