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  • Ibanez ATK305 [1995-1999]

    Ibanez ATK305 [1995-1999] - "Great choice for any style."


    Model ATK305 Series ATK Neck Joint Bolt on Body Wood Light Ash Neck Wood 3pc ATK5 Neck Machine Heads Ibanez Fingerboard Maple Frets 22 Pickups Active Bridge ATK 5 bridge Case Included No Pickguard Yes Body Color Black Sparkle # of string…

  • Ibanez ATK300 [2007-2010]

    Ibanez ATK300 [2007-2010] - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by seb_c_bien/translated from Audiofanzine FR) 3-coil pickup. Active, bass, medium, treble. I would prefer an overall tone control! Cheap/moderate finish UTILIZATION A bit rough but quite pleasant neck. Good playin…

  • Ibanez ATK300 [2007-2010]

    Ibanez ATK300 [2007-2010] - "Ibanez ATK 300"


    I snagged this baby at a pawn shop for $175 out the door with an Ibanez case. I always thought I would like to play guitar, but my hands & fingeers are huge, and trying to wrestle guitar strings never worked. When I picked up this bass, I picked up…

  • Ibanez ATK500KA

    Ibanez ATK500KA - " Rejoicing!"


    The Ibanez ATK, which I believe was created to pose as an alternative to Musicman Stingray was available in several models with different trim levels since its inception in the mid-90s, it was produced in Japan , Korea and China. The model I have a A…

  • Ibanez ATK305 [1995-1999]

    Ibanez ATK305 [1995-1999] - " Super low"


    Pure Japan in 1998 there has been no mass. Flawless finish, natural wood (ash / swamp ash) varnished. Varnishes neck and body are very soft. Meca Grover big drum (like 1664), specifically solid bridge with string through option or not, as desired. …

  • Ibanez ATK200

    Ibanez ATK200 - " ATK 200: a very good value for money"


    Skyscrapers made in Japan. 1 micro / 3 positions for 3 sounds radically different. UTILIZATION side use, ATK 200 is really well designed: not too heavy and very well balanced. Access to the latest cases is done properly and the rounded handle mak…

  • Ibanez ATK200

    Ibanez ATK200 - " Wow"


    Lightweight ash body Maple neck ATK4 in 3 parts Rosewood 22 medium frets Jumbo Scale 34 " Micro Ibanez ATK triple coil 3-band EQ Dot marks key Easel ATK4 Chrome hardware UTILIZATION The handle is more enjoyable (at least, it sui…

  • Ibanez ATK305 [1995-1999]

    Ibanez ATK305 [1995-1999] - " excellent 5-string bass"


    bass made in Japan rather rounded neck 22 frets a micro bridge position volume / bass / mid / treble a pattern selector positions windings 3 UTILIZATION the handle is nice although I normally prefer thick asses flat sleeves but this low …

  • Ibanez ATK400

    Ibanez ATK400 - " The Swiss Army Knife"


    Manufacturing Korea in July 2001 (most likely in the Cort factory). Mahogany body + frène table, handle and maple fingerboard. Electronics 3 band + 5 position selector to handle two microphones whose humbucker. Nothing special except for the tr…

  • Ibanez ATK200

    Ibanez ATK200 - " Quality and incredible range of sounds"


    Ash body Maple neck Rosewood buttons Medium frets Mechanical "Open Gear" by Wilkinson ATK 4 bridge ATK Triple Coil Micro 3-band EQ UTILIZATION The finishes are impeccable. It is a beautiful bass with a specific look. Handle slight…