Fender Roc Pro 1000
Fender Roc Pro 1000

Roc Pro 1000, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Roc Pro series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 22 reviews )
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Before_'s review"Very good clean and distortion sounds"

Fender Roc Pro 1000
Solid-state amp BUT it has a tube for the distortion/drive, your choice.
Line out (8Ohms mini), send return, loop volume control, footswitch input (3 buttons on the pedalboard, to enable the distortion and choose the distortion (there are two), plus activating the reverb).
Spring reverb.
Not bad already.


Easy to dial in, it features bass, mid and treble controls for the clean channel and the distortion channels, a reverb control and a VERY sensitive volume control.
The sound is five times as loud when you go from 1 to 2 on the volume control!
It will rock you off your feet.


It's fine for my music style.
I have a 50W all-tube ENGL amp (screamer) that I keep in my rehearsal room.
I wanted an amp to play mainly clean sounds, at home.
I'm satisfied, the clean channel faithfully reproduces the sound of the guitar. It doesn't have that hi-fi sound often associated with solid-state amps.
It's deep, crystal-clear, the reverb is quite all right.
As I already mentioned above, be careful with the volume control or you can end up deaf, it's über-sensitive. 100W that won't make you blush. The speaker is an original Fender. The amp is made in the USA.
I play Fenders (Mustang and a Tele Aerodyne) and it sounds awesome, not as warm as a tube amp, true, but very satisfying.
The distortion sounds are also up to the job, not muddled, rather aggressive, you only need to work the EQ a bit and you can get convincing sounds.
The two distortions: One is a tad more nervous than the other, which is more "acid," while the other is more of a "fat overdrive."
Independent distortion and clean volume controls.
As for the loop, it does the job.
I play with some delays (dd20, Memory boy and VS h2O) and a chorus, the sound is well respected and not puffed up.


Yeah, okay, I've had it only for a couple of hours...
I also have an all-tube amp (ENGL), a small Epiphone combo (Valve junior) and I wanted a not-too-expensive amp to play clean guitar..
I'm very satisfied with the clean sound, it's a real treat. It's solid-state amp in the age of hybrids and modeling amps, of the multiplying of tube watts (as Jesus did with the loaves of bread).
The distortions aren't icky at all, they are usable.,
I'll do a test with my band to see how the sound comes through in a mix.
For me it's a very good tool, a good Fender, made in the US and, for the price, it would've been a shame to have missed it.

yoTrakkz's review"Made for beginners"

Fender Roc Pro 1000
The Fender Rock Pro 1000 is a solid-state amp designed to replicate the sound of a tube. It's mostly a practice amp and has low wattage. There is a simple 1/4" input as well as a foot switch input. There are two channels, clean and boost, and there are no effects. There is simply one EQ knob, labeled contour.


Getting a good sound for practicing is about all you can hope for with this amp. I'd say that the best thing you can do is get a decent clean and dirty tone so that you can work on techniques appropriate for these sounds. The manual will explain the amp well, but there's not exactly a whole lot to explain really. There's just the volume for each channel, gain knob for the boost channel, 3-band EQ and Master Volume.


The amp basically requires a lot of work to get good sounds. With a Fender Strat, I think that the only way to get a decent blues tone was to crank it to ten. That is pretty loud, and dangerous for the amp. The distortion was decent for metal, but not great for lighter styles of rock that required more character out of their amps. I would say that for beginners this is going to sound fine, mainly because they won't really know any better. Most seasoned players would be dissatisfied, even for practice.


I think this is ok for beginners, but I'd advise most advanced players to avoid it, unless you are a metal player in need of a practice amp, in which case it's probably a good idea. The price is pretty reasonable for the most part, which I think is good because I wouldn't want to pay more for this. But if you are a beginner than this is for you, this would be a great first amp to get you up and running and learning out to understand amps.


iamqman's review"Not my first choice"

Fender Roc Pro 1000
I can't tell you how many Fender amplifiers that this company has built and its existence but I can imagine there are a lot more than I am aware of. This is a simple little amplifier that has three channels of operation. You have a normal clean channel and you have to dedicated gain channels or crunch channels. It's a nice little amplifier for someone is looking for a decent little combo to get the basic Fender tones with. They're not very expensive and they had a pretty good sound for what they are. This is not to be an amplifier that is going to contend against the Fender twin reverb or any other major baseman type amplifiers but it will be a nice little practice amp for someone who needs a cheap amplifier.


This amplifier basically has 100 W of power and it's pretty stinking loud for solid-state type amp. It comes with its basic Fender 12 inch speaker and it doesn't really have much else to say other then it's a pretty basic Fender amplifier. You get the normal channel on channel switching options as well as a reverb and adjustable effects loop. As a mix control and line output to go directly into PA system or your recording setting. This amplifier is I'm cheap amplifier if you can grab it but I wouldn't spend too much time going accurate.


The tone of this amplifiers pretty much Fender all in all but it's not going to be a great distortion amplifier so if you're looking for a decent gain tone and this is not ambient. If you needed decent clean tone then this is a pretty good amp for as most Fender amplifiers are for their clean sounds. In my opinion this is not that great of an amp if you're looking for a mobile multiple channel amplifier because the extra channels just sound like trash has most Fender gain or distortion channels sound. I never liked a Fender distortion channel out of any amp they've ever done other than the new EVH amplifiers which are a completely different beast all around.


You can find these used pretty easily and if you look hard enough you can even find the head versions if you're needed that style of amplifier. They did make this in the head as well as this combo so both of them can be found well around the range of $100-$200. I really don't recommend this amplifier to anyone because it just doesn't sound that good for all that has as a option on this amp. It has a good clean but so do a lot of other amplifiers and so if you're looking for multiple channel amplifier particular and then this is not to be the one for you.
MGR/Demian kaus08/04/2001

MGR/Demian kaus's review"Fender Roc Pro 1000"

Fender Roc Pro 1000
I bought it for $ 400 used in buenos aires.
I needed a big rock valve amp to use whit my tele.

The clean channel is more than clean, its fender!! it sounds like an old twin reverb and works great with strats and teles.
The double dry valve channel has 2 different overdrives that sounds like a big marshall, very hard!!!
You can also recreate vintage dist sounds with the second overdrive.
It´s perffect for hard rock and heavy metal.

it hasn´t got headphone output and you can´t play low because of it´s valves.
the volume pots for both channels are so sensible that you´ve got to be very carefully using them.

It is perfectly assembled and the speaker(eminence) it´s so great.
it has metal corners and a upper handle.

Roc Pro is the fenders line for heavy rock and but don´t forget the incredible clean sound and the spring reverb.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Fender Roc Pro 1000"

Fender Roc Pro 1000
I payed £180 S/H from a delear in Derby, GB

Sounds great, the clean sound is sweet and vaigly gangaly, an yet both the distrsions are in your face with out being nasty. On top of all souinds graet at volume 1 or 10, though the people in the next twon might complin if you use 10.

Very expancive foot switch and replacment of the pre-amp valuve is a VERY VERY bif job. You to take how amp to bits.

It's built like a rock, very solid, oftren used a seet, when not as an amp.

Really good allreound amp, any one giging should be useing one

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

strat'man's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Very good amp, well built, with its Fender!"

Fender Roc Pro 1000
100w amp transistor preamp and a lamp for overdrive.
Hp 12 'Fender designed (made by Eminence)
Spring Reverb Accutronic made in USA (excellent!)
3 channels (clean + 2 overdrives)
Mid shift in mitigation mediums (but also treble it seems my ear, it softens the peaks of the sound, the sound is softer, not "soft" either!)
Effects loop, exit Hp 8ohms
3 footswitch buttons to select channels and one for the reverb
The amp is relatively light given the robust construction (18kg), grille and logo protective steel, simple interior electronics, the block itself is lightweight, aluminum (presumably the goal is to reduce noise, interference ...)
The pro Roc was built between 1997 and 2000, I had the performer 1000 late 90s, built between 95 and 96 (almost the same except the look), the Roc Pro 1000 has a look more "rock" It is aptly named!
This is a made in the USA, the construction is very good! (It seems indestructible, this is the effect it made me at first, and even after completely disassembled for cleaning)


Immediately his Fender is obtained on the clear channel (which is why I bought it), I had not tried this amp for 15 years and I was pleasantly surprised to find that, as the Performer 1000, the clear sound is simply very good. I will not say great because I have a Fender The twin that is unbeatable for clear sound, remain the twin twin! (But it's not the same price, the same weight, not even maintain long-term)
Otherwise what is really good with this amp is that it reacts like a tube amp on the overdrive channel, when we drop the guitar volume can be obtained clear his ... well we can play "the old "and it does not at all sound the same.
The potentiometers bass, mid, treble are very reactive and can really sculpt the sound (with lots of bass, or a very sharp), and even more if we integrate we can play the amp pushing the volume and lowering the guitar volume ...
The only "negative" thing is that the volume knob overdrive or a potentiometer B100 short, a linear potentiometer which makes the loud noise from the first scale (that of the clear channel audio type and therefore linear, at least on mine, I wonder if it has not been changed by a previous owner as my Performer in 1000 also had very strong volume on the clear channel). So I think this knob to change the overdrive channel of an audio guy.


So his issue and what is the Fender for clear channel, very good clear sound with excellent reverb!
For overdrive, I did not buy this amp for that, I must say I am pleasantly surprised, if some do not like it then I think they should use to advantage knobs (bass, mid , treble) and also play with the guitar volume, the resulting sounds are frankly very good and I am really surprised to have so much fun playing the amp on these two channels, there is a channel that seems to sound a little more modern and has a slightly higher (can be interesting group out of the mix for a solo) volume.
I had quickly Fender Champion 100 (very nice amp) and issue volume 2 amps are equal I think (benefit perhaps the champion 100 for his 2 hp), but the champion 100 (despite what it says on the prospectus) is heavier than 18kg (when I returned to a very light cardboard Fender, weight was 21 kg, so I think it weighs 20 kg and is announced ... 18 kg commercial purposes ...). The Roc Pro seems better built and stronger (stronger cabinet, thicker wood, steel grid protection, spring reverb accutronic usa ... and a small lamp for overdrive, I do not know if she has a big influence on the sound but this one is good, very blues-rock-hard ... not metal, but hey you not buy a Fender for that style of music ...)
Well of course the dynamics of the amp is not that of a tube amp, but the sound is really good, I like tube amps but I can recognize when a transistor amp sounds great and that he still a very good dynamic sound spectrum is very extensive, it has very nice bass, good midrange and treble singing (for those who find the aggressive treble there is the "treble" potentiometer can find its usefulness!) !!!), I love the clarity of the sound of this amp!


I was looking for an amp with effects loop, with a good clear channel (Fender preferred), easy to use and we do not need to heat (ie a transistor), I started by looking at the side of 3 mustang, but I did not need all these effects, simulations ... (I almost take a new one, then I thought that with the new price I could have used a better amp opportunity and that I could have a good transistor for cheap)
The Mustangs used three prices are so high (well close to the price of nine) that I turned to legacy Fender Roc Pro 1000 and arrived before my eyes by chance (amp to new condition with some dust ... I redid it a youth and it seems out of the store), I did not hesitate!
If you need a good amp well built (made in USA), simple, powerful and reliable, so do not necessarily looking for the next new models (which are not maize but often made by looking for maximum economy), we can find very good business opportunity. The Roc Pro 1000 I like its design and of course the sound it delivers, it is very versatile if you do not need to have 36 effects built into the amp.
This amp was selling more than 4,000 francs at the time, today it is almost pay anything (especially if you look at what 4000 represented francs at the time and that is the bargain price today!) Yet the sound of the amp has not aged a bit, on the contrary, authentic sound for lovers of blues-rock looking gross amp, reliable and indestructible (I would not bet on this new Fender Mustangs, is -this they still work in 20 years with all the electronics? Especially if one thinks of the research done on planned obsolescence, and finally we should say the components "scheduled breaks" ...).
In short, the Roc Pro is a simple to discover for those who do not know and who are interested in amp ... but there's not many people who love these amps, the fashion of all-tube and modeling has eclipsed these ancient simple and well built transistors ... good, they are found for really cheap looking good! :-)
Linn Sondek09/08/2013

Linn Sondek's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good"

Fender Roc Pro 1000
I have owned this combo 1996-98. It was a light / transistor hybrid model. Fitted to a 12AX7 pre-amp. And an excellent reverb EQ 3 bands effective, two plus one more drive channels.
The production was made in USA.


Setup could not be more classic, simple but effective settings possible to obtain quality sound.
As far as memory allows, I remember a beautiful clear sound and a drive quite usable although I've always used the more distortion pedals the second channel combo.


At the time I was playing with the Fender Stratocaster and I got excellent results. The clean channel really gave a clear sound, typical of the picture can get sound Fender. The drive channel was very comfortable for hard rock and blues. But as I wrote earlier, I was using rather distos or OD with the clean channel.


Before playing on the Roc Pro, I had a Champion 110 and the difference was more than notable. The Roc Pro 1000 makes it possible to really get the Fender sound for a very reasonable price. Today, it is found used around € 150 which makes it a perfect amp for beginners and only. If I could find one in my area, I would not hesitate to buy at this price!
Really it was a great combo and a great success in the Fender range.

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very nice, sensitive refrain ears!"

Fender Roc Pro 1000
Transistor for clean and power, 12AX7 tube (?) For saturax channel that contains two types of gain.
Spring reverb, all these people is remotely controlled with the switch (Led) provided cool.
Series effects loop, not yet tested. Additional hp taken, the internal is still functioning.

Under 100w 4ohms, 70 unchanged.

One can quibble that the loop is not remote controlled, yada yada yada.


CLean with 3 band eq and switch on the stamp is a small dark hair is normal mediums sparkling and flexible / living.

Winning with 3-band eq, here you have two non-cascadable gain, he who lights the yellow LED is softer more bluesy. He who lights the red is much more packed, heavy distortion unfortunately its too loud compared to the other gain and nothing can be paid separately.
So the use is not always obvious.

Typical fender, Volume 1 is nothing, and 1.5 is already too high, and it is worse on saturax ...

Forget any kind of apartment that thing!

To see I inserted my hot plate to reduce the volume at home, and it always does too, this is no longer the volume inconvenient but very brutal attitude of the amp, it is not makes it easy to play it all!


I played hard enough on two 12-inch box (usually dedicated to my bugera 1990), it is devilishly Rocpro sound! In clean is fun but hard and dark compared to 1990, on the other hand you 100w clean and it's a hell of fuss. The reverb is doing great, she is not too long for a time.

The saturax is another story, the amp is transformed, it's hot smooth and precise, adorable yellow on the drive, no wonder master Yngwie will be used in live (concerto with Philharmonic Orchestra siouplé!).
I do not know what light is in and it's the cotton air to remove, as it sounds good you touch anything.


Rare okaz I waited a very long time.
Saturations produced by this amp are great, and the stability of the power stage is a sacred anymore after a time (as opposed to all-tubes that change in his (over) heating), you know what expect here.

I wonder when same questions, regardless of the model everyone is unhappy with the fanciful race volume knobs, you think fender is deaf? Return customers info anyway!

Bastioun's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect"

Fender Roc Pro 1000
clear channel has transostor
2 channels saturated lamps
100 watt


simple configuration
clear sound worthy of fender amps
very saturated sound guy for the brand
Impressive power for a 100watt combo
I also use just the amp with speaker 2 * 60Watt and it gives good.


For my part, I juggle between foot switch, multi effect (zoom 505II) and boss metal zone, the big bass in "bold" are honorable but limits to the range of the amplifier

Distortion in "soft" AC pulse when you put the volume, the receiver requiring only that.

I play it with a purchase from the light of Lag Rockline 1993, epiphone sg 400 and an electro norman b20.

nothing to say about versatility.
However, the station has amplitute the knobs ... not progressive! ca spits very fast! to make your enemies your neighbors are no better room! damage no headphone jack!


I use it for 15 years without any problem and again is its versatility which blew me away who have tried or line6 amps like Marshall.

I bought 4000frs at the time and if I had to do it again would without hesitation!
A good amp simple and effective even in concert!

Djezeking's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent value for money"

Fender Roc Pro 1000
Hybrid transistor amp lamp.

Clear channel transistor
Lamps for 2ch: crunch and distortion

For technical specifications:
1 input jack
1 loop
One direct mailing
1 shipment for external speaker 8 ohm sub

100 watt power.
Exponential curve volume knob: No more than 1 apartment if oiling voisinous .. the rest is linear to 3-7. Beyond, you need a room of 500 people.
Speaker: 12 inch with good dynamics and brilliance. Enclosure that can disable by unplugging the two wires connecting it to the preamp. Handy in the studio recording the Room:
Governed amp with speaker disconnected. Output jack on a 4x4 studio transplanted by micro.
= I rule my amp as I want to be governed.
A spring reverb in good order.


Simple configuration
Easy to use
Attention to the curve of volume knobs.
Requires a little work its sound volume is important for the disco (requires lamp), although its fundamentals will not change.



Clean flapping in the rock that kills .... there is.
The most versatile amp I know.
Although the metal is not clear with ... it is still useful for all styles.
Predilections: rock, blues, funk.

Two channels with a single volume damage.
The channel is called orange crunch as it is not a true overdrive crunch but rather a
The red channel is itself a little more heavy, dynamic and with a rate of greater distortion.

It can be used as a booster in solo rock.
I play my rhythm channel in orange and red I go to solo.

This amp goes a bit against the idea of ​​the fender base with its strong character.
This is according to the words of the seller at the time the fender the most versatile distortion that exists


My first quality amp ago bought a big couple of years for 400 euros.
For blues and rock, it really is ideal.
For funk, ca goes well.
Arpeggios not sound wrong with the brightness of the enclosure.

I also tried a more grunge and heavy dropped D and frankly it does.
I liked it a little drool but hey ....

I do not regret buying it.
Even ten years later, I always use and it has not budged.
I have heard changing the lamp and cleaned the inside.

===> SI buying opportunity for rock and blues, do not hesitate <========

When I see the price occaz, although hybrid, frankly I do not understand.
I know that there is any style lamp 5 watt Marshall Class 5 occaz for 250 euros, but still .... I never sell mine.