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KV331 Audio user reviews

  • KV331 Audio Synthmaster 2.x

    KV331 Audio Synthmaster 2.x - "Bugs and Malware in update"


    I had severeal problems early use of it, I reported it to Thomann, germany, the webshop I bought it, an exelant webshop , by tha way. But sounds drops out, and many times, in CUBASE after ooading a song, I have to manually go through one and one syn…

  • KV331 Audio SynthMaster Player

    KV331 Audio SynthMaster Player - "A little known, great product"


    Using it with Logic Pro X and Yosemite on an old Mac (3GB RAM). Bought it around 20 euros, easy to download and install. As a guitar player, I don't tweak it much, I'm satisfied with just using presets. I was seduced by its sounds, ease of use and…

  • KV331 Audio Synthmaster 2.x

    KV331 Audio Synthmaster 2.x - " Excellent value for money"


    The purchase is done online on the KV331 web site. Installation was easy enough, especially if it's just for Live as all you have to do is copy the VST in the Live directory. I installed it on an i7-3770 3.4 GHz with 16 GB of Ram and W8. I use the…

  • KV331 Audio Synthmaster 2.x

    KV331 Audio Synthmaster 2.x - "Three Thumbs Up!" has images


    No compatibility issues. Didn't read the manual. GUI is clear, could be more inspiring. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Stable. No crashes. Only using for a few days. OVERALL OPINION SynthMaster v2.5 by KV331 Audio is a fantastic all-round, do-it-all,…

  • KV331 Audio SynthMaster

    KV331 Audio SynthMaster - "not available anymore"


    Using Synth Master was very difficult at first because it was early in my career and music was more of just a hobby to me. I really had no understand of a lot on sound design and Synth Master really gives you a lot of control over the way everything …

  • KV331 Audio Synthmaster 2.x

    KV331 Audio Synthmaster 2.x - "Synthmaster sounds great!"


    KV331’s Audio Synthmaster 2.5 is a pretty well rounded semi modular plug in. After using this as a plug in for the last 2 weeks I must say I am pretty impressed with its powerful capabilities. The program itself is pretty easy to understand and navig…