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BeyondR's review

Blue Microphones Bluebird
BLUE Bluebird is a Studio Condenser Microphone that can be used for recordings.

It uses a condenser technology that captures a wide dynamic range and a rich sound complete in subtones and overtones.


The thing that I like most about it is how well it captures the recording, the sound provided can be used in pro recordings and get that rich , full sound that you hear on those amazing studios.

There is another detail that I can't ignore , the details consist on the design provided , which is completely unique and weird, but don't get fooled, this microphone is a bomb and so it's the recording.
That blue , shiny surface changes the whole atmosphere when you're working with this microphone.
Something that really blew my mind, was the fact that this product doesn't has any off/ on switches , so it's basically very simple and straight-forward which I enjoyed so much.

This microphone has tight cardioid pickup pattern that boots the quality of the vocal recordings , well-balanced midrange and extended highs that make a huge difference in terms of texture and tone.

This product also has a specially-designed BirdCage shock mount and a BirdNest metal mesh pop filter which make this product a keeper.

My opinion about the value of the price is decent , this microphone doesn't cost much , around 300 $ , however the unique design and the simplicity of this product is worth the money without a doubt.

Precision and quality of sound is great, the recording sound complete in terms of frequency range , it captures all the necessary colors in the recording which make a huge difference.

I've tried many condenser microphones, however this is one of the greatest concerning range price.

Knowing what I know , I would buy this microphone again.

sw80's review"Record it all"

Blue Microphones Bluebird
The Blue Microphones Bluebird is a large diaphragm microphone that has a cardioids polar pattern, it comes with a shock mount and pop filter. I was in search of a microphone that could be a do it all type of microphone and record anything that I wanted to use it with. I did a lot of looking around online for a microphone with these specs and came across the Bluebird. Once I had the chance to start using it after I received it I was shocked by how good it sounded for this price. This microphone is very well built as well, it seems like it could hold up for a long time. I have been using this microphone for a year now and it still looks brand new.


The frequency range of the BlueBird is 20 Hz to 20 kHz with an impedance of 50 ohms. Since I purchased this microphone I have been able to record vocal, guitar, and brass instruments with it and get a great sound with all of them. This is the perfect microphone for the at home musician, it will give you studio quality in the comfort of your own home. It has saved me a lot of money from having to go to the studio so much.
Blue Microphones also makes a few other microphones that I am now using that are pretty good, but the BlueBird is the best for the money. The sound quality is warm and clear, and it really does not matter to much what your set up looks like as far as having a treated room or not. You can use this microphone in a padded room with wall treatments or a living room and it will still sound great while not picking up noise you don’t want it to pick up like a background TV or outside noises.
This microphone is amazing and I am so glad that I purchased it, I do not regret my decision at all and getting this microphone has made me go out and purchase other Blue Microphones.

glassjaw7's review"High performance and versatility for the home studio"

Blue Microphones Bluebird
Blue's Bluebird microphone is a condenser with a cardioid pattern and a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range.
This mic has a high SPL rating (138 db, if I'm not mistaken) which makes it versatile enough to handle vocals, close micing of drums, electric or acoustic guitars and just about anything else you could use if for.

The Bluebird is aimed at the home studio crowd, as it's one of the the less expensive mics in the Blue collection. It is designed by Blue, but built overseas. This is a very high quality and great sounding mic though. A wooden, foam padded case and metal mesh pop-filter are included with this microphone.

I tested the Bluebird first on vocals and acoustic guitar, using a presonus Firestudio and Garageband and the results were excellent. On vocals the Blue sounds rich and deep. In fact the low end that this thing picks up is very apparent when listening back to my tracks. My singer is a male with a deep voice and he has never sounded so rich and complex as he did using the Bluebird. The included metal pop filter didn't seem to benefit the sound much, but we have other ones so no big deal.
Acoustic guitars were very airy, full and rich as well. Depending on where I positioned the mic in relation to the higher frets or the sound hole, I was able to get the desired amount of low end and top end sparkle.

I then tried something not always done with a condenser. I cranked up my Mesa Dual Rec to a nice healthy volume and positioned the speaker about an inch from the cabinet grill, and lined it up with the edge of the dust cap where it meets the speaker cone. The results were awesome to say the least! Big and chunky chords and riffs played back just as they felt in the room while playing. There were no phasing issues or nasal qualities that can sometimes be heard when I mic up my cab with my shure sm57.

I honestly don't know why more guitarists and producers don't mic overdriven guitar amps with condensers. There was no finicky sweet spot to find like some dynamics, and the sound was so natural and warm and big.
My band will begin recording a full-length later this year. We have a few nice mics to choose from, but I think my secret weapon will be the Bluebird on my guitar cab! You just have to be careful when dialing in your low end so it doesn't flub up the guitar sound. But then again, that's what high and low pass filters are for:)


I can't recommend the Bluebird highly enough! From the working musician, to the home studio owner or semi-pro, this mic is a great addition to any collection and is versatile enough to be put to work on nearly any instrument.

moosers's review

Blue Microphones Bluebird
The Blue Microphones Bluebird is a condenser microphone made for use in the recording studio and I wouldn't recommend using it anywhere else.  It has a cardioid polar pick up pattern and is suppose to pick up signals ranging from 20 Hz to 20 KHz.  It has a similar look to the Blue Kiwi, but is a less superior microphone designed more for home studios.


I've used the Blue Microphones Bluebird a number of times for recording sessions at my friend's home studio, although I do not own one myself.  While I definitely like the sound of this microphone and it has a lot of uses, I already have enough condenser microphones in my collection.  This mic is suitable for all sorts of applications including vocals, acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, and horns amongst other things.  I like using it best for acoustic instruments but I would recommend experimenting to see what will work best for you and this is definitely a versatile mic.  If you have a pair of them they will probably work as room mics or drum overheads as well, although I haven't tried this myself.  I've become a big supporter of Blue Microphones as they have a really impressive line of microphones ranging all over the price range.  This is one of the cheaper microphones that Blue has to offer, but is still a high quality mic even if it isn't as good as some of their high end mics.  I trust Blue all the way with microphones and there aren't any complaints that I have about the Bluebird as it sounds great and is set at a great price.  Overall, the Blue Microphones Bluebird is perfect for the home studio owner looking for a great mic that doesn't cost too much.  This is one of the best bang for your buck mics out there.

victormelamade's review

Blue Microphones Bluebird
I will first say that this microphone is one of the best values for any piece of recording equipment under $500 you can buy. This mic based purely on its sound could easily sell for $1,000 and people would be happy with what they hear based on how much they paid. So this mic is a really great value. It is a large diaphragm condenser mic hand-made by Blue with all class A circuitry. It comes in a very nice package with a cherry wood storage box with a felt lining inside. They also provide you with a pop filter and a shock mount specifically designed for this microphone. You get all that for less than $300, it's crazy. The mic itself sounds very good. The mid range is very defined and clear and its well balanced with the bass and low-mids which tend to come through mud free. The highs are quite smooth, although this is the one area where this mic does show its price range. If you have a very high frequency heavy instrument, when pushed too hard this mic can sound a little fatiguing. The pickup pattern is a cardioid which is not switchable. There isn't a pad or low cut filter on this mic, which are minor flaws. Overall though it sounds very good and that isn't really an issue.


I bought this mic a while ago, it was my first Blue mic of many. The Bluebird is a very solid mic that comes with outstanding value. The mic is very well built, you can tell there's a very high level of craftsmanship when you hold it. It also looks very cool and unique which is a plus to have in the studio. I would definitely get this one again if something happened to mine.

Tom97531's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" happy"

Blue Microphones Bluebird
I do not spread over me, everything has been said and said again.
on the other hand, as can be read in many critical is that the shock mount is not practical, and I totally agree, a kind of screw system that puts three leaden before being properly tight.
In short I looked to buy a shock mount more convenient, but unfortunately the store I went or not was not tight enough for the bluebird, obviously its diameter is too small compared to the "standard". Apart from this detail, it does its job.
Regarding anti pop also criticized, I have not tried.


It will soon be one year since I have this mic and so far so good.
I use it mainly for recording a tenor sax, sometimes acoustic guitar, and percussion-type egg shaker, and also darbuka.
So yes it is quite versatile, especially because this is my best micro :)

I'm not really an expert in micro, I do not have much basis for comparison, but I have ears and I find the result with really good sax. A light years away from my other microphone, SM57 (it's not very comparable I know).

The value for money is excellent for me, and I think remake that choice. It is sold as versatile and so far I have not put in default.
I already lorgnai the side of Blue in a moment, but what mainly motivated my purchase is a promotion where they offered a further 100 for the purchase of a bluebird :)

Adrien_mix_you's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" really good for its price!"

Blue Microphones Bluebird
I was looking for a good microphone large diaphragm too expensive to catch votes.

For the price range the quality is great, the sound is clear, open, bright.

Suitable to all kind of voice it seems

He even served to record a cello in a church, the sound turned out amazing!
seen in the clip elsewhere


I used a little over a year

I ssay other models before but this was to be around € 100 and the sound was not very precise or above 400 € which was out of my budget.

I love the unusual look (bottle), and especially its clarity.

After careful, it tends to exaggerate sibilance on certain voices, light and Esser is set ;)

value for money: Nickel! I even wanted to buy a second!
dex red10/27/2012

dex red's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good microphone, but ... But full."

Blue Microphones Bluebird
See post Tsauzon very complete.


Q1: about two years, irregularly

Q2: No, relatively little models for my taste is frankly overpriced.

The +: excellent response for a camera of this price. Versatility. I only use it for vocals and some brass (often in combination)

The -: very questionable aesthetics, both the overall look that blue watery, but that's a detail.
Accessories, however, are really bad. I will be silent on the pop filter which is just decorative. The suspension system is pretty dismal. It involves screwing the microphone on the base metal hanger. In this way, we obtain a metallic continuity that will end the foot of the body of said micro micro. Perfect if you have the misfortune to tap tempo foot by registering. Means well "poc-poc" ...
Moreover, the screw joint support is fragile. Very fragile. Mine broke after three months of use. No remedy: it is necessary to buy the device for all ... 120 €!, Or resolve to use large rolls of scotch. Fortunately, there are supports "generic" for € 15 which fit perfectly.

Q4: Although the value taken is more than adequate, I would hesitate long before you do this choice.

houseboy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good choice"

Blue Microphones Bluebird
as already stated, condenser microphone, versatile voice, instruments


I have 2 years, I tested some models cheaps or more expensive prodipe, akg, neumann ..

I use the bluebird for recording voice, the sound is clear and precise enough to be mixed Equalisation and carefree. it swells actually a little bass (proximity effect?), and a high pass at 80-100Hz will be mandatory on vocals, as indicated in a previous post. but I wanted above all that gives me mik taken precise and dynamic, it supports very well.

value for money I think is excellent ... there's nothing better at the same price?

Ramses28's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A killer in its price range!"

Blue Microphones Bluebird
Well the type of microphone has been cited 100 times already! Condo, cardio etc ...

It fits just like to say on the site of blue, voices, guitars, drums, violin, piano etc


I use this mic for about 2 years I think. I have not tested many other microphones unfortunately, except for some low-end microphones uninteresting. However I could mix made out of a U87 and other outputs of the Bluebird and ultimately not really mean the difference ... Finally catches were rotten on both sides!
Otherwise I could test the bluebird on several sources, and ultimately I find it very good for female vocals and acoustic guitars. He gave me good results also on transplanted into clean amp. on the other hand of male voices I do not like it, I have not tested millions of votes but I am tested on a dozen, each time I was disappointed, mixing it jammed! Whatever my voice on it goes but it must be because I have a voice crapper! (Oh yes I tested also on violins but I do not remember most of the result).
Anyway regarding the quality / price I think it is hard to beat ...