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Davor 12/07/2019

Ibanez AG95 : Davor's user review

« Excellent, inexpensive jazz-blues guitar »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
Technically, the other reviewer said it all, yet I will add: I play guitar (lately mainly blues-jazz) since 1959. and have some 30+ guitars ... my favourites are Gibson CS-335s for studio and the smaller CS-339s for live gigs or custom shop Les Pauls, and generally (American designs) made in Japan (or some custom guitars from Germany). This inexpensive AG-95 jazz-blues-classicrock guitar is somewhat like (more expensive with small, floating humbuckers) signature Ibanez George Benson jazz model, and is more suited for blues-rock, hence I bought her. Actually, initially I had a more recent model, boubinga AG-95, yet I hastility sold her (mainly as she sounded insufficiently bluesy to me), yet it was a mistake, so I bought her again: this time the older (the initial? model), a transparent red finish, again used, and she was well played in, yet impeccable. I rarely play 'pure' jazz, so this guitar suits my blues-jazz approach even with rather light gauge strings. She can play nicely any jazz standard, or a blues classic as well as some singing Santana ... although for any of these styles you can get a better result with dedicated guitar (L5 for jazz, Strat or Tele for blues, LP or PRS for classic rock). Well, I recommendAG95 as a versatile blues-jazz guitar to all, except to shred metal or extreme rock guitarists.

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