Laney LX120H
Laney LX120H

LX120H, Solid-State Guitar Amp Head from Laney in the LX series.

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Laney LX120H : Anonymous 's user review

«  Good head amp but could do better »

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Value For Money : Excellent
For starters, it's a transistor amp head, 120W (do not hesitate to push the volume), 3-band EQ with two fully independent, which is an excellent point. In terms of connectors at the front we have: an input jack for the guitar, a footswitch input for the last entry and a line out (there is also a CD input, but I do not see the point for me anyway). At the rear there are two inputs (two baffles) Send one entry and one Return.
The connectors are basic but that's all you need.
Then come the effects, which are numerous and of very poor quality (digital forces) but it can be fixed with the purchase of real effects pedal. This is the only negative at this level. The rest is pretty good.


Setup is super simple, you hack a few minutes, and the chips are down. The manual? I do Do not be taken to the store where I am ais acquisition. In terms of getting a good sound, do not expect miracles ... it is a transistor amp. The EQ is not very accurate. We can turn the pots, one feels slightly changes between 0 and 10, which is a shame for such an amp head.
The clean channel is clean, round, clear and cold. The distortion lacks a little punch, but the problem can be adjusted with the button that boosts the distortion is supposed to "emulate" a tube amp (this is really THE big joke). Let's say for a transistor, it is doing not too bad.


I play everything: blues, rock, metal, lady gaga (hey yeah!)
The sound should be pretty good for blues and lady gaga, in what is for the bulk metal, it is better to add a good distortion pedal (and good cables, we often forget good cables). For my part, I've pasted an MXR M-116 amp and scratches entierrement wired with Monster Cable, and rendering is wonderful.
I play with a Epiphone les paul gibson pickups mounted with (490R and 498T), and there, the sound is more than drinking. I do not hate any sound, I find only ... not very balanced if one may say so. Missing a lil something I can not say.


I use it for 4 years, I tried a dozen amp head before, and this one seemed the best quality / price ratio. With experience and the tube amp I acquired a few months ago, I would do this choice for a certain complementarity between these two amps. So in conclusion, if you want her, do not buy it, but if you want a good mid-range amp, you agree fully.