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JMlab user reviews

  • JMlab Tantal 507

    JMlab Tantal 507 - " Class and Energy"


    With a Marantz amp. These speakers are audiophile balanced and quite warm. Acute spin well and are soft. The stereo is very well transcribed, I am fully satisfied. They were in my living room, I bought Focal columns after moving into much large…

  • JMlab Tantal 507

    JMlab Tantal 507 - " Well"


    Used with Marantz pm (35 w) for ample sensitivity 90db memory. Domestic use. A well-defined sound, beautiful reproduction of voice, listening is not tiring at all. A slight lack of bass due to their size but good not complain either because of the…

  • JMlab Tantal 507

    JMlab Tantal 507 - " Good speakers library"


    With Nad Cambridge and it works great. Not tried other amps. Beautiful stereo so placed. Balanced speakers. These speakers, although related, are an excellent choice. They are quite detailed and deliver good bass for their small size. Stamps I …

  • JMlab 710 onyx k2

    JMlab 710 onyx k2 - " Still high"


    Purchased in 1989 12960 F (equivalent to € 3,120 taking into account inflation) to replace my aging Ditton 66 (as compared to the younger competition, but not inherently), I always have in 2014. I was attracted mainly by a subwoofer down extremely lo…

  • JMlab Opal 19Ti

    JMlab Opal 19Ti - " THE BEST for me!"


    JM LAB erred they achieved a perfect enclosure 2 see! ny I find no fault is not normal! . An excellent definition of medium quality and fantastic treble, bass are compared I listened more than 50 pairs of speakers I keep this one but this is for my e…

  • JMlab Chorus 725

    JMlab Chorus 725 - " Perfect!"


    I use this pair of speakers for about 9 months. Pregnant render perfectly sound. Accurate bass are not at all mushy, treble slap without being aggressive and mediums fall fair. Of course, the warmth of the sound is not to go, but the sound is clear…

  • JMlab Profil 7

    JMlab Profil 7 - " Big potato!"


    I have since ... 20 years (not all fucking younger ca ca) C is the first speakers I paid with my first student job. Coupled to a Denon amp strong enough. Well it's very good I think, even after 20 years. Obviously this is not an analytical pr…

  • JMlab Tantal 520

    JMlab Tantal 520 - " Very good speakers"


    For 8 months Yes sony, A3, Pioneer ... They look their sound is awesome there is nothing wrong: present and well defined bass and treble sound very good to give thanks to twetter titanium inverted dome Good JMlab is excellence anyway Of c…

  • JMlab Chorus 707s

    JMlab Chorus 707s - " pregnant versatile!"


    707 the chorus is a very good speaker of entry-level home JMlab! accepting an output of 100 watts rms it is equipped with 2 terminals for bi-amplification with a good amp from 50 watts rms per channel she's doing great! al listening very neutral in…

  • JMlab Symbol

    JMlab Symbol - Redge100's review


    Biblios good small speakers. They offer a nice sound reproduction with finesse. The bass reflex system gives serious fine even in the lower spectrum. To size the power is perfectly acceptable. In short, a speaker takes the most honest part of its…