U-FLYstudio 08/01/2008

Audio-Technica AT4050 : U-FLYstudio's user review


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Micro static large double membrane capsule
- 3 Directivity: cardio, and eight omnio
--10dB attenuator
- High Pass Filter
- Robust microphone extremenet
- Suspension mechanism dubious and impractical


It's a microphone in his rich, with an average sensitivity versatile enough, in his heart a precise and both slightly colored in the upper midrange and Omni AB couple quite interesting. It offers a more raw than many pickups generated by the range Neumann (Neumann, BPM, Rode, Studio Project etc ...) by the range between 8 and 20 kHz and less present, but staining in the upper medium and predict.
the size of the capsule, the output impedance microphone give this a slightly different color of all modern large diaphragm (more or less close to the U87Ai), it is interesting in this respect, when it does not work diaphragm with a large static, it is often here that it works with AT4050, very effective sources or the holding of the medium must be real (in pizz bass, drums classic, viola, harp, toms, recovery Amp guitar, rhodes and wurlitzer etc ...)

a very good microphone, his little brother "live" RA 3000 is to listen, it's a real success!