Native Instruments Maschine MKI
Native Instruments Maschine MKI

Maschine MKI, Loop Sequencer from Native Instruments in the Maschine series.

All user reviews for the Native Instruments Maschine MKI

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 49 reviews )
 22 reviews45 %
 18 reviews37 %
 2 reviews4 %
 3 reviews6 %
 1 user review2 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent

metropole19's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
On installation without stress


config PC Windows 7 64 i7, no fuss, no crashes yet.


Is the first instrument / controller type mpc I buy and I had no trouble adjusting. I discover a new way of composing and the ergonomics of my stuff is so we can focus immediately on the game
It plays music and we play with music is addictive and we want to come back because we know that 5 minutes you can put an idea you have in your head.
The pads seem to me very good, the touch sensitivity is more adjustable.
The app is well thought out and there is also a pleasure to refine his work.
The only fault I could do for the knobs that I can not find super precise selection. But perhaps just as the pads can adjust it, I'll have a look.
The hosting of vsti ahead promises to improve the ergonomics of the whole, in short, a great success NI with a quality / price excellent, given the tracking updates. Intuitive and ergonomic

korgoas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
That I was a few days ago, and really amazing, easy use, great sounds sold on DVD, PC recently needed to be much in use, the installation is done without problem, I used with windows vita, the update is done via the internet without problem, the advice I can given the MASCHINE is plug into the USB port first and do the installation with the second DVD, manual is just basically for a more technical to go into the folder that the manual is installed on the PC hard disk. Illuminated pads I thought it made gadgets, but not all of it oddly makes its use especially in STEP mode, to create his percussion instruments, sample mode, the slicing is great too, something super important so we can control the MASCHINE from the console without having to look on the screen of the computer each time it is a really excellent MASCHINE, we can all do with a can I know the mpc, it is overtaken by MASCHINE for both Price, usage, sound, features, and quality, all my choice is made .. and now I recommande.Bon sounds at all ..... AMD dual cores


, 3 gigas RAM, hard drive 320 gigabytes, Echo Mia soundcard / MIDI two inputs and two outputs connected to a jack YAMAHA CX 166.

The software works perfectly with my MASCHINE config.

My config is stable for the software MASCHINE.


I use it for 1 week.

I hesitated between MASCHINE and a mpc 1000, after long reflection, and professional advice, I chose MASCHINE.
What I like most is its use easy, its illuminated pads, connecting its MIDI IN & OUT, quality of housing, and the sounds sold and the total control of the console MASCHINE and not being forced to watch the PC screen for all functions.

L.M.S.A's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" BACK TO THE NOTE"

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
Purchased from OCCAZ in a music store so AC was complicated to unlock the maschine, I stayed one month with the demo!! Make sure the previous owner has taken appropriate action if c is galley.
But hey no worries since J have changed computer several times and the installation without problem.


Apple mac book pro 2x2.4ghz, 4g of ram: c is super stable and not greedy. on the other hand latency quite disturbing when I plug in uses logic. So I made up in stand alone and I mix in Logic.


I'm posting this review because I found the overall score is too low. But most of the difficulties encountered in previous opinions have been resolved with the SHIFT.
I've had 7 / 8 months, I've had a lot of machines and soft: mpc, Electribe, Kaoss Pad, x0x roland, Guru, Battery, etc. MPD32 ...
The +: - Absorbed power from soft to hard with the ergonomics, features are extensive yet simple both in publishing the game live or post production.
- Effects "dj" are funny especially the grain stretch (Reminds me of the KAOSS PAD)
- The SHIFT!
The -: - No TimeStretch!!
- Maschine latency when used in plug (logic)
- The effects for "the mix" as the eq and compressor that I find just passable.
The price / quality ratio is excellent compared to mpc this maschine is really great finish hardware too expensive and not very powerful and galleys of soft non-ergonomic controllers with unsuitable, especially for a 400 euro occaz.Sans hesitation I remake this choice except perhaps for the new version when released ....

Elfedelazik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
RAS installation. It installs the software, plug it (*) Maschine to a USB port on his computer and go.
I'm talking about version 1.5.0 that was installed on the model I received a few days ago.

Easy setup (especially if you already know NI)

Complete manual in pdf and in manual handling, all in French. Overall very full and clear.


Mac Pro 2x2, 8 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon, 8GB RAM, 2 dd 750 G) 7200 RPM, RME Fireface 800
Perfect stability, Maschine works perfectly and is a treat.
Latency 3.1 ms


I use it for another week.
So the sounds are tops! it sounds serious to serious.
Banks are provided copious and quality.
Besides that you can access to banks (more precisely, samples) contained in your own NI software, import your own details. Wav or. Aiff, repulpable it all ways of moults, the play ... the pads are an impressive sensitivity and we finally explore more and enjoy it.

The possibilities are incredible, endless creative possibilities, the software as the machine is extremely well designed. One can do the same thing as the other, in all respects (except for a subtlety when importing its own samples), and can do so many things you need to take time to discover the beast and read the manual. The longer it goes, the easier and more we are amazed at the marvel of design, implementation and production Maschine.
And it's really, really cool to play:)))

It can be used standalone or as VST / Audio Units.
You can drag files MIDI or sampled sound of his productions to his Maschine sequencer.
Sections effect, loop etc are very comprehensive
Etc etc. ..
So, okay, you need a computer and more Maschine, but the longer it goes, the more I am happy with my purchase which I judge the quality / price excellent and I would do with your eyes closed.
For me, this machine is fabulous:))

_ceon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
- The product installation was done without too much trouble: version 1.0.1 came with the package n'tant not functional I pass immediately the one APRS 1.0.2 small galre do the update (of a mistake on my part) things are back to normal.

- The configuration gnrale plutt is not simple I do not have the specific problem.

- Note that the version of the manual available in the pack is not a manual but just a "quickstart" manual for the real you have to go the download in pdf on the site of native , it is a shame especially when no internet at hand ... finally good


- Config:
Mac Book Pro 2.16Ghz 4GB RAM under Windows XP 32bit (dsolp) / Mac OS X Tiger days

- Use:
stand-alone: ​​the product is fairly stable except for some bugs especially when doing undo the notes I see that in the ddoublent squenceur ... when you're used his bugs will be said that this does not affect use of the product

Local Accommodations in live mode vsti: some catastrophic in terms of stability I got, sometimes when changing track live as I lose the sound from the pads for about thirty seconds ... CPU load is pretty intense tonnament UI weighting of live ... not too short as the walk co-habitation.


- Although trs used in stand-alone I would not call this software completely stable time o j'cris these lines.


- I use for beginners April maschine
- What I like most is the cot intuitive thing that I think that we should keep even when the mouse is in hand to quickly reach his goals.
- What I like least is the restrictions "silly" and lack of product features today:
no midi out: it is virtually no external instruments can squenage virtual or hardware
no import / export MIDI File
not the possibility to serve as a maschine sound module: it is basically saying CRER a midi track in squenceur of your choice and drive with maschine! I love the concept of pattern-based internal squenceur really fun in stand-alone work but when I want a more sophisticated arrangement fawn I want to be my maschine like any vsti that respectable: it is fine to bring a new concept but I would like this is not the dtriment dj existing concepts and yet proven.
no time-stretching: for this type of product is a shame especially when it is produced by the box that makes Kontakt
no possibility to make backups monolithic: it all sounds together to say utiliss in a same file or at least one directory on the file to make projects portable

At o j'cris these lines we are waiting for an update (v1.1) that promises big amliorations so I still want to believe: it is still product of a young man who returns if users are properly taken into account could walk the thunder!

- With the exprience I do not know if I would do this choice because the wait is really frustrating updates I would really like Native Instruments changes its policy as dveloppement closer to these customers and s' AGILE mthodologies inspiring and / or XTREM PROGRAMMING (short release cycle, public beta ...)

phonk-t's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
Then install-hlas like everyone else I was a lightweight problem with the update but it did drive about a quarter of an hour. Then everything works fine with my imac So as I interest prcis lightweight installation.

-The only incompatibility I have encountered is that the interface does not gres Mp3 So if you just want to import a sample, for example it must be resampler here because we do work with the wav that pus that is not bad for the quality sound we can say lol, if I did not meet other incompatibilities.

The config-gnrale reminds me Atari Cubase, Fruity Loops and what is an aspect of the mpc.
Trs easy to use because I do not use the doc was familiar with the machine because I did sound for over 10 years now so clear trs, trs fun and intuitive of the ct I'm happy because the sound is clear and not unlike a compress mpc. In addition a variety of sounds and effects, a total CONTRL software with the surface we quickly mouse and keyboard, which makes us forget sometimes that is connected to the computer. The internal sounds are sampled trs good and excellent quality are found there also a lot of noise and have known the charm of some cd in the music industry of ann 70 are now proposing that we not even the one mpc (I possd a 2000 x 2000, 1000 and works with 2500 and 3000) which could rjouir more than one user who likes to enhance its production without purchasing at least two or three expander.


-20-inch iMac G5 PPC proc 2.1 Ghz 2G RAM with Mbox 2

The software, run without problem with my setup I'm glad I just have a wait time of 10sec 15sec to load a kit but hey when you see that there are 16 sounds over several patterns about the loading of the latter we say that a worth waiting a few seconds.

Performance-c is that there are two routes by sound effects and group ngligeable not for those who love spreading effects then I CONTRL any interface software with a maschine TRSL gre and turns me on all the notes jous which is good when you slice a sample or the dcoupe, which allows you to see the notes utiliss Crez order to compltez other loops to certain arrangements.
Work in-house so no cable or losses related to the A / DD / A as I export directly with the software and I balance everything in Pro Tools 8 is the signal of a perfect point Home Studio for.
Trs trs really easy to use and more comprehensive than mpc from my point of view and we feel the solidity unlike a mpc that possde buttons made in Playskool.

-My hardware configuration is stable thank you God.


-I buy a weeks after its release in FRANCE so I dj with puff well before giving my opinion.

-The particular feature I like most is that you can do the non-elongated I joke that I often does.
What is the sound j'apprcie for myself because I made the hip hop and I have the sound I needed for this mix that I did not catch but is beautiful the mix so it's fun and saves time. Then the blue double notches do not hurt the eyes after 8 hours of work for example we not feel the need to take a break (I am a bit autistic lol).

-Before buying maschine I have had in my possession a S2000 an s3000 Emu Esi 4000 a 2000 a Mpc 2000 xl and a 1000

-The price is really reasonable for once it does not pass the 1000 which is fun for the quality of hardware, because if you want an mpc 5000 is the 1800 Aka forgive me but between the rent bills and errands I can not allow me to do a crdit for a mpc that will definitely add me to buy at least 4500 of cable (a cable is 80 per percent of its not so ngliger). The price is from 10 to 10 Native thank you to think those who can not afford.

In retrospect, I remake this choice can also c'tait if I'd like to relive it again this time because when you open a new box for his home studio is too good over the box is nice lol too bad they have not made a gift of T-shirt.
J'espre t have clear and fair in my judgments of this Maschine and for those who wish to listen to what I laid go to our myspace: I produced the 2 and 4 you to judge !!!!! The Doctor phonk

MCakhenaton's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
Installation without problem, except that I galleys for updates, I also install the drivers manually, but this may be my config
Package design and nice, nice pads (thank you akai mpc is very well copied and small lights! Wouahou! LOL)


That's fucked up, but I sometimes found latencies while I have a quad core and 4 gig of ram, I do not understand, the more my pouasse with soft maybe ... it's pretty easy to use but I can not find the simplicity of the interface MPC2000, very well but all the little features I return to my MPC when sagit to work with sampling for the teckno, or the house I recognize it may possibly be more, perhaps


For three weeks, value for money certainly interesting, but again, for the price I must admit with a GPA, I enjoy a little home AKAI
I do it again because this choice will continue to work on MPC anyway, it's not really the same product, the two could be complementary, even with mpc I need nothing else
Thingummy tetchy04/24/2009

Thingummy tetchy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
Easy to install! But to what conclusion? Srieux not at all!


Say anything ...


A little over a month APRS acquisition ... Big dception! The concept is excellent but ... Breaks almost all values ​​of custom settings simply by touching a button ... The latency change alone without any reason, even disappearing automation APRS backup and full of big bugs of the type (whether it would not software made ​​by Microsoft that may be for sale full of d fault!) Clearly ... Foutage of mouth!

Eatyone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
- Installation is it without problem?

No problem (MacOS 10.5.6), just a short time that barely left a silent version 1.0.2 available.
- Have you experienced any incompatibility?


- The configuration gnrale is easy?


- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

A quick start paper comes home, and since 1.0.2 complete and clear manual is available in electronic version.


- What is the configuration of your computer?

MacBookPro 2.6 Ghz dualcore MacOS 10.5.6

- The software works he correctly on this configuration?

A wonderful, even with the chipset of the laptop's Intgr

- This software + hardware configuration is stable?

Not have or dcrochage or crash for the moment, both in standalone in Logic AU plug


- How long have you use it?

Since its release, about 1 month ...
- What is the particular feature that you like:

-Being able to use the flexibility of a computer in its possibilities, but no longer need either the keyboard or mouse.

The time-loading banks.

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

I had several MPC and it comes close bcp without the cot independently, but with a much freer use my taste.

- How do you report qualitprix?

Personal I have for my money.

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

No doubt

Conclusion: today at the only soft tips that I drangent:

-No midi out (prvu in the next update)
No compatibility-REX (apparently the study)
-The slicer is a bit lightweight in comparison to that of Guru
-The loading time of banks is a little long even if PREVENT absolutely no playback

I like those:
Feeling of solidity-Pad, encoders, time will tell
Trs-notch practice
-Complete, and finally in a soft with a squenceur This category of scnes !!!!!!! This silent time.
The output-routing is very well seen
-The FX are prima facie correct, I am not specialist in the trs thing ...
-Intuitive (that's a big user of mpc and guru talking)

sail ...