Line 6 Duoverb
Line 6 Duoverb
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sylbenima2 09/29/2013

Line 6 Duoverb : sylbenima2's user review

«  Very good amp transistors »

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- 100 watt combo models. Very powerful.
- 16 amp models (Fender, Marshall, Vox, Soldano, Boogie, Buddah, Hiwatt, Roland JC120, etc.)
- Basically, this is the preamps Vetta without effects.
- Effects (still): wah and reverb.
- Fully stereo amplifier. Independent settings right and left. Very helpful and the amp sounds even better when the sources are mixed.
- 36 channels.
- For each channel there are two times the following settings (right and left): Amp, drive, trble, mid, bass, presence, vol, reverb + master general flight.
- Everything is configurable via midi
- Comprehensive Connectivity: Stereo loop series (inputs and outputs), 2 XLR outputs (true stereo I tell you) switch with ground / lift, midi in / out / thru, RJ45 socket for Line6 pedals that I never used (I work at noon).
- Simulation hp also I use some.
- 2 Celestion Vintage 30 hp


Setup is simple, even if the settings are numerous. Basically, it works like all the amps we known since forever, but in stereo. Quickly the sound is desired is obtained.
Very good manual that details the amp models. Very good MIDI menu.


The sounds of Duoverb are very good, much better than any other amp brand. Include input sounds emulated amps. But it is especially a good amp that meets the sound of the guitar. The clean sounds have a great dynamic and distos are singing. The amp is excellent on crunches and distos blues, rock or fusion, perhaps less convincing for metal, but cash fine pedals.


Here's a perfect amp (that's more than 10 I played it), powerful, warm and extensive connectivity.

The great advantage of Duoverb is that it provides a wide range of sounds managed by an excellent preamp, and manage it all by noon, all served by two discs flawlessly.

Amp too little known.