Laney LX120H
Laney LX120H

LX120H, Solid-State Guitar Amp Head from Laney in the LX series.

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lonlevade 12/07/2007

Laney LX120H : lonlevade's user review


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Amp transistors
Power: 120 watts
connectors: line out, headphones, input, speaker, bridging stro ...
Many effects of TRS with the same adjustable knob:
chorus (2 paramtres DIFFERENT), delay (4 paramtres DIFFERENT), reverb (2 paramtres), rotary, flanger, octaver and so on ...
2 chains, each with a qualisation: trebble, medium, bass, and distortion ... you rveiller dead!
Unfortunately we can not LEFM several effects them ...
Note the reserve of power of each effect is somewhat limited ... ...


The configuration is bone simple, no need for manual: you press a button to change the string, it's qualisation rule, rule on the distortion, a sound ... however, we must be careful about arpges in clean channel, the bass is almost rduire minimum, or a quarter ... and yes, it's a metalhead amp, the bass are out !
otherwise, the power of distortion is sufficient without being miraculous, so be careful, for a game around the ax trs fast tapping, legato, the round trip or sweeping, it is best to a couple of distortion pedals ...
Besides a, There are volume buttons on both channels ... The most beautiful surprise ...


Obviously, I have a tendency to love the distortion, rock and metal ... ... I love to play some blues and ska ... so I am a more or less down eclctique on the rock. By consquent, this amp should have done my whole style of music, and unlike what one may believe in the light, this amp appears polyvent trs!
I play on zenox Cort Z42 for rock-metal, and a semi-hollow piphone for ballads and blues.
The sounds are quite gnral dull, dark, dull or severe, without being inaudible, even enjoyable by becoming the costs. The rglages however quickly because of this sound serious.
And the channel is saturated apothose of metal! no complaints!
The sounds that I dtest? NO! I love them all!


I have been using trs short time, but its particularity remain easy to use fast an object in the background without any secret. I love the sound, power and versatility ... I like a little less the lack of saturation, the impossibility of LEFM various effects, and the trend will sound absolutely dark ... The main advantage is its price, pay 700 with the enclosure. Top tip! I tried a Vox Valvetronix before, and it's not great, there's much less distortion, it's harder matriser, berf is boring! In addition it is one of the best quality for the price of time mtalleux.
on the other hand, with the exprience, I know if I exprience this remake ... I'm an explorer!