JMlab 908 Spectral
JMlab 908 Spectral

908 Spectral, Hi-Fi Speaker from JMlab.

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alain2673 09/12/2006

JMlab 908 Spectral : alain2673's user review


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Happy dtenteur of spectral 908 for a dozen years, I find these speakers with a TRS imbalances scne well rpart, dlicate and fair. They are beautiful pregnant esttiquement that Integrates into any type of furniture but an electronic ncessitent however high quality to give even the best of them (I use a 20W HIRAGA pure class A musical fidlity tubalog converter cables and me money for better DEFINITIONS general). It's beautiful and can last MUCH hours without fatigue or annoyance; tural with music in all registers. The ratio quality / price at the place of speakers 2 3x more expensive. No way to change .... unless they s'teignent of same (I'm not my n'change Barail of ....)