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Korg M50 user reviews

  • Korg M50 61

    Korg M50 61 - "Solid Workstation"


    This is another one of those boards that comes industry ready right out of the box. It’s extremely easy to get it set up and ready to start making great music. The editing abilities on this board are easy to do and the workstation is easy to navigate…

  • Korg M50 61

    Korg M50 61 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by G. Hagen/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I bought this Korg MS50-61 two months ago. It's a modern workstation (in September 2008): _ Five octaves, 80-voice polyphony _ 1077 samples in 608 fully editable programs …

  • Korg M50 61

    Korg M50 61 - "A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT"


    The Korg M50 Workstation is released in 2008, making many think M1 and who gets the synthesis engine of the M3 without KARMA. At first impressions, it is quite nice especially in black with slightly sloping façade which makes reading the screen and i…

  • Korg M50 61

    Korg M50 61 - major63000's review


    see website builder and Review AF UTILIZATION clean Korg easy configuration. It is logical SOUNDS The rescue! when I read the reviews on the M50, I tend to think that my ears have fallen during the night. Simply put, it is a disaster. Alrea…

  • Korg M50 61

    Korg M50 61 - " satisfactory"


    61 light touch, 5 octaves MIDI USB SD CARD pitch modulation sustain (supplied without sustain pedal) Everything I need great sounds and combinations specific to KORG. Easy to use arpeggiator. Sequencer very unfriendly, very little precisi…

  • Korg M50 61

    Korg M50 61 - " TERRIFIC!"


    Features already listed in prior reviews. To amplify in my living room, I simply plugs into a Bose iPod dock. Connectivity requirements for the moment because lack of space. UTILIZATION The grip is really easy. I had not touched the keyboar…

  • Korg M50 88

    Korg M50 88 - " KORG M -88"


    This is a piano keyboard touch-type dynamic, very nice. the model is 5 octaves. I use it combined with karma on Mac or PC. This technology incorporates karma M3. So the two combined make an M3, but half as expensive. Karma is 100 €. Suddenly the so…

  • Korg M50 61

    Korg M50 61 - " Very satisfying for fans musicos!"


    It is a 61-key synth ... Lots of sound banks-ranked (ABCDE GM) and for all styles (in order from the harpsichord sounds very classic electro / techno to rock etc etc) ... Lots of usability ... It's really all that "wants", either for simple beginner …

  • Korg M50 61

    Korg M50 61 - " for computer components without"


    The hit was average but not so horrible that it anyway: we made it quickly The synthesis is complete, more complete than the Yamaha Grounds example: There only to see the user guide PDF is over 400 pages! UTILIZATION The highlight of the machin…

  • Korg M50 61

    Korg M50 61 - jeanphisax's review


    I just ACQUIRE M50 ... very pleasantly surprised by the quality of sound, but disappointed for two things: - THE INSTRUCTIONS IN GERMAN! best in English on the CDROM - The fact that this keyboard does not correspond at all has a use-oriented styl…