Line 6 Duoverb HD
Line 6 Duoverb HD

Duoverb HD, Modelling Guitar Amp Head from Line 6 in the Duoverb series.

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new empty 11/11/2005

Line 6 Duoverb HD : new empty's user review


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Modeling amp, 2 amps on a manageable head (one entry gtr) stereo output but when using both (all the better for that matter).
Trim output output for connecting directly to the console cable xlr (two XLR outputs, one for each amp), 150W power amp for. Two outputs for hp adjustable impedance celon mono stereo etc ... reverb, drive and everything else on each amp, different amp modeling of the most famous amp used, impedance selector for 4 or 8 ohm, 4 preprogrammed and programmable modeling that can last to 27 (I think) with the optional foot pedal. .. Finally, not all c, but c is very good. Perfect for studio or live use small coffee scene ... Its modeled very faithful to the original amp ...


Super easy to use when treated in all its models and settings (they are so large). Sound .................. pffffffffffff that say this laughing more careful not to blow up the ears tellemnt it up quickly the sound without realizing that he saw the volume very soft but parrait dB are ... Watch your eardrums ... c is so sweet that you forget quickly the volume (with a good hp otherwise it is dedicated as any). Manuel understood by a child, after each of the used to know, sounds like the small little amp and amp big big-amp sound, c has no choice but to find the missing style ...
Perfect for me anyway ... If you like the sound diverssité and change that is perfect, for if against a specific style is to do c according to their desires and needs. J ADERE ...


I do that adds a wah on it and the rest comes after that I saw use by studio ...
The type of sound c is like you want but c is not the same when the lamp ... value for money it's going but I got the 50 percent or I know if I would have bought the a good choice but has thought anyway ... You decide for me c is perfect. The value for money I do not know too much, but at the end of c is very good nonetheless.


Two months of use ...
J before and got tested a little bit or everything that is done in this size amp, I was left for a marshall finally being light but I do not regret my choice.
At the same price I got it I Refai choice tomorrow if j not know, I can be the most sought aurra more ... but I kept this amp in aurra head into my favorites. Perfect for a studio amp as it offers many choices sound.