Line 6 Duoverb
Line 6 Duoverb
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Freakoid 09/26/2014

Line 6 Duoverb : Freakoid's user review


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See the opinion of sylbenima2


The manual is very nice. There are pictures of the amps modeled, a small anecdote and "classic" settings that have brought fame each.

This amp is very easy to use. I am not at all the type to spend hours manipulating 36 buttons in all directions, and I quickly got a great sound.

What I loved with this amp is the emulation output HPs. It allowed me to be reassured as to his coming out in front when I was playing on big stages. The emulation output has a very broad spectrum but lacks a bit of momentum. Supplemented by a microphone in front of an HP, it brought joy to my ears and those of sound engineers who could not get an amp emulation could sound like this.

In the studio, it allowed me to stay on the settings that I knew perfectly while benefiting from the flexibility of the HP emulation output.


The eternal debate about modeling amps ... realistic or not?

So it depends on what you mean by realistic. Let me explain.

When I bought this amp I had a Marshall JCM 900 with a baffle with 4 vintage 30 in which I plugged in a Les Paul Custom ... well, big sound. And basically its Duoverb done very well job. In the blind test, difficult to tell the difference with a real tube amp. Mixed with the sounds of other instruments, it becomes a challenge. on the other hand, if the crunch sound or the sound of each of the amps modeled one approaches ... it's something else. Because if this amp works very well by mixing the sounds of two amps, it does not compare with an original amp ... and we must admit that the modeled amps are all the same, a little cartoonish.


I played this amp for over 5 years. I went on tour "am I doing everything in the truck just as I can, even if it means Tetris with the gear" and I must admit he never flinched while the "all-tube" made of other guitarists the soul.

But what do you with the experience was the most sensitive finer ears, it is in the subtle! So what? Well, now I do not play on all-tube amps and handwired ... but flip side, I have one currently under repair.

Looking back, in addition to many services, this amp has helped me to know what amp I liked and that's huge!