Hercules Studio ISIS
Hercules Studio ISIS

Studio ISIS, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Hercules.

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mdtjoe 12/01/2003

Hercules Studio ISIS : mdtjoe's user review


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Sound card with external rack-half. 8 inputs, 4 outputs. Usage: I went from 4-track cassettes computer music Config Pentium II 400 with win98. Notice to pigeons who say it works p: it is because it's an old trick. Win 98 is bad and that's it.
that never had to be prtention of pro gear.


I plugged my install. it worked and it works live forever (it's been almost 5 years).
the manual is well done. zero problem.


Drivers stable, but never updated. supplied with light versions of Logic Audio, Acid ...
versions used "normal", no problem.
Latency is rotten in the light of current CRITERIA, but leaves me rpeter is an old trick. Basically, to review the VSTi.
8-track Recording. as much as your support AORD read.


Report for qualitprix amazing era. Great stuff to learn if it is found Cheap Used. No it's not a stew! it is not really era, this is not the same. It paved the way products available. If you do not have a round that you want to learn the MA0, rcupre one. I absolutely do not regret it. I learned a lot, save a lot of DMOS. Now, I grew up, I spend MOTU.