Hercules Studio ISIS XL
Hercules Studio ISIS XL

Studio ISIS XL, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Hercules.

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fairbec 09/13/2003

Hercules Studio ISIS XL : fairbec's user review


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The external rack is an argument of shock.
I'm not looking too, but quickly, I was decided.

The advantage of connecting jacks, so you can jacker everything pluggable!


The installation, uh, there were problems qq, but not do much, it came back alone.
We had to keep calling it the VAS, which is not efficient.
The card is capricious and only works with a certain type of chipset. so I changed motherboard ....

and it does not work with all OS .. BEYOND win98, it is obsolete. So I am condemned to stay with this config if I do not want to redo everything.

the manual is not really well done, fairly incoherent.


I did not find ay make MAJ. It is stable for 2 years, it suits me, I do not touch more.

I use the sequencer logic audio pro isis.
on 8 entries, I 2 unusable.


2 years of use,
I appreciate the ease of access and use, the output / input optical cable (very good for the mini disc)
I like too the lack of evolution in my config (see profile).
it is the only model I tried.

level report quality / price, the base is interesting, but when onse realizes he must change the motherboard, GLURP, the ratio becomes quite intolerable.

I do not want to change for the moment is stable, ca fills my needs (recording pop / rock / folk with guitars, bass, vocals, keyboard, making her the microphone ...).

but the day I should change my config, I'll have to change cards. and I will opt for another model plebiscite by members of AF.