Ibanez ATK305 [1995-1999]
Ibanez ATK305 [1995-1999]

ATK305 [1995-1999], 5+ string bass guitar from Ibanez in the ATK series.

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moixjj 11/24/2011

Ibanez ATK305 [1995-1999] : moixjj's user review

«  A bass that rck »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Low from the factory Fujigen in Japan in 1997.
The main CHARACTERISTICS have dj t up, except that it is a small trimpot in the electronic circuit for rgler the gain of the bass.
The wood is good quality frne of trs. Large veins of frne guess is as varnish (just got my pais) and the sunburst is beautiful without being trs-ass ass. Overall finishes are irrprochables.
The bass is heavy, which I think is a good sign because wood rsons trs well. The mcaniques do not move a hair and everything has a mouth of hell.
The microphone is not really a "triple coil". It plutt a humbucker with three possible positions, one with a filter. The electronic force that accompanies it is "old" with a big plate Electronic easily modified.
The handle is both thick and comfortable. It holds well in hand and even with small mimine, the game is a rgal.
Et .. uh ... this is my low prfre. I have 2 ATK 300 Japanese, and I'm in love. For the price, it's a massacre.


I dj a lot said above. Ergonomics is not rvolutionnaire but the bass does not sting the nose and in my opinion, the weight is made tolrable. I have a 4 string 95 which is curiously heavier. What is nice with its weight, is that you can jump in any direction, it is refreshing.
Ben APRS in terms of Access in dernires frets, look in other models of Ibanez if you like a. Let's say it's like a Precision, we did not achte a.
This gives trs trs good sound quickly. Personally I play with every knob noon (there is a notch noon). My prampli does the rest. If I need a little correction, it quickly with the 3-band equalizer. Microphones and three modes complete a great job.


I do a stoner, so I need a heavy sound and powerful plutt vintage but with a good offense. These old Japanese ATK are perfect for a. But it just as easily navigate metal sound (Paul Grey played the above on the end) or even as funky blues (woohoo!). The slecteur switches between a modern sound trs brilliant leap over medium vintage dig a little (but not as much as a Jazz Bass). In any case what is clear is that a sound much better than the new indonsiens MODELS.
I play with an overdrive Mazzetti, a Tech21 prampli VTBass Deluxe, a Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0 head and 2x15 cabinet Chillbass Classic. And for the big rock is almost perfect. I have had many positive comments from other groups with whom I jou.


I use it for a year but I played on ATK Japanese for 3 years. I had really low (2 Fender, Ibanez 4, 2 Musicman, Traben 2, a Rickenbacker, a Cort). This is the best quality-price I found. I particulirement the quality of the violin, the design of the instrument and the mouth of the bte. It is often compared to Musicman. I had two, and I always prfr the ATK has a prampli less powerful. Too much gain kills the gain.
I dj this choice again several times, so yes, I would do the choice of this instrument trs endearing.