Ibanez ATK305 [1995-1999]
Ibanez ATK305 [1995-1999]

ATK305 [1995-1999], 5+ string bass guitar from Ibanez in the ATK series.

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pussinboots 08/05/2011

Ibanez ATK305 [1995-1999] : pussinboots's user review


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Pure Japan in 1998 there were no masses.
Irreproachable finish, natural wood (ash / swamp ash) varnished. Varnishes neck and body are very soft. Meca Grover large drum (like 1664) spcifiquement massive bridge with string-through possibility or not, as desired.
Note that the body is made of two pieces and not 3 as sries rcentes.
The look: Who cares.
Weight: 5.4kg Weakness


Quick Start, perfect balance, excellent craftsmanship handle and easy to play. The pots are very accessible, the micro switch is a bit small. The jack is of type foureau, excellent.
It's a simple bass.


Killer! You prfrez "Tanne"?
It has everything you want, excellent efficiency correctors, as the soft knee potato refrain especially when one attacks the appropriate powers, lava. Everyone compares MM, yeah a death growls whatever the position of the switch and it is an incredible clarity. I have 6 bass-known brands (Vigier 4 strings, Fender 4-string I have 3 Warwick 5) and I had a dozen others in my life (MM included) is that there is more surprising. This is Eric CZAR put me chip ear ...
The icing on the cake, no breath Pramp center position.


I do not know the new, more lgres sries it seems but I only read positive comments (the bodies are in 3 pieces). The Pramp is different too.
In any case if you come across jap watch, do not hesitate, you'll get your money it is still sometimes find (rarely) on ebay for 400. I hardly ever use that same machine for slap (in preferring when even a 4 string for this style). I also use from time to time a German FNA 5 (same gender only 1 PU in the sweet pot), see nothing of his point of view and yet the price is not the same.
Trsrgulirement I use it for 1 year.