tnamias 09/19/2011

Ibanez AG75 : tnamias's user review

«  Quite impressive »

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I do not know where manufactured in Asia, a next edit will correct this approximation.
Floating Bridge ART-1 type Tune-o-matic tailpiece + "lyre" über-class.
Set Mahogany neck, rosewood probably key but not sure.
22 frets, 2 humbuckers, Les Paul e (2V/2T/1 switch)
BIG big plus for the switch: First it is feeble and does not give the impression of wanting to stay between the fingers, second it is right above the knobs No more unwanted micro changes before each lift arm!


The handle is made in Ibanez, so fast and efficient, I would have saw a little rounder but I like crossbows, me.
Not very heavy, lightweight next to my Les Paul, my shoulders (Niark) thanks me.
Access to acute enough because of cosmic bead combo box + hulk, but you get very quickly, surprisingly.
The knobs are simple enough that first understand the snail came and the little grip around feels really good when you sweat like a cow down a bar.


Bah is a jazz guitar, I bought it to play jazz on this level then no problem, except the bridge pickup a little box, but somehow I do not play that neck pickup, so ...
Nets mounted flat 11-53 D'Addario, it's just beautiful and so, so smooth ...
Precisely, the neck pickup is amazing, not deaf at all, and to (thanks to the good tone knob) a staggering range of sounds fairly given the ridiculous price of corny. I play either on a Kustom Defender 112 (50W lamp), and then it sends a very big sound really hot (I still vibrates), either directly on the console and even then do we feel Ibanez s' is not done for us.
And with a little delay / chorus / reverb in the ass, it's ecstasy. With a Fuzz Factory for that matter, it makes pretty good saturation and very well OD, short versatility and quality.
Unplugged, it sounds good too, but lack of potato: this is where we feel (a little, just is not huge) and 350 euros.


I bought it new in February of Tho, after trying two to three models of their kind. The neck pickup and set neck are really the most from this guitar, the price / quality ratio simply great, as the violin of quality at this price point is not found.
Of course with a higher budget I would type above, but I'm really surprised by this guitar, and more and more every day. I'd almost come to abandon my other cherished in his favor, it said.
That is, to put in the hands of those who are tired of cheesy sounds and want the sweetness, roundness ... And one look to fall.