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Laney LX user reviews

  • Laney LX120H

    Laney LX120H - " Good head amp but could do better"


    For starters, it's a transistor amp head, 120W (do not hesitate to push the volume), 3-band EQ with two fully independent, which is an excellent point. In terms of connectors at the front we have: an input jack for the guitar, a footswitch input for …

  • Laney LX65R

    Laney LX65R - " Good enough amps to the stage"


    65W transistor amp has Connectivity: At the front: - Guitar input - Entry 2 way footswitch (channel and reverb controls) - Effects loop - Auxiliary input (CD, MP3 ,...) At the rear: - Headphones ('ve never run with me but I do not us…

  • Laney LX120H

    Laney LX120H - " cool when you got no money to strike a rate of a drummer"


    amplification transistor 120 watt 2 channel output line out, headphone, input cinch (RCA) a clean and an overdrive that we dug the little button with a mid scoop that makes the sound more "modern" eq severe acute independent medium on 2 channels …

  • Laney LX65D

    Laney LX65D - " very good amp"


    amp transistors 2 channels clean and distortion 65 watts bass mid treble equalization 14.7 kg with effects eg chorus, flange, reverb etc. ... very robust it can be transported without problem thanks ala cage that replaces the web UTILIZATION …

  • Laney LX412A

    Laney LX412A - Zlhanh's review


    Baffle mounted 4X12 celestion rocket 50 Mono, an entrance, a link 8 ohms, 200W Used for two years and a few ... Already a good speaker, and not very expensive. Asser "smoothed" as his grave with a thick not runny but not close anyway. Somewhat a…

  • Laney LX12

    Laney LX12 - papach's review


    - What type of amplification Transistor amplifier with tube emulation - What is the power dlivre? 10 Watts - What connection? input jack, jack, cd, and jack for phone - What are the rglages the effects? A 3-band eq, a crunchy dis…

  • Laney LX120H

    Laney LX120H - lonlevade's review


    Amp transistors Power: 120 watts connectors: line out, headphones, input, speaker, bridging stro ... Many effects of TRS with the same adjustable knob: chorus (2 paramtres DIFFERENT), delay (4 paramtres DIFFERENT), reverb (2 paramtres), rotar…

  • Laney LX120H

    Laney LX120H - ilmarinen's review


    Is not a mistake on the price USE Request for review SOUNDS Request for review NOTICE GLOBAL Request for review …