Peavey Heritage VTX Series
Peavey Heritage VTX Series

Heritage VTX Series, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey.

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All user reviews for the Peavey Heritage VTX Series

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
 1 user review33 %
 2 reviews67 %
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MGR/Anonymous's review"Peavey Heritage VTX"

Peavey Heritage VTX Series
I got this amp from a co-worker at my place of employment.I traded him a Crate GX30M plus $100.00.So I guess I probably gave about $200.00 for it.

The wonderful clean and warm tube distortion sound I can get from it.

It's extremely heavy, about 95 pounds but the previous owner had installed a good set of casters on it, so that helps.

Its built like a tank, I also have owned other Peavey Amps in the past and they are all well constructed.They don't skimp on using quality stuff.

It so easy for me to obtain almost any sound I desire with this amp and it has enough power (130 Watts)to play anywhere.I replaced the original tubes with Sovtek 5881's shortly after I got it, not because it didn't sound good ,I was just afraid they would go out during a gig because they were 20 years old.I also had to repair the foot switch that came with it one of the wires that controlled the Phaser had broken but other than that the amp is in excellent condition.I won't be afraid to gig with it.

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legumann's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Jazz chorus tube!"

Peavey Heritage VTX Series
Tube amp, GC 4x6L6 produced between 1981 and 1984 the United States, all components are "made in United States", circuits, lamps, transformers etc ...
Heavy duty construction and ultra reliable.
HP scorpion high quality, the first series X 2.
Power of 2 X 130 Watts RMS switchable to 50 watts.
Accoutronics spring reverb, the true vintage spring reverb!.
Two channels, reverb and phaser related to both channels.
A note on a clean channel EQ with parametric enormous.


The original manual is very well done.
Clearly, it is very easy to obtenr good sound, but this amp takes work, because by refining its settings, it really flirts with perfection.


This amp is a monster for the Jazz, his favorite, funk, rock ...
A channel dedicated to the saturation should be considered for the crunch or mild overdrive, pushing further the interest is out of saturation.
I plugged my multi effects in the loop for testing in compression and distortion, believe me, he is doing extremely well.


Imagine a Roland Jazz Chorus with tube amplification ... well here it is!
Built ultra strong and reliable, this amp is quite rare to find in time.
In very good condition, you can find it for around 400 Euros.
We no longer manufactures this type of amp, it would be too expensive, we are now in the era of oneway, this amp is its antithesis.
The card and the quality of components, manufacturing, assembly is high quality.
That will be worth in 30 years high-end amplifiers sold today?
The mine at age 31 with lights origins, my technician still can not believe:)
If you see an opportunity in, buy it!

alterity's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey Heritage VTX Series
I bought this amp, nine in 1983 to 5500 F.

It is a hybrid combo upside down, a technology so trs particulire: power amp 130w lamp (4 6L6) and two channels prampli transistor. 2 Hp 12 Scorpion. Rverb and phasing (the phasing rad fell after three, never rpar as unnecessary.
Channel ddi clear sound with a monstrous notemment Settings, canal ddi qua complte with overdrive distortion, bright and pull prsence.


The number of rglages is relatively large, thus the use is not intuitive at first.

These rglages interference, and offer them a range of its rev tense. Do not make statements hsiter prcis because one is never sure to find one given her.
In résumé is like other stuff: some rglages = easy but sounds somewhat Varis. Many rglage = less easy, but wider sound field. This is the case peavey.


I play with a Telecaster deluxe custom of 78, an SG spcial a japs ​​(Aria knight warrior).
Given the weight of the machine (about 30kg) I thought to myself Sparer a more lightweight combo in 5000-6000 Max bullets. I never found the equivalent in the clear. Whether in dynamic heat and musicality I find the clean sound beautiful. It can connect over any kind of pedals and with pramplis whenever I think about the results remarkable. The four semi paramtrique is the silver bullet that Scult sound like a work of art. I have a TS9 in 1984 and on that channel with tl or sg is sublissime. The rverb what is now called vintage, and the sound-ing I work with are hungry trs. It is deep, round and warm, with both a whole sometimes lacks precision. Unlike any current rverbs numrique embedded in combos.

The channel is typically saturated fender: gritty and slimy with harmonics that can still retain a certain precision of sound. This channel is thundering, it is true that it is absolutely not for saturated fat. L is the boiled.
In crunch and overdrive, it's very beautiful and especially trs musical (especially with the Tl but less versatile than the channel clear sound. The subtle game are intgralement respects, the sound obit on his finger and the eye of the blow mdiator guitarist.

I came to find my TS9 branch canal clear sound more bland and less musical. Since the TS9 is on the shelf.


. It's been 21 years since I use it. I jou on many amps acquired or STRP (marshall, fender, mesa ...). The clear sound of peavey is truly remarkable and offers all uses. The overdrive, less versatile trs typical and very musical. He knocked my TS9.
However, the electronic is not the most silent.
One thing note: fiabilt the can (made from the phasing). Not a knob that spits APRS 21 years is incredible vritablement (the thing has yet been fully mileux: damp, condensation, cold hot, smokes, with hundreds of dplacements, shock etc.) . Quite the opposite of Marshall (but its only a shame for the quality, reliability.
A RVision rcente in 21 years of tech advice: RAS.

The report qualitprix of the silent era without proper (5500 balls beginners 1980 c'tait not given. Today and used for cheap, I think it is remarkable.
With exprience, I do it again this election, in the absence of alternatives known to me in this price range.