Line 6 Duoverb
Line 6 Duoverb
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MGR/MOUMOU 01/31/2004

Line 6 Duoverb : MGR/MOUMOU's user review

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i went to a guitar center looking for a nice amp for proffesional use and great price. the salesman person recommanded it .i took his words for granted and bought it for 499$

having all these amps at a flick of a finger is a big advantage if you are creative. i like the VOX AC-30 model my favorite very very warm vintage sound, the plexi lead is also sharp with some metal zone boss distortion pedal. just these two models are around 3000$ at least. what i like the most is that you can create your own sound by mixing two amp models but it take alot of time. i'm not going to use all the amp models of course but i have them if needed.

to make it clear and not confuse everybody, i'm fully satisfied with this amp. however i red some comments stating that this amp is nothing but a cardboard sound. alot of people did not understand this amp because it offers many features. and if you expect the amp to give you automatically a perfect sound that you like without any effort, you might expect the amp to strum your guitar instead of your fingers also. every amp model has its own setting otherwise you just bought a line 6 duoverb cardboard simulator.

with 2 12" celstion speakers it is loud. no need for extention cabs. the quality of the amps are accurate. i don't care about the look if it is nice or not because it is not a crucial parameter. i have the sound that i wanted.

if you are lazy rocker this is not your amp. go get the amp model that you want and do not bother because the line 6 duoverb will drive you nuts in couple weeks. if you want to be unique this is your amp.

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