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Line 6 Duoverb user reviews

  • Line 6 Duoverb

    Line 6 Duoverb - "Duoverb - Hidden Gem"


    I consider myself more of a 70s guitar player in the sense I play a lot of styles like Rush, Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, etc. So my comments about this product may not be as pertinent to people playing heavier music. I know this is an amplifier mo…

  • Line 6 Duoverb

    Line 6 Duoverb - "Just plain trash"


    Line 6 is really well known for their amp modeling features with their pod units but as well as their actual combo amplifiers. This is one of the first line 6 modeling amplifiers that they put inside of a combo. Basically you have this combo amplifie…

  • Line 6 Duoverb

    Line 6 Duoverb - "Great backup amp for the price."


    Engineered in USA, built in China Modeling amplifier Classic look and feel Vintage versatility: 16 essential amp models Award-winning Point-to-Point modeling technology Simultaneous dual amp capability Professional touring quality cabinet & cha…

  • Line 6 Duoverb

    Line 6 Duoverb - "Line 6 Duoverb 2x12 Combo"


    i went to a guitar center looking for a nice amp for proffesional use and great price. the salesman person recommanded it .i took his words for granted and bought it for 499$ having all these amps at a flick of a finger is a big advantage if you …

  • Line 6 Duoverb

    Line 6 Duoverb - "Line 6 Duoverb 2x12 Combo"


    Bought this amp in Seattle from a former Line 6 rep after hearing about it. I have no complaints whatsoever. Line 6 nailed the amp models with this one. Great tone, easy to use controls. A great bare-bones amp for the guy who likes to keep it simple,…

  • Line 6 Duoverb

    Line 6 Duoverb - Freakoid's review


    See the opinion of sylbenima2 UTILIZATION The manual is very nice. There are pictures of the amps modeled, a small anecdote and "classic" settings that have brought fame each. This amp is very easy to use. I am not at all the type to spend hou…

  • Line 6 Duoverb

    Line 6 Duoverb - " Very good amp transistors"


    - 100 watt combo models. Very powerful. - 16 amp models (Fender, Marshall, Vox, Soldano, Boogie, Buddah, Hiwatt, Roland JC120, etc.) - Basically, this is the preamps Vetta without effects. - Effects (still): wah and reverb. - Fully stereo amp…

  • Line 6 Duoverb HD

    Line 6 Duoverb HD - Anonyme's review


    Give manufacturer Duoverb HD * 100 Watts Stereo * 29 lbs. (13.2kg) * 26 "W x 11" H x 10 "D (66cm x 26cm x 25cm) Modlisations: # Line 6 Clean # '53 Fender Tweed Deluxe # '58 Fender Bassman # '64 Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb #…

  • Line 6 Duoverb HD

    Line 6 Duoverb HD - new empty's review


    Modeling amp, 2 amps on a manageable head (one entry gtr) stereo output but when using both (all the better for that matter). Trim output output for connecting directly to the console cable xlr (two XLR outputs, one for each amp), 150W power amp fo…