Hercules Studio ISIS XL
Hercules Studio ISIS XL

Studio ISIS XL, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Hercules.

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Average Score:2.7( 2.7/5 based on 15 reviews )
 3 reviews20 %
 4 reviews27 %
 2 reviews13 %
 6 reviews40 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

MGR/gary's review"Guillemot Maxi Studios ISIS"

Hercules Studio ISIS XL
Musicians Friend, internet, for multitrack recording. $79.00 (Scrath and Dent)

Nice breakout box. Versatile. Works well with AMD Athlon xp2000+ and Win ME

Could have higher bit/frequency. This card is supposed to be quirky, so the price was lowered, but I had no problems.

Very nice construction.

Works perfectly with WinME AMD Athlon 2000

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Trevor Bonds10/08/2002

MGR/Trevor Bonds's review"Guillemot Maxi Studio ISIS"

Hercules Studio ISIS XL
I purchased from, well i won't name the store. I paid $475CDN for it.

Eight inputs, four outputs, plus S/PIDF, both coaxial and optical. Good price point

Piece of crap. It did nothing but crash my computer. It doesn't work with anything newer than Windows 98.

Solid metal construction.

Don't buy it. Research your gear. Don't be like me.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
Zéro db03/08/2012

Zéro db's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Complte Solution - Hardware & Software"

Hercules Studio ISIS XL
Among 8 - 4 outputs, numriques outputs. 16bit 44.1kHz. External rack. Midi interface. Logic Audio spcial for this card (16 tracks stro). In the era I needed a card with 8 inputs for recording the battery of my group. I have recorded our first album on a P3 600Mhz with a 10 GB hard disk on Windows 98, it does not work on anything I think I remember.


The drivers are stable overall. From time to time bugs when same, but I was using the computer for the whole era (internet, video ...).
The Logic were utiliss Also provides audio software with the card, some plug-ins and Sound forge.
So I recorded up to 8 mono tracks like the maximium card allows to save battery. Read and up to 16 tracks so some in stro, so virtually maximum.
Little update.
Latency compares standard today.
96, I think I remember.


No installation problems for me. Simple configuration. No problem of incompatibilits. The manual is suffissamment clear, I have not used too.


I have used for a dozen of year. Before I turned on the Atari STE, so that the noon hour so a date.
I liked among 8 and 4 outputs, external rack. the built-Logic Audio software. Complte a solution.
The price quality ratio was outstanding for the era. The card with 4 outputs and 8 among the noon, well made squenceur provides.

Only runs on Windows 98 max memory.
You can not operate the Logic Audio software without the card.

tazpatrey's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hercules Studio ISIS XL
What motivates my choice is the external rack and the number of tracks that the proposed logic audio and of course a price more than rsonable. I n'tait not to beginners trs content (no safe, lots of latency), but to use force and express jai could draw a good qualitbr /> I m 'as used in the home studio of good quality which allows me to self-produce and maquter, some groups ...
Currently I have a good bcanne as pc: MSI motherboard, AMD 2000 + cpu, video card with ATI Hercules profet 2 monitors. I come home and I also apparent in the ISIS with good old analog DDA allows me to have a good full-spectrum dinnamyque Audible, and I also have a multiband limiter gate emulator comprsseur his lamp and Shipments of pat ...


The installation is well Premire fonctinn some time, but the last two years I have a system that stable
the problem of incompatibility are the most Souvant the bios and back
the comfiguration my taste is very easy, but the manual is not always clear trs.


The first driver is not stable and for the update, it must be up early
j'atilise mostly logic audio pro isis wave and labs
there are a lot of latency audio recording in logic pro isis but the concole pa, and saw the problem of saturation, I do not fit the input of the console more than 80%, since ' they also act as comprseur
I record 8 tracks and 16 simultanment read


I use this card for over 4 years but I really operates for 2 years
I like the simplicity of use when you know the prossdure dsp and also which are good quality but it is unfortunate that the input and output is not symtriques. I board not try to view other models that I do not know much about the era and especially my finencier silent way modest. Qualle took the report is good but who said few words taken galre ... c'tais again if maintenent with experience and hindsight, I would probably something like sound card, since I could taste a Dynamics of a DDA and MIDAS (live) analogue, and what I wait a sound card is the grain and the dynamic

Lj45's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hercules Studio ISIS XL
See below


See below


See below


The Characteristics me motivated at the time (there are seven or eight years), its handling and versatility.

She served two years during which she made me good and loyal service. But the day I wanted to have a good config in XP ..... Grrrrr !!!!!

So she drags on a shelf and I think it serivra me again. Guillemot's attitude at the time was outrageous, they do not answer questions Degner (legitimate) users or so trying to convince them to buy something else ...

In short it had everything to succeed and could even have been modified in order to evolve, but it is a commercial choice ...

If you are tempted by this card, and although it only if you are using Windows98.
Le Joss07/28/2005

Le Joss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hercules Studio ISIS XL
Up to 8 line inputs, external rack
Models with samplitude
ASUS? / 2Ghz / 1GB / ATA
song: AT3035 microphone preamp Behringer / instruments: SM57 or 58 preamp mixer / other: line appliances / minidisc: optical cable / Monitors: direct / Headphone output missing


No problem on Win98SE
no inconsistency
are installed on branch
yes, except for the part I do not use MIDI ...


Stable yes
M j not
samplidude + DirectX or VST plug ins
no perceptible latency (no MIDI or virtual instruments) direct monitoring of audio inputs
Read: up to thirty with little effect greedy / recording, I have not tried to go beyond 7 or 8


5 years
I especially like, at that price, you can do what I want easily (taken battery + bass + guitar + singing ghost ghost, with sufficient quality for models properly / NOT I especially like the lack of headphone outputs, the impression that Hercules has completely dropped the idea to do as others (2 in or you pay expensive)
quality / price ratio excellent for a careless users
yes, especially with 24/96 converters and output 8 channels of firewire

mud's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hercules Studio ISIS XL



Installation galre the conf gnrale is correct.


It's a big crap !!!!!
Only runs on W98!


I do not use more than 5 years. lack of support from guillemot this product is unacceptable. Dream (the manufacturer of the DSP is opposite the opening SPECIFICATIONS, so no drivers in GPL ... Too bad ... it could make him a youth ... With this support policy, guillemot He was just given a death prmature.
Doc cyco12/28/2004

Doc cyco's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hercules Studio ISIS XL
I bought this card many years ago but I do not used anymore. External rack pleasant with many connections (SPDIF, 8 analog inputs, midi, ...)


Do not be afraid to reboot the system to exit Souvant multimedia. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH WIN XP that's why I do not use more


Not stable for me poor latency


I do not recommend this purchase but the price is quite interesting for beginners ready galleys

Kelerm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hercules Studio ISIS XL
The external box
P4 Motherboard () go 520mo 160
Taking his instrument and singing console


Okay not great
last few big problems with the table rgler inputs and outputs of the external box that has never worked well.
bof re re not that good
this will


too much lag for my taste
I have worked with five tracks and the only utility


March 4 years
is not a result of advice as what ......................
trs bad
not, in retrospect I probably did not do it again this choice because the price or was sold this card (I have the time in the payea of ​​around 2400 francs), we'll have been expected if there was mieux.meme there there were novelties
as the external rack but it's too little of the problems of drivers conparaison hello y'en no set day
To stop using

fairbec's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hercules Studio ISIS XL
The external rack is an argument of shock.
I'm not looking too, but quickly, I was decided.

The advantage of connecting jacks, so you can jacker everything pluggable!


The installation, uh, there were problems qq, but not do much, it came back alone.
We had to keep calling it the VAS, which is not efficient.
The card is capricious and only works with a certain type of chipset. so I changed motherboard ....

and it does not work with all OS .. BEYOND win98, it is obsolete. So I am condemned to stay with this config if I do not want to redo everything.

the manual is not really well done, fairly incoherent.


I did not find ay make MAJ. It is stable for 2 years, it suits me, I do not touch more.

I use the sequencer logic audio pro isis.
on 8 entries, I 2 unusable.


2 years of use,
I appreciate the ease of access and use, the output / input optical cable (very good for the mini disc)
I like too the lack of evolution in my config (see profile).
it is the only model I tried.

level report quality / price, the base is interesting, but when onse realizes he must change the motherboard, GLURP, the ratio becomes quite intolerable.

I do not want to change for the moment is stable, ca fills my needs (recording pop / rock / folk with guitars, bass, vocals, keyboard, making her the microphone ...).

but the day I should change my config, I'll have to change cards. and I will opt for another model plebiscite by members of AF.