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  • Ibanez AG95

    Ibanez AG95 - "Excellent, inexpensive jazz-blues guitar" has images


    Technically, the other reviewer said it all, yet I will add: I play guitar (lately mainly blues-jazz) since 1959. and have some 30+ guitars ... my favourites are Gibson CS-335s for studio and the smaller CS-339s for live gigs or custom shop Les Pauls…

  • Ibanez AG96

    Ibanez AG96 - " superb guitar"


    handle moderately fine but easy access to acute super micro, warm and round sound, forget the metal is not made for that. tone knobs are like any guitar, very useful for me. but what is nice is that the switch is down and not up where this may …

  • Ibanez AG95

    Ibanez AG95 - m.balthazar's review


    Japanese brand electric guitar made in China in 2007. Hollowbody (70 mm) with figured bubinga top, back and sides. Spruce parallel bracing. 3 piece Artcore Deluxe mahogany and maple neck. Trussrod accessible through headstock. Rosewood fi…

  • Ibanez AG75

    Ibanez AG75 - " Quite impressive"


    I do not know where manufactured in Asia, a next edit will correct this approximation. Floating Bridge ART-1 type Tune-o-matic tailpiece + "lyre" über-class. Set Mahogany neck, rosewood probably key but not sure. 22 frets, 2 humbuckers, Les Pau…

  • Ibanez AG75

    Ibanez AG75 - " Super small half box"


    Guitar made in china. 2 single coil pickups A 3-position selector 2 volume 2 tone UTILIZATION The quality of this guitar is amazing! Very easy to play, not heavy (for a half case) and with his typical blues / jazz. It is easy to find a sound. …

  • Ibanez AG85

    Ibanez AG85 - Dannn's review


    . Guitar 3 / 4 body inspired Gibson ES 175 . Made in China . 70 mm hollow Bubinga (Figured Bubinga top / back / sides) is an African wood very dense and beautiful (mottled veins), TRD translucent red finish is beautiful. . 3-piece Artcore set n…

  • Ibanez AG75

    Ibanez AG75 - heike's review


    Very pleasant to play guitar. Although inspired by models of Benson. UTILIZATION Channel Very nice, not addicted, if you're a bit handy you can easily file the frets a bit of Hendrix. SOUNDS I play soul and jazz, and I must say I am very happ…

  • Ibanez AG86

    Ibanez AG86 - thierryvb's review


    . Guitar 3 / 4 body inspired Gibson ES 175 . Made in China . 70 mm hollow Sycamore . Channel 3 pices al Artcore Mahogany-Maple / Rosewood 22 frets . 2 humbucking pickups Ibanez ACH1 + ACH2 . Floating Bridge ART-1 + tailpiece VT100DX . Mca…