Ibanez ATK405
Ibanez ATK405

ATK405, 5+ string bass guitar from Ibanez in the ATK series.

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deniz 11/09/2005

Ibanez ATK405 : deniz's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
5 string active bass, made in Korea
24 keys, double micro (single and triple coil), 4 pots (volume, bass, mid, high), a pickup selector, handle stocky, the body I do not know (frne I think).


Low extremely enjoyable, I who have never t home on 5 or 6 strings, I t enchant right away. The electronics are really powerful, the neck pickup, I do not know what it is, but it has one of these potatoes is incredible.
Small wonder that dtail personally a big problem: weight. I have back problems the base, and the instrument does not make me good, I stopped playing up, and lugging it a sport. It is for this reason that I would sell it, but only when I find the same four chords sound more lightweight ...
This thing is a tank.


This bass is extremely versatile. I use it to play jazz, funk, rock and African music, with rglages DIFFERENT each time, and it's great.
The neck pickup gives his huge, heavy bass ... With the other microphone you can quickly get a small percussive sound of Jaco, or carrment African sounds. And combining it all, you can have a rock sound, a sound marcus miller, flea ...


H well in short it's a great bass, great value quality price (I got 320 euros used), great sound, it reminds me musicman ...
Ibanez no longer makes this model, it is a shame.
The only snag is the weight, I have to go buy me one back (but I assure you, I am a weakling not very sporty, and it is not this bass is the root of my back pain!)
I would do it gladly choice if my back was beefier. I am looking for a bass that has the same sound, 4 strings. can be a musicman?