Hercules Studio ISIS
Hercules Studio ISIS

Studio ISIS, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Hercules.

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All user reviews for the Hercules Studio ISIS

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Average Score:3.4( 3.4/5 based on 36 reviews )
 8 reviews22 %
 16 reviews44 %
 2 reviews6 %
 3 reviews8 %
 7 reviews19 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Audiofanzine FR12/16/2010

Audiofanzine FR's review

Hercules Studio ISIS
Originally written by Fender2a on Audiofanzine FR.

Bought in 98. It was the only one at this price which provided an external rack housing, eight inputs and a comprehensive software package.
Use: home studio for guitar and keyboard recording
Computer system: CPU AMD Athlon, 1 GB Ram, two hard drives, dual boot with Win Millenium (for the Isis) and XP.


Installation can be a bit tricky, but it works if you use the latest driver version (somewhat old) and follow the procedure.
The only problem is the lack of support for XP. That's why I use a dual boot system with Millenium for the sound card. Stability is not an issue, the system never crashes.


I use it with Cubase Vst5, Acid pro and Wavelab
I record only audio, no latency problems.


After so many years with my Isis, I must admit that it will be difficult to part with it.
When I bought it, it was a very good product. It's a pity that there is no XP support.
I would buy it again.
I created an area dedicated to the Isis on my homepage. Visit it and tell us your experience.
Petit zicos06/13/2014

Petit zicos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" If nothing else better ..."

Hercules Studio ISIS
At the time one map of the price (2000 CHF) with an external rack while 6.35 with 8 inputs 4 outputs, SPDIF in / out RCA, optical and finally midi in / out / thru!!

nothing to write that we must be dreaming if we add that we are in 1995.


Yes stable and several updates have been delivered
correct for latency time.


Problems getting it to work properly only because of the Pc config not powerful enough nor sufficiently provided in memory. (Dx2 + 100Mhz 16MB)
Then with a Pentium II (intel chipset and the Via chipset is strongly recommended at this time for computer music) and max memory for its motherboard (380 MB) it was very correct.
Finally, as I used Logic Audio comes with, everything was fine. As soon as I wanted to try another (Cubasis blackjack comes with a purchase) I never ever get something good.
Where audio back to Logic. But it took me "redo" the entire PC to start over clean.


It was my 1st audio card. I since 1995 I think (it starts to date).
before I was only noon. therefore synth and everything required for replay shebang. the recordings were made k7 (in 1994) and there not multitrack. he had to do everything by noon. then when it's ok to mix and record from noon on the magneto. yeah I said small zicos.

Since I still use it for digitizing LPs.
It keeps me from monopolizing the other PC with its fast track that could do very well yet.
But the performance of the isis in this area are sufficient. So long as the PC on which it is running ..... and then also it amuses me. a certain nostalgia in fact.

In fact, the big disadvantage of vinyl is that it is a carrier of another era. It wears longer it is used.
Where the scritch scratch scrtoch that settles over time.
No, I'm not one of those "melted" who swear by vinyl. However some productions have never been and will probably never recorded on CD.
I learned, however, that a former base of the National Library is precisely this kind of preservation.
But that's just for heritage preservation. Nobody can listen or obtain a copy of digitized recording.
So I make them myself with this card.
She recorded quietly while I do something else or just that I listen to the music.
This is to go on a reliable in terms of what exists today.
Obviously the quality I'm looking for today is not primarily the appointment. However these are the interpretations of the tripe zicos group or tails I'm trying to save for my entourage.
So just for that I gladly would put a good score on the map although these are now much more efficient.
But how Guillemot treated us to the arrival of XP, then triple revenge "0" pointing doubled!
In short, if you have small needs not too expensive and you have an old PC lying around in a corner, go ahead.
Otherwise buy something else. (I'm very happy with the "fast track pro" to which I said a little trick on this forum)

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The great adventure of computer music ..."

Hercules Studio ISIS
The dream she brought to all musicians finally going to do our album at home.


I know how many more there were versions of drivers that are traded on the web hoping to find the Holy Grail, an era ... I can successfully install, after several months of discussions .

I think I'm a piece of 8 tracks with, I keep preciously, it is a rare work.


I became a computer engineer trying to install ...


If this card worked, AF, can be simply would not exist.

It is possible that it is trying to run a community of Internet users is found, giving birth to what would later become this wonderful site.

For that, with hindsight we could put him 10.

zindozs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A musthave for nostalgia!"

Hercules Studio ISIS
Sound card Guillemot Maxi Studio ISIS is a PCI sound card with an additional extension box 8/4 + MIDI + SPDIF.
This card was released in the late 90s, and ran under Windows 95/98/Me only. W2000/XP systems and higher are not compatible ...
The "PCI" this set has standard I / O (Line in and out, Mic Port Midi / games), and a web of internal link connects to a riser connection with the outer casing. This card features a RAM Expansion for function "sampler" and soundfont management and a DSP chip.
The outer casing is equipped with 8 analog inputs and 4 outputs 6.35 jack, MIDI thru in out, in out and SPDIF coax and optical in.
The recording mode is accomplished by "direct to disc", ensuring very low latency. Converters are accurate and do not generate virtually no harmonics.
A great little system for a good start in home studio.


This card offers a great stability, and its interface facilitates the mapping of I / O settings and levels. ASIO drivers are compatible despite his age.
Mode ensures direct to disk latency below 40ms.


Mechanically speaking, the installation is a breeze, with respect to drivers, ibid. The only real difficulty is to understand the correspondence cursors console settings compared to I / O The manual is pretty vague about it here.


I started the home studio with this product in 1999, and I also apparent from time to time, as part soundfont is just perfect. The DAW used is not the one that came with (Logic Audio), but Magix Music Studio 2005, still compatible W98. Employing this medieval OS is not very disabling because the PC used is disproportionate to W98 with its 1GHz processor and 256MB of ram :)
The HDD used for multi-track taken is SCSI, which ensures optimal access!
Not a wrinkle, and ergonomics nice, this sound card still has many services to make ...

Fab29's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Revolutionary"

Hercules Studio ISIS
I bought it for what it can do
MIDI and audio interface
to play at home and save

config on which I was mounted on top of the time a Pentium III 533


it has not always been perfectly stable
but now it has been since 2002
I record with cool edit pro ISIS
I drive for MIDI with Orion
it works very well without any problems

Logic Pro ISIS has never fully worked


the installer will ask to have a little pioneer spirit
it was not plug and play, it was not enough to plug a USB, it was necessary to open and tools, an era ... music and the joys of DIY


I never stopped using it since 1999 and has never shown any weakness

Recorder Cool Edit Pro that came with ISIS is still relevant, he recorded a very practical and I have never found better

logic pro ISIS was not easy for a beginner and I believe I lost a lot of time trying to run some things that have never worked, it was good for MIDI, but for audio, fortunately I found it easier or I would have discouraged

I remain a fan of this card which at the time was the best value and which today seems not to age, as the PC is, I keep

Fender2a's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hercules Studio ISIS
Buy 98 was the only offer that price an external rack, 8 inputs, a software package correctly.
Use: amateur home studio to record guitars, keyboards, live
Pc config: AMD Athlon 1, go two partitioned hard drives: one for the Millennium isis xp and the other for the rest.


The installation is a little pb or two but if you use the latest drivers (dj old) and we follow the procedure it's all good.
So the only pb is not support XP but since I partitioned my drive so it runs in this millennium and I have no pb stabilit.je can say that it does not crash ever.


I use with: Vst5 Cubase, Acid Pro and wavelab
Audio did not record that I have no pb latency.


Over time since 1998 I admit I have trouble Spar me my isis.
Really good product for its time, too bad it is not in Xp perenne.
If I had to buy it back one day I will.
On my site I cre a small space on the Isis, come check it out and share your expriences

Hawkai's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hercules Studio ISIS
In Foreword should read this in context, I bought this card it Yadji a locker and era all the pretty cards from M-Audio, Edirol, Echo and other ca n ' existed. -> Before dropping a product thinking that it is necessary to compare what is comparable both in terms of price and era.
Choice motivated by the fact that c'tait the era, the only card to do really and allow full duplex recording multiport. Creative still silent which the main competitor of Guillemot is not screwed into line with the ISIS or in terms of conection or in terms of full duplex ... larger MODELS SB are still in RCA or minijack without port din noon and of course there's never more than 5.1 but poor between Stereo multimedia microphone 2 ball. SB is really perfect for multimedia and gaming, but for computer music, to forget.
-> Motivation Premire the price! bah so the era for the equivalent in terms of ES was tapper in Digi001 ... May 4 CHRE times (and standard PC There's more compatibility).

Usage: Multimedia, games and music (computer music PPRE what)

It has gone through a lot of configuration ... the only constant and the only real complaint, I think, is that they do guillemot condemned this card toting Win98.

Mostly guitar and voice (but I go through a Mackie console)
+ Master keyboard and vsti


Installation: bah decision-heads that resolve over time, but it's even the common lot in this dommaine, trs few cards really work the first time on all the configuration. But not compatible with XP.

Bah no incompatibility material ... but without wishing to rpter ... a small problem for some drivers to OS ... XP kind :-)

Manuals blah, but not really ncessaire, configuration utilities not too bad damn I find, even from some current cards + high-end (like in Edirol seems stingy particulirement cot utilities configuration / soft mix)

I would be nice on the notes of this card pasque qd mm it has made me good and loyal service for some 6 or 7 years ... and will continue even may be a little Registration of RPET wild.

I would be nice EXCEPT This category because Hercules / Guillemot has really dropped the ball on the XP drivers. What will be worth Herclues I do not care about audio at all its products "high end" (the fortissimo for multimedia is not bad ...) but the new 16/16 will be without me ca !


Stability of drivers ... blah ... ca shit as always from time to time but just know if it's really the sound card drivers? In most cases ca can be also problem of motherboard, power supply to the PCI configuration in a few maps and loads with no power supply short top ... nothing to jump up and down or yelling death.

Drivers set date ... I think it is not worth more rpter eh?
Latency ... insufficient bie heard VSTi ... but there is a Wavetable (see APRS)

Software: all a little essay, Cubase VST, sx, VERY light versions of Pro Tools, Logic version that came with the card (the package for soft qd mm is not too bad, surtt for the era), samplitude qqs other briefly and trs. Cubase SX1 for the biggest.

Audio track in 8 mm time ... it works with some dsagrments sometimes but it works.
There's twelve o'clock in the margin in GM, bcp less vst.


I would not say that the particular feature that is in my view is not quite lgitime Carche above him like some may do so: His report quality price next to the extremely limited market the era of its release and Wavetable.
I saw about a qq'un in a forum: No wavetable card pro n'intgre of personal and I find it trs damage. Ok GM is not terrible, but it is sometimes convenient qd mm and the synths on this one of the ISIS is rather excellent, a multilayer qd mm guele more than a lot of stuff even today (type in crative ...) kits batteries are pretty short to be small squence twelve o'clock it's still a good map trs.

So of course it is a limited use trs prs 2000 but little balls There's 10 years ... What you expect? It's not a pro card, or even semi-pro, it's just the only card that allowed the era to learn without computer music dbourser 10 000 francs.
And it was even when we MRIT hello and that its existence shall adopt the crucified ...

Because if I had to finish this choice again ... Well yes I would do in the context or I did is say it Yadji a good time and with a limited budget trs. Over 7 years I think she made me a lot of services in relation to material that bcp might have done (and also show that AC can take the long hard and not burn out after a year). Nevertheless, I still have a little trouble replacing it because some features not found on current maps as well as lower than mid-range (Vidament when tappe of RME in the ca change ... the deal).

Currently Obviously the question does not arise because of the non compaptibilit with XP, it does advise that extra on an old machine running win98, but of course avoided to the computer music srieuse.
PS: the stuff that I tried the I compare with my personal stuff, I too never had the means to invest in, but I qd mm Digi001 boss also, but Fireface and Motu how to compare maps 1500-2000 euros with a multimedia card / computer music 2000 francs 10 years ago! The only comparison I can do it with a DMX6-Fire ... there's no picture, for all the DMX is better, except that it not allow registration between 8 and has no wavetable. So it does not replace the ISIS forcemnt provided spite of its qualities empty for this price range.

Rouxxx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hercules Studio ISIS
J'tais young and c'tait cheap.
home studio use with PC table mix + midi machines.


The implementation was easy.


It starts in a practice balls.
she always peocur the breath entering and exiting.
I have several friends who used it, and it has reached the same conclusion.


The card died after barely a year of use in a normal.
of all those I know who possdaient a isis, not one has rsist over a year and a half.

macdriverz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hercules Studio ISIS
See general advice


See generally felt quite happy in 95/98, all fawn on Xp, was messing around with a lot of more recent products, so ...


See, generally agreed that it holds well on a small config: Celeron 400 @ 600 + 128 MB and 3.2 GB Ide low end, even under Reason (there are limits that we put on it anyway)


The Isis t but 2nd sound card for use grows.

I turned over, super stable overclocks with a celeron 400 600, although the PCI bus was really bad especially men with a Via chipset motherboard: the P3V4X.

In terms of latency, nothing wrong, except that a non-issue when switching to ASIO 2 (they had to configure ...) Same for the South, but the keyboard was a problem that was defective (a always falls on me)

Digital input and output, SPDIF and optical is a rare luxury, even our time, known as Isis afford.

As for flaws, obviously that of drivers other than Windows 95/98, but also use DSP or patch or fashion effect, without restarting the beast. It's been a little tinkering anyway!

Sound, there's more obvious now, but for a config that runs on 95/98, let's be honest, some may be enough, I have since switched to another.

I put a good overall rating, because the current rate, is still very interesting.

breizhinours35's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hercules Studio ISIS
Regarding the number of inputs and outputs, others are Describes dj.

I like the external rack. It is compact, possde the digital and the analog (not to mention the famous MIDI) so complete.

That said, and that is why I strongly deprecated this card, it only works on Win98! And yes you need two sysrmes operating and that's the problem started ...
(Well two systems if you turn on your XP for other applications)


RAS, everything is installed perfectly.


The main problem on this card (the problem of operating system) and the level of. Prampli are worthy of the club jou! impossible to reach even in-6db on a record! Unless you put your volume keyboard or guitar background hands of grsille blow hard!


Frankly I bought used 100euros so I had nothing to lose but I have used that can trs. Once you live through a prmix but it crashed all the time so I record 8 tracks while broadcast six tracks and I'm not talking about latency .... And when I use my keyboard it purchases in the house, it does nothing.

I deprecated the. Plutt opt ​​for a card with less of but much more reliable.