Laney LX120H
Laney LX120H

LX120H, Solid-State Guitar Amp Head from Laney in the LX series.

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Laney LX120H : LE STUDIO DE LA COLLINE's user review

«  cool when you got no money to strike a rate of a drummer »

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amplification transistor 120 watt 2 channel
output line out, headphone, input cinch (RCA)
a clean and an overdrive that we dug the little button with a mid scoop that makes the sound more "modern"
eq severe acute independent medium on 2 channels
send a return
small effect not really integrate very interresting


simple plug and play the sound is reasonable sound is clear net cons must quibble a bit with the gain of the overdrive to get the desired grain
it is quite polivalent
The manual is clear enough and I


now serves as a power amp in a stereo configuration
I have a marshall mode oven so I use the preamp from the oven mode in which effects and which leaves the left and the marshall law in the laney

the eq is very effective with the preamp to your sound this amp can be very different from a setting and a guitar the other


AC is 5 years and I use this amp I had no knowledge of the heat tube amp when I find my purchase two months after my marshall amp on occasion small lampiotes it enriches my style and my way of playing if I had known that for the its true he was taking the necessary steps I have done so earlier he now serves as my 2nd amp with a 4x12 for a picture of my stereo effects
I lend to a concert to register another much softer than mine and the user was on his ass he was surprised by the attack now I think he has not had many opportunities to play with the 4x12 cabinet and ca ca plays in my opinion
I will experiment with a different choice, but with the lack of as value for money is reasonable