Ibanez ATK405
Ibanez ATK405

ATK405, 5+ string bass guitar from Ibanez in the ATK series.

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Norrin 12/20/2006

Ibanez ATK405 : Norrin's user review


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5 allows a slecteur diffrent combinations between the neck pickup (JazzBass) and the bridge pickup (triple) which changes a few other basses. We have 3 more EQ (low / mid / high).

One can climb the rope "through" the body or not.

This is not the same wood as the ATK300, unfortunately.


The bass is a bit heavy and leans forward. The handle is a good compromise neither too large nor too pais but it does not feel the precision of the instruments frets What more upscale (godin / Yamaha TRB). In addition the quality of the wood is not as good, which is felt at the sustain.


It is an instrument that makes the sound "Jazzbass" well its roots precisely thanks single coil pickup in the neck. So round and full and with the EQ knobs can be varied such that the base is perfect for me personally.

Dception big on micro "triple", it has indeed bcp less charm, the sound is more "flat", one can certainly get more modern sounds (high-high) and the loss of bass with EQ low, but it makes him less. Matter of personal apprciate may be? I think the pleasure is less, lack of flavor emptying. In fact I complained to the passage of ATK300 users because they have this microphone position the handle prs Determines bcp sr good sound, but lack of me.

The combination of the two microphones INTERESTED gives some variations but in the end I tend to return to simple rglage JB That said AC to change a few habits. For my part I do not slap bcp. I understand that for some solos in the acute and slap the other rglages may be more suitable (more Arians, lighter).


I tried a number of 5-string bass and ATK405 avre was a good compromise. Dja the sound is enough roots and it can also sound modern, there's plenty to do. The stroke of the strings across the neck is sduisant in principle, but on this instrument I can not find your exact as stunning as other basses with a much better violin. There are some limitations on this ATK, the wood of the handle is not the same as that of the ATK300 two instruments and it is DIFFERENT. I jou on a 300 once, and it grooves daventage. Shame the 400 does much less is the level of feeling, some are low like that, a pass energy. General for the quality manufacturing is finally fairly average but adequate (some would require freight be controlled). It is actually a low of compromise, c - the quality of the wood or the violin do not really want to invest in new pickups. While this may, however, (especially the triple) give it a new Intrets. It is a nice 5-string (if the is good for that matter) and in this price range c'tait one of the best in my personal taste. Now in absolute terms I think it's worth it to invest in the range above (800 1000th) twice but to have something that we are fully satisfied.