JMlab Profil 7
JMlab Profil 7

Profil 7, Hi-Fi Speaker from JMlab.

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Larron 08/25/2013

JMlab Profil 7 : Larron's user review

«  Big potato! »

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I have since ... 20 years (not all fucking younger ca ca)
C is the first speakers I paid with my first student job.
Coupled to a Denon amp strong enough.
Well it's very good I think, even after 20 years.
Obviously this is not an analytical pregnant. Scooped mids, highs and low power well ahead.
Basically listen to the prodigy and massive attack c is the mega foot!
I m still using the studio to check my mixes. If the low-pass well above c is that it ny has not too much, and if the medium is back, reveals even more about these speakers.
And reliability side is very good. I changed the tweeter after 10 years. And that's it!