Korg M50 88
Korg M50 88

M50 88, Workstation from Korg in the M50 series.

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herlebzh 06/11/2011

Korg M50 88 : herlebzh's user review

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This is a piano keyboard touch-type dynamic, very nice. the model is 5 octaves.
I use it combined with karma on Mac or PC. This technology incorporates karma M3. So the two combined make an M3, but half as expensive. Karma is 100 €. Suddenly the sounds (including combinations) that were already excellent, took another dimension with karma. Magical.


The grip of the synth is fairly easy. The sequencer is relatively easy to access. Please note, if used with karma, it is possible to use it.

The manual is clear. We must also print all if we want a full doc. The booklet provided does not explain everything.

The sound editing, although I have not really used is simple.


Sounds really can do several things. The sounds are well modeled, pianos are really successful.


I use it for almost two ans.Je constantly discovering new opportunities. I was looking for a keyboard that allows me to combine the synth and piano. The price / quality ratio is unbeatable.

A 1500 € you have is a keyboard is very powerful. Even if he does not entirely to my expectations (in fact I discovered too late the existence of the V-Synth Version 2, more expensive, but more consistent with what I was looking), I think I will take it without hesitation.