JMlab Tantal 507
JMlab Tantal 507

Tantal 507, Hi-Fi Speaker from JMlab.

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Nli 09/05/2004

JMlab Tantal 507 : Nli's user review


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The technical I'm not sure ... I was looking for a correct speaker hi-fi system with separate elements, with a budget of 2500/3000 francs ... When used with an amp and a Denon CD player (see my profile .. .).

It must be admitted, and it's a bit painful, but the record is still pretty dull ... I was a little delirious in a "low-bottom" at the time of purchase, and now I have to compensate by putting the treble on the amp to stop ... so the sound is not very clear is the big drawback, but it's still more than adequate. After all depends on the type of music listened to the classic ... it seems a horrible choice ...

I use them for 4 or 5 years, and it goes the more I tell myself that I would do the same choice ... not sound great lack of clarity, and for the price (2800 francs if I remember correctly ... ) is not really forgivable ... So I realized my mistake when my brother bought the model above, the Opal, for little more expensive, and incomparable quality ...