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All user reviews for the Korg Pa50

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 8 reviews )
 4 reviews50 %
 2 reviews25 %
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ekmusicprod's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" A great synth / arranger that makes you want to play"

Korg Pa50
For Particular features, look on the Korg site.
The PA50 is equivalent to PA50D except the floppy drive now replaced by an SD memory card.


Fairly easy to use I find more if you already know what an arranger.
There is just a slight hiss output line on the old model, which could possibly be embarrassing to the scene ... but as I do that is with me ... no problem for me ;)
It has two sequencers (which I have no use ... one is enough to play MID file / KAR or register compositional idea ... more like I mainly use a software sequencer ;)
A Karaoke function to scroll the lyrics on the screen, but fun feature of little use.


I have a PA50 for 10 years, I love this keyboard that always gives me want to play.
I had chosen at the time because he sounds quality Triton / Karma, and also integrated speakers (very powerful way, and with very good bass returned to the way ;) . I wanted to be able to play as soon as I wanted, even the lugging in another room, without having to install, connect, turn on all of bazard a computer and / or receiver ... and it did as expected. ;)
Excellent sounds that are even their places in some of my songs to the sound side of "Reason" Yamaha "Fantom" Roland.
Since I had several other synth more upscale, but not about to part ...
I love it! ;)
Note: You can find numbers of styles to download and tutorials on the web.
("Olavier" graciously sharing and kindness, styles he created known as JM. Jarre, Alphaville, Mr. Jackson, songs etc. ...)

rody68's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" blowing pa"

Korg Pa50
avoid keyboard, very complex to use, not intuitive at all


must not constantly searched to make regalges


I use it to dial, you can overlay up to four sounds, so appreciable in revance is about a couple of my breath I continue, this is caused by dust? brief the guarantee being spent I do not know what to do, I live in Mulhouse any repairs.

windigo's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good arranger at a reasonable price."

Korg Pa50
It is a five-octave keyboard, good enough for a Workstation.
At this price, it allows editing of many parameters and has two parallel sequencers, the connection is complete. I will not repeat the previous opinion, some old and not referring to his new feasibility hence its new name PA-50-SD.
In fact now the support and storage are made on an SD card of 2 billion degrees, sufficient given the size of MIDI files. The effects are many, the sounds, styles can be created and edited, I would say that regardless of the number
already large home and already mentioned, but rather have multiple SD cards, lol. Oriented cosmic sounds, guitars excellent for this range, to listen to the many reproductions on Youtube (JMJarre, Vangelis and others).


Is a workstation rather handy with a specific screen that takes some time to master if you do not know the Korg approach. But the French documentation is clear and many Internet sites and forums are dedicated to the AP-50 and SD.
Editing and modification is easy, but it should read.
Note also his fun karaoke function, one can for example with a small soft remove the guide track of a song Van 'Basko, sounds in the Korg MIDI playback is excellent, singing and reading the text on the screen, and why not for those interested to add a guitar or a synthesizer?


Then I used almost two years and I am satisfied. I hesitated a long time with a Yamaha equivalent, but after listening to the sounds, the Korg is much higher! Even if it looks cheap and fragile it is still less than the quality of sound reproduced dominated.
Yes before I played on an old Roland I say old, but in his day nine, it was a must have completed a DX7.
Pros: everything I need.
The least he has: The keyboard touched illegally, of course even more pronounced as I complete with a Roland Juno Di has a touchdown (and rounded keys) excellent. The look a little cheap or fragile may repel some nomads, but much greater damage because the ISP 550 in sound.
I would do this choice, especially at the current price that is far from relegating obsolete technology, and equivalence.

konkorg's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Pa50
This is a keyboard that is not bad at all and that is cheap but with many faults
Pros: The next time Workstation arranger and even when we enter the program mode.
The 2 sequencers that are really important when doing animation because you can manage
less downtime.
The stamps are good and it's Korg.

Cons: He has a lot of breath on stage compared with her ​​cousin yamaha psr 550
The LCD is a bit fragile and touching are not terrible. It can be seen even when the side Made in China

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">Personal opinion:</span> I am a musician who runs a lot and sometimes alone or with a singer, so I find it very convenient with its 2 sequencers and styles. This keyboard is very fragile when it is done all the time out of the house. So I'm pretty confident with the series or pa 1x pro pa 2 x 50 but more the patient nor his replacement pa 500

jarrefan73's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Pa50
I am satisfied with the professional arranger, halfway between Workstation and arranger with features of Fast Fashion sounds.

I previously used an arranger software, but the PC I was finally disposed of latency, full program download, etc., NCESS the PC on all the time.

PA50 with this (see above CHARACTERISTICS), I can focus on music and not external pb.

You can play from an existing style, CRER an existing style, support new
Playing with an auto-accompaniment (midi file updates downloads or cr.
The backup is on disk, may be outdated, but there are still (at the cost of a good USB key ...)

I bought it at 589 Music Stars, came with his foot + sennheiser headphones.

I do it again this choice.

I hsit with a korg TR 61 too, but more expensive.

The PA has 2 squenceurs 50, 660 sounds, + possibility to to create.

Olavia on the site, you can even have the sound of undermining the PA through a QC member, and the Equinox for fans of JM Jarre.



Quick, I bone up the manual, I found it clear (I did not know Korg as a user before).

Edit sounds, I do not cr but the change is simple, it's like everything should look, but the interface is very simple.

The manual is 300 pages about everything in French, used as a rfrenciel, there is a ditacticiel it.


- Used for Christmas 2008
- I love his dsign (least?, Weight )
- Not tried bcp MODEL.
- Trs good price quality ratio.
- Yes, no problem, I do it again this election, we must exploit this dj, was full of function.

eljuandu80's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Pa50
Hello I would like a fair update my pa50 fair coment thank you


Hello I would like a fair update my pa50 fair coment thank you


Hello I would like a fair update my pa50 fair coment thank you

docjamel's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Pa50
small pa 50 teams of various MIDI output, jack ... a ton of sounds that are realistic enough to my faith a synth of this price range and ability to edit sound effects to use of the generator effects a little boring for my taste.
Double sequencer designed well enough to allow freedom while recording.


Synthesizer that is easily on hand at the beginning you're scared you say "Wow the big beast with lots of buttons and light anywhere, plus the huge manual and will have him sqatter the toilet to be able to bone up a background" Well no it is pressed at the beginning and one hesitates then starts and we quickly realized the trick.


A number of years of use possibilities operated at 70% and yet jme uses a lot of stuff before I had bought all the synth shop, and there's nothing to say korg is best for this the price of course
good with experience I will buy a huge beast was 8000 euro (too bad I have no sub) but yeah of course I do it again

tinours's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Pa50
Many sounds (over 600) all from the synthse HI Korg, one who made the reputable of Triton ... Sounds so good to play in all styles of music, knowing that the PA50 can, like its main ERRF, load sound banks user (128 sounds + 32 drum kits), leaving the field open a lot of possibilities (see in addition the internal sounds as users are ditables ...). So that's the PA50 in line with real synths / arrangers (and I stress synth ... Note also that the mapping of internal sounds rpond standard GM2


Interface: a lot of buttons for quick and easy ACCS all functions of the machine readable trs trs big screen, displaying even the lyrics karaoke files (for those who are INTERESTED. ..). A pair of Stereo outputs for connection to external amplification (which does not cut, by default, the internal amplification, the trs powerful 2x15W with trs good bass response, but this amplification can be cut according to the menu by "global"), a pair of mono / Stereo, headphone output (the rear is a little box), the 3 taken midday, a PC compatible floppy disk drive. The double squenceur internal high capacity to play the squenceur a while instructing the two (the system is REALLY multitches) couraging and fade thanks to the crossfader. 304 internal styles + 48 user styles (no need to talk about the quality of recognized styles Korg, trs laboris, 2 intros, ending 2, 2 breaks, four variations, while the 8-track). 4 assignable pads (dclenchement sounds, effects settings, etc. ...). Song jukebox and play function for playback of midi files without loading the squenceur. Fashion squence backing for recording songs using styles. Compatibility with other styles of PA (to the extent that it does not use features SPECIFICATIONS other models, features that are not available ... then normal, it's the same everywhere), compatibility with styles SERIES I (I3, I30, etc. ...). On the effects, up to 4 effects among 89 available. Last item on the styles, in addition to 48 304, a button allows directfd CHAC direct the disk! ... therefore even more styles! ...


For a price of 999 Euros, have available the Korg sounds and styles, to load the sounds and styles user, a good amplification of squenceurs powerful, many features, this machine will carry the wrong competition!. .. AIM that I just put a Korg USB port to charge the jump from a computer memory (to avoid to pass by systmatiquement disks to load user styles and sounds). Of PA 'Resource is available on the net (sites mentioned in the manual, trsdtaill 250 pages). Evolution of the operating system can ... So a good arranger trs trs suitable for a price, bravo Korg!