ESI WaveTerminal 192L
ESI WaveTerminal 192L

WaveTerminal 192L, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from ESI.

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All user reviews for the ESI WaveTerminal 192L

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 12 reviews )
 7 reviews58 %
 3 reviews25 %
 2 reviews17 %
Value For Money : Excellent

bongo666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESI WaveTerminal 192L
Use in home studio.
Between Stereo and Mono from phantom power supply 12 V.
Output signals and routing hardware, panel bonding config ultra intuitive and simple.
Ridiculously low latency.

(...) Extreme PC Config: 1.2 Ghz Athlon, VIA motherboard (yuck) patients, 256 MB DDRAM ... In short, nothing to make music it seems: lol:

I use Nuendo 2.x, LAG Roxanne Prestige My, my v-amp pro and my voice.


Quick and easy installation on XP and Windows 2000. Cohabitation with the internal sound card on my motherboard without problem. Drivers put tt day 2 months, it's pretty amazing.
Intuitive control panel and trs complete takes a bit to read the doc which is also well done and trs APRS rolls.


Drivers impeccable, updates a priori frequent as this card is not srement released in October 2005, when the latest drivers.
Latency is adjustable on the panel config in order to optimize the fit and quality of chantillonage its needs and its machine.
As a result: incredible latency: 3 ms in 16/48 on my PC all rotten.
I test different configs, and a war machine with anything other than the VIA, it is possible to obtain 1 ms ..... Impossible with my old card M-Audio.

In short: for someone who has an nforce chipset, a PIV, 1 GB of RAM and fast disks WRITING, 1 ms in the 24/96 (see 24/192) is not utopian. May be useless, but not utopian: mrgreen:

A ct a: routing hardware to HP output / headphones for monitoring practice, no breath, his impeccable ... or is the "semi" in this map that has everything a pro?


I grew the AIS for a week, and it's night and day compared to my old card M-Audio USB certainly much less effective.
The quality of recording, low latency trs ... everything is perfect. This is my 3 rd semi-pro sound card, and it buries all those tested.
The report quality price seems right, but used it interresting is square, and even more with the expansion MI / O DI / O.
I Rasht no problem, one of the v-amp cable to the card, and off you go!

I saw someone down who accused him of being in mono ... ct's must know the microphone jack (with variable gain and phantom power supply by the way) there has between the stro ... : Mrgreen:
In case of problem, the dealer's hotline Fran is good, Ractive trs. It can be used for those who are not comfortable with TRSA computer

jplesaint's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESI WaveTerminal 192L
Map ASIO2 24bits/192Khz, six out asymtriques three connectors, or 3 Stros, plus an optical output from, in / out noon.
I use it mainly for my VSTi. I never use the two inputs (line + mic)
CM ASUS A7N8X-X Athlon 1Ghz, 512 RAM samsung, DD40Go. Speakers MSP5
It is connected to Behringer console.


Install Win98SE under no prob with old motherboard, new motherboard I have problems. The only conflict I do not come strictly as Windows XP, 2000 or 98SE and the motherboard, who refuse manually assigning the irq, so a sound card to IRQ 5
After many hacks, a priori means irq is assigned.
The config of the card is very simple, the windows of the panacea. Bill Gates does not care much of our mouth.
The manual says essentially a slightly more diluted version is available on the ESI website.
esi cot, no prob '!


The drivers are stable in use mao, the latency of 7ms on my machine, only cares to clear the old drivers via the small updater provided by esi makes me crash the XP pc ss
One updating the driver is available, but the bottom line is that everything works.
The card works ss 5 cubase VST, and nothing wrong, everything works nickel: no cuts, few parasites (mandatory in today's PCs, another point for MAC!)
7ms latency in ASIO2!!
I never catch more than six instrumentals, not liking the dfile sounds or instruments in a song, so the machine supports cheerfully.


Bought it four / five months ...
The conversion quality is good, the jacks are of good quality 6.35.
36 MODELS difficult to try before you buy a sound card, so bought the blind.
I bought that card without hsitations.

Simpled's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESI WaveTerminal 192L
C computer music PR COMPOSITION VTSI low latency


AC FOR ME IS 10 MINUTES well as pass all was ready the first time
restart the computer and then everything worked


The drivers are stable
the last update date of octbre 2003
blem with no sonar or cubase sx 3 AND MY LATENCY is very low for me less than 10 ms or 5 ms, for the moment j j 8-track recording I've added a full deffets nickel or 4 turns BY mites


I used the two weeks since I like the quality of audio recording and low latency, between the exit price g TerraTec DMX I do not regret my choice at all
ny so there is no doubt a good map c is very cheap now it can be a trout 199 EUROS ON THE WEB

Soulspirit's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESI WaveTerminal 192L
I wanted to buy a card with little to ruin me but a quality that is at least the minimum.

My config is an AthlonXP 1800 + overclocked to 2000 + on motherboard pox 8k5a2 trs Settings, 510Mo RAM, 60GB hard drive.

I use it with other squenceurs and vst.


I had trouble putting the card on a PCI slot that the bour in silent mtal twisted, I have the right remmettre with pliers if not to plug it, but when done has just returned.

No compatibility problems installing a t easy in a few minutes for us to read much, much sr I understand people who do not speak English to read the manual or the other manip 'grit and who can not properly install, it's a bad thing for manufacturers.

The manual is succinct but hey I do not expect nor what I Mponda a manual 300pages. But even when they could have done a better Ffort to explain the use of the card.


The drivers are stable, I download any drivers past dating back to October 2003 I think, looks pretty much aa Updated frequently.

Cubase SX for 11ms latency was enough for me, I'm not down below at the moment but I think there will be no prob.


I use it for a week, and I am totally satisfied. If you want to do pieces really pro, you have to put money, I use the a enough for me what I do, some remixes, composed of personal.

I love that sound, drivers are stable, for those who do not find a stable one must learn to optimize your PC.
The point in me is that you close a program in order to change the latency.

I see many who complain about stuff like "my component sounds bad because of my sound card", but I think everyone is not born knowing handle and manipulate the technology, we must learn, try, to grind and try again ... is an art!

The E-WDM driver is great, the DirectWIRE is innovative and can record directly between multiple software operating at the same time, saving time c non ngligeable.

The report quality price is not bad at all, although the daughter card Mi / O / DI / O to play vst with a keypad, a little expensive 79 euros. I aceht these two cards in my city to the same price as the lowest prisx in Paris or on the net franais.

If I had the same choice again, I referrer. I almost bought an Audiophile 2496 or 28 but the phase frankly with the sound a lot I have no regrets, sr APRS is the sound quality is a choice, but good ...

Larino's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESI WaveTerminal 192L
I do not know what to say ...... I might be offensive !!!!!!


The installation is done without any difficulty.
The manual is of no interest and English. We do not understand anything.


This map is a giant scam. In mono and full of crachouillis. 299 euros, a straw !!!!! In sound, no difference with my card or I'm intégée Beethoven.


With experience ?????? I returned to the studio and I avoid the foutage of mouth!!

Marech21's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESI WaveTerminal 192L
G bought this card because she pincipales possdait a prampli miro and I had read good reviews dessus.Je made instrumentals rap mainly in sonar, which I use also sampler.Ma config:
athlon 1ghz 256ddr win xp ibm dd 13 giga cm elite K7S5A


No prob for the instalation by against several different possibilities: be careful to take the latest issue and all c bon.Le manual is in English but most simply largement.Petit dtails custom settings you have going into the most common software.


With sonar no problem with a dozen tracks a lot of effets.Pendant a moment I haven t been able to run the pramp but now I lower nickel c trs largely accounts for the level of a condenser microphone . As against more than 2 dxi slowed srieusement the Systm but I think that we must reduce the latency that is lifted by trs dfaut.Par not against his MIDI and no way connect my synth on AC'97, I think it has to be forced to buy the extension.Sinon no way to run a vsti in Nuendo but fawn all g t never too acros these cubase type program.


I've had more than the 1 month and I am generally satisfied even if we had still some dceptions.Mais any fawns I'm sure I'm far to see da explore all its capacits.1 the board does especially not to buy in Switzerland even if the pix are trs interresting because with the customs tax increased by 50 Euros!

Fluch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESI WaveTerminal 192L
Technical specifications: cf product sheet Retailer ...
Choice motivated by the power supply phamtom, and the capacitor converters, to models and store spices solos in various styles.
Used on a P4 (asus P4B533) proc 2G 512DDram PC2700, 2 hard drives (40 80), Matrox video card (config type Audiofanzine!) With the additional card MI / ODI / O.
Used with a mixing desk MG 12 / 4 Yamaha sequencer + + + 2micros a synth.


No big problem, if you pass the 1st episode of the motherboard! Yet in DFI P4: stay away (all of this brand for that matter!).
For cons, the manual is in English! and too succinct (no explanation of Rewire, that we must seek on the website etc ... in English!). Some galres understand everything before the mixer (especially beginners like me when you are on these cards) but APRS is doing a lot of testing and translation ...


Drivers that run pretty well, but some problem with a software Intervideo video, and virtual instruments that do not work in stand alone (latency inrglable correctly). on the other hand, in a nickel squenceur. Uses XP pro, under Logic5 under Siblius2 (MIDI), with a minimum latency, 5 6 instrumentals virtual + a bunch of plug-in 5 6 audio tracks: No Problemo, has drawn some on the CPU but nothing that moves!
The update is quite rgulire


Used for 10 months balance: A sound card with a great sound but not free of default:
The level-between the line can not be chang (+4 db), if you want to save an MD direct or otherwise, is through a pramp (mixing desk, amp, etc. .. .)
"I for my part some noise when I move the faders on the mixer level, but it does not affect the recordings.
- The manual is so clear that I am infichu proper use of other than ASIO drivers (that work this well told trs)
-You can use the line to the microphone at the same time (one time).
-No software included!
The aa-chang disponibilitj'espre that at least in France) and technical support: Steinberg: unreachable to softphone!
-Whatever may be said, the 6.35 jack patchbays remain fragile in the long run.
The + +:
+ Sound
+ The price
+ The connection (with the additional card MI / ODI / O)
+ The Rewire
+ The phantom power supply: with a SHURE SM98A, taken for copper: nickel is!, For against the catch: only 12v (for microphones more greedy, you need a pramp or a mixing desk .. .)

Excellent qualitprix
If c'tait again in this price range, I do it again the same choice.

Ps2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESI WaveTerminal 192L
Fed up with my isis, try again with a modern menu in XP
semi pro use (projects - models)
config motherboard Soltek, atlhon 1800 xp, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB HD 7200 trs
connects three expanders and a mixing desk and two DAT
The CHARACTERISTICS of this card was a possible alternative in my ISIS


No, the plant is disastrous and despite several attempts to install the card does not support ASIO!
I contact the hot line, tried on 3 PC motherboards with 3 diffrent obviousness and all this card is fully compatible with virtual instruments in Logic Audio
I rdit deuxime tests with a map ... it's worse!
gnrale the config is simple, but do not walk!
the manual is in English only, trs amber and therefore unusable!


The drivers are zero, in any case this does not happen in the logic of the ankle ISIS, of course I did not lag but I saturate the map with two audio tracks and four scores on two measures!


I try to use it for a week and I can not. trs that is curious because I used an earlier ISIS and SW1000 XG yamaha under 98SE and I had no problem loading the main CPU, but within reason.
The price quality ratio is zero and with the exprience I would do probably not the choice.
Added: for the past few days, I expect a dsesprement using the hot line but the total black out, in plain do not rely on them, fortunately they bossent not emergencies ... otherwise increase the number of dcs copiously.
Of course if you install a card like this one for the cost of MP3 or CD - DVD on your PC it will do, but if you want to make music with in LOGIC, go your way.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESI WaveTerminal 192L
I've had two days and I must admit that I pat the qualities of the sound card.
Used for the computer music, layout.
PC 2 Clron Tualatin overclock 1.2 1.5, 512 MB RAM, 2 HDD 7200 RPM.
Cubase SX, Win XP Pro.


10 minutes to install!
Rest in XP Pro ACPI, no problem overclocking li, sweet o)
No problem either under 98 SE.
The manual is clear and concise, no need for much more.


The drivers are really excellent.
2 ms latency in 16/44, but I rgl 6 ms.
We can use more than 20 audio tracks with no problem with VST-i and effects.


The possibility of direct monitoring is very practical.

A few minor complaints: even in rglant the driver in the background, when we go into the mixer of the card, you can not hear Cubase play. But I am not yet returned in the multiclient dtails.

With the SB Live MIDI keyboard does not supply and ncessitait s'teignait with the PC. L had to be that I put a transformer. But it's really not a problem.

So I had a SB Live Platinum, which is now in a closet o))

The report qualitprix is ​​exceptional.

These cards would benefit really be better known.

L.viallet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ESI WaveTerminal 192L
Dot a config for the AMD processor and MSI for the card-mre, I chose this card because in the forums there was never any problem runs of the point where I thought to be the only one possder or plutt, wanting to acqurir one. I use it with Cubase and Quartz Audio Master. The sample set is assigned to the software Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas.
Its use is made fun, voice recording of a song by noon and closing (effects, voice arrangements, etc. ...).


The site amenities are a dconcertant ease, the software thinks everything, even make the connection between the card and or CD or DVD: ds that you put a CD eat in the disk, there is the sound that comes out.
For implementation, it is easy but as I am a novice, I have not tampered too rglages the original. DCEL no incompatibility ... the card was installed, recognized and provided with its drivers have just uninstalled those APRS Card Previous, no Reinstalling Windaube 98 SE.
Bad point for the manual, it is not the law connate at the distributor (or Steinberg IPE? Toubon embter before the police pulled out a text saying that the product inserts foreigners should be r digestion in the language of Molire. Toubon has long been the government is not yet the record is still in English, without translation for us. This is a point at least in my decision.


Does the software have been updated on 30.01.03, the day I reu o my card. Latency for I have not look but I do not use the midi keyboard all that I have not yet made available for the expansion card.
Test drive at noon and 8 tracks 4 tracks voice: no problem with Quartz (a marvel of software tomb hlas some into oblivion).


Two days of use, this is a pre-notice.
+ For connections even whether to make the cables that come with 6.35 but in not jack weapon,
Securing more than mini jacks Walkmann
+ Panel for CONTRL
+ For ease of installation
+ For the price
- To record in English
- For missing the registration card and online check-in function that does not work
site builder
- The distributor (IPE) that does not yet on its website that distributes the card and therefore
not yet established an online registration or a notice in French to download.

Let alone one in my trial for the quality (?) Distribiteur of service and not the card itself