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Hercules Internal Sound Boards user reviews

  • Hercules Studio ISIS

    Hercules Studio ISIS - Audiofanzine FR's review


    Originally written by Fender2a on Audiofanzine FR. Bought in 98. It was the only one at this price which provided an external rack housing, eight inputs and a comprehensive software package. Use: home studio for guitar and keyboard recording …

  • Hercules Studio ISIS XL

    Hercules Studio ISIS XL - "Guillemot Maxi Studios ISIS"


    Musicians Friend, internet, for multitrack recording. $79.00 (Scrath and Dent) Nice breakout box. Versatile. Works well with AMD Athlon xp2000+ and Win ME Could have higher bit/frequency. This card is supposed to be quirky, so the price was lowe…

  • Hercules Studio ISIS XL

    Hercules Studio ISIS XL - "Guillemot Maxi Studio ISIS"


    I purchased from, well i won't name the store. I paid $475CDN for it. Eight inputs, four outputs, plus S/PIDF, both coaxial and optical. Good price point Piece of crap. It did nothing but crash my computer. It doesn't work with anything newer t…

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