Hercules Studio ISIS
Hercules Studio ISIS

Studio ISIS, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Hercules.

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grendel 05/24/2004

Hercules Studio ISIS : grendel's user review


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Bought 5 years ago, I use tt time!
its use is reserved comptences his "studio" and not "multimedia": Listen to cd to it Yadji plenty of free players on the market!

rgulirement I record instruments or amps, singers also: no problem!
DJ has worked on a 450 MHz while the 1800 AMD (I am Fidler their processors)!
attention, it only works with Win98! heads and fawns, other Systmes latest issue (2000, XP, etc ...) have no intrt, making gold coins from microsoft!

your exact trs is honorable, and there is no requirement to spend too Chres cards.
Listen Albums general dub, you'll hear what I mean!

attention: the map ncessite the addition of a ram (slot prvu) since it is calculated that the sound and not the processor (it's gre programs)!

its external box 6.35 + MIDI port make it complete very practical.


Installed several times on different PC no problem!

not encountered imcompatibilit notorious.

config ncessite a short time, like a qd mm console's traditional in terms of the way of his: obligartoires patience and testing!
the configs are saved: I used diffrent 3 days after the config (RPET, house, live ...)


The drivers are ok and downloads for the day there! and work! except for Systmes rcents (see above).
Think reinstall the drivers each upgrade of DirectX!

my park soft claim any one can do swallow a computer to work the Zique srieusement, so no list here would be too long.
essentially, I work with Acid Pro, for its quality of operations samples, mounting virtual ...
Another thing, my computer does not serve me that the zik, and walk, even when not is stopped transport for RPET and concerts!

no rec inconvnient in multi if you think the linear array of ram!

must have an external console when mm with phantom power for boxes of DI (active of course, it also exite liabilities) ncessaires making low, the old analog synth, the singer who sticks of p Dales effect between the microphone and the console, or plugger lines (cd / md ...) and plenty of other things according to your habits and desires!
for guitars, nothing can replace a microphone in front of an amp, forget the direct plug in the card (especially if you saturate the guitar! qque I know something!)

latency is reasonable, except for wanting a super cranky rendered useless: the gear, and powerful as expensive as it is, not a substitute for artistic quality. who wants to understand ... h h h


I especially like the external box and its connections in jack, rare today (too many to cinch jack dtriment 6.35, QUIPS my dj gear analog). Full MIDI and connections S / PDIF and optical.
t the ultimate test of a hack dat read optical is better than your exact reading directly k7 on-board converter of dat!

pity she is only 20-bit 44.1 or 48, as desired.
and guillemot does + not in hardware, they understood that the use would make zicos to make DMOS or otherwise, in a configuration similar to a real studio.

default key, but rparable: cram an induction on the map, I showed the component in a shop found me almost the same, and I resoldered hop as in 14!
since, no problem.

dj beat the price the silent era.
I would do this choice, because there was nothing else in this price range with these CHARACTERISTICS (connectivity, how many times I must tell you!)
Today, I would go to M-Audio!