Korg M50 73
Korg M50 73

M50 73, Workstation from Korg in the M50 series.

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Menestrel de malheur 11/06/2009

Korg M50 73 : Menestrel de malheur's user review

«  accursed race! »

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effective and infinite


I needed a keyboard to compose for our project-oriented black metal / hardcore / experimental and I'm not disappointed, knowing that this is my first keyboard since I stopped piano (8 years of conservatory and disgust) it restored me to taste convainquand piano sounds and especially the piano, organs, guitars, sounds "analog", percussion and other bells, everything is very well sampled, the keyboard has a touch correct ( I have version 73 notes, version 80 with a heavy touch)
I spend 1 to 2 hours per day on the beast and it's really surprising in terms of sound quality, has also noted that the volume output is very good, more than on other keyboards in general (good at all! !) the piano is very convincing at this time is very valuable and korg and warm.

1000 euros for a keyboard entry that plays in the big leagues, I said YES!