Boss RC-3 Loop Station
Boss RC-3 Loop Station

RC-3 Loop Station, Looper from Boss in the RC series.

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All user reviews for the Boss RC-3 Loop Station

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 15 reviews )
 5 reviews33 %
 8 reviews53 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money : Poor
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blomkvist's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" great for work"

Boss RC-3 Loop Station
looper pedal screen (boss)


easy to use
clear manual in which you can easily plunge in case of doubt


I did not notice any degradation of sound, but I limit myself to 3 or 4 overdubs (for now)


New user I'm not disappointed.
My goal is to work easily scales, improvisation, and rhythmically and ca is the top
I do not put a higher score because I think the 10 drum rhythms are hardly sufficient. I think rc2 had thirty ... but hey you can not have everything.
You do again this choice? YES without hesitation.
OK Computer01/04/2014

OK Computer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good! (Just a hint)"

Boss RC-3 Loop Station
Everything has been said, it's very good!


To use I suggest you buy greatly complement the FS5U boss, this pedal can stop the loop, mute with one click. As to stop all the RC3 must be pressed twice quickly which is not very accurate available.
The FS5U plugs live on RC3 and does not require power.
it costs € 30 a can but expensive at the same time sturdy and without batteries.

I put 7/10 because need to buy FS5U while Rc3 is not already given, except with the FS5U I put 10/10.

Ah yes! never forget to unplug the jack that goes to the amp if the pedal does not turn off and the battery is empty. (Common to many pedals)


Does not change the sound if you have an amp with a minimum quality.


The rc3 looper is a very good, easy to use making progress, I could not do without if I had to part with it would be for the RC30 or RC300.

But do not forget FS5U which greatly facilitates its use!
Dca lp12/07/2013

Dca lp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Essential"

Boss RC-3 Loop Station
At Boss looper, for recording up to 3 hours of loops and save.
Also equipped with a drum containing 10 patterns can be adjusted automatically or manually Logged loop.
2 knobs to independently adjust the volume of the loop and the drum.
Possibility of connecting via USB to save her curls on PC or Mac.


Everything is in the manual, we put a little time to get used to, but it goes fast.
Example: is pressed, it registers, it relies on re cutting, etc. ..
Most other automatic recording functions.


Sound quality will depend on your hardware.
Effects loop recommended but not mandatory for all, a place at the end of effects chain in all cases.


Happy owner of this looper for almost 1 year, he accompanied me everywhere.
While the price is high, but to work improvisation or composing, I have not found better.
In addition you can import your backing tracks then ..
Not ready to part with it!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Well, keeping the reserve entrèe guitar"

Boss RC-3 Loop Station
- Looper 99 loops until 3am recording
- Drum machine (only 10 beats, but you can change them through the pc.
- Audio and USB connectors. Usb to import or export the loops, and rhythms, and to update the firmware via the rolan site at: = 62081892


- Yes, the manual is very simple is very clear.
- Use also very simple, especially if we go by car registration, which starts as soon as you play.


- Yes, the loops are very realistic if we found the right set of input volume guitar, which is not obvious at first.
- I use it with my standard telecaster squier Hot us and my road I entirely recustomisée. Less results are waiting for you.
- It should be noted for its sound settings as stated above not obvious at first.


- I utlise 2 years.
- I also have another looper on my Zoom G5.
- That I love him most: light, strong can be done quickly pleasure.
- What I like least: Small bb for managing sound, no setting of the input guitar signal. Suddenly the guitar is often too low and then if you want to replay the loop solo, you must always remember to keep a little reserve volume on the guitar, if not impossible to hear in his solo.En does best is to use a small amp (I use a small boss table).
- Yes I do it again this choice if n 'there is nothing better that was my case when I bought it.

GarbageFan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love"

Boss RC-3 Loop Station
Case Boss standard size metal. Input and output jack for stereo x2 + supply + 9V USB port to connect to PC. Mini jack AUX MP3 player. And an input for a boss pedal. Several buttons on the top, volume, ...
Once connécté can save what is recorded and can also load WAV file. super convenient. 99 presets available. There are also 10 drum accompaniments.


The fact that there was only one pedal must juggle one click and two clicks to start or stop the recording. You can also adjust the recording to start at the first note played.
Speed ​​tempo we rule by "typing" finger but it is not necessarily easy to get the desired tempo (or so I'm not good!).
It is super simple to use, support battery is chosen, rule tempo, pressing on the pedal, play a trick on support 2 times on the pedal and hop is in the box, can be ca turn loop by accelerating or slowing it down, if you want to put a layer on the manipulation again.
The number of recordable layer does not seem limited and the total recording time is 3 hours!!.


Accompaniments batteries are a bit bogus. But I think the sound is very clean after the pedal. I use a Kustom RC30, I made out of my pedalboard for not changed the sound of the pedal with other pedals distortion and reverb.


I bought there two years I think I put a lot of support within which prevents me to put CD to accompany me, I just choose the preset and sends live hop ca in the amp. In addition you can register if that is cool to progress.
I have not tried other foot because I did not think it was equivalent (price / simplicity) also rated so highly.
I would do the purchase if needed.

Tyaxyana's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Work pace and overlapping lines"

Boss RC-3 Loop Station
View specs


Pedal easy to use, clear manual, it takes some getting used to the principle of the pedal.
1 clap: recording
1 clap: stop recording the first loop but a second loop is triggered automatically if you continue to play.
Two consecutive clap to stop together.

drive forward once:
1 clap: play
1 clap: recording another loop --- or ---
2 clap to stop

simple deletion loop if you do not want to keep them: there was a loop on the back. We recorded another loop over but we decided not to keep the start: Long press on the pedal and faded. But you do not lose what you've saved.

Whenever I'm happy I backup to a memory of the pedal. Then if I want to add a loop, I can make all the mistakes that I want because I can deleted the latter without losing the backup. That's how the pedal works.

The drum machine is minimal. Although bosser for being somewhat along.

The adjustment rate is ......... why do not they added a button?? in place of the button "tap tempo" with which we are left to reproduce the tempo of the rhythm that you want by pressing the button at the right speed ;) ?? But it sums up the spirit of the pedal: the instrument worked and try their hand by adding more lines ...


The sound of my strat is made relatively faithfully. The signal through the pedal, I hear a difference anyway. It is negligible, really, but some will understand what I mean. Live was 100% and connecting the pedal 99%, and we pass a second or two to wonder where is this percent. Then we play.

I believe that the sound quality is not reduced.


I use it for 1 year. It allowed me to focus on my pace of games, give left hand and right hand, on this kind of music I like to play.

She told me also introduce to the superposition of lines of instruments, so rudimentary that's true, but after one year I want to spend on recording and I spotted the gear that would suit me. Playing with the amp, you can easily convert his guitar low nickname. Add the battery (drum machine) and two lines of guitars, it gives you four lines, and the song appears.

This is an excellent tool through but it does not worth to buy new ca, wait a Cygnus, it is too expensive for what it is.

Burnog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Practice"

Boss RC-3 Loop Station
Saves and run a loop. You can then save temporarily or permanently this loop. We can overlay "layers" add one or more parts of a loop.

Some rhythms (binary, ternary) and styles (blues, rock, salsa, ...) for saving battery on a tempo (editable).

Everything is done with the pedal, but the addition of wav file that requires a USB cable connected to the computer.


Sounddriver simple, by pressing the buttons on the pedal. on the other hand I hassle to switch the tempo of binary ternary ... but hey, there's the instructions!


Spend WAV in and you will notice that it does not distort the sound evil.


I'm happy, it allows me to bosser my scales and modes.

Sounddriver pretty (classic Boss pedal) in red, it farts!

There's potential that I do not operate like plugging two instruments and stereo output.

If I ever do, I will seek an opportunity as it has increased since I bought it new.

Although this is not the Rolls in the field, I think it is really necessary to work because when playing alone, it is not always obvious ...

I recommend this pedal.

shuptuu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" disappointed ..."

Boss RC-3 Loop Station
we will not remember the functions here. But what had me most was the much more memory than its predecessor. And stereo too (I think the RC-2 was mono)


It is small, so not necessarily super convenient, but otherwise have to buy bigger!


I had an RC-50 before. There was already a lot of breath but hey, we did it with. There, with the new generation, I hoped that this problem would have been corrected. Well no! Boss does not seem very concerned about the quality of reproduction. it blows hard, not transparent at all .... perhaps even worse than the RC-50. In short, the idea was for me to keep a small sampler on stage in my chain effect "in case". But then, the sacrifice of the sound is too large: it out!


Purchased, tested and sold immediately. Unusable for me. And no, I can not redeem it. That may be fine for fun at home, but I strongly recommend to the scene.

joe-tj's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" tired of playing alone? ;)"

Boss RC-3 Loop Station
-Saving up to three hours of stereo
-99 Memory slots
-USB 2.0 port for connection to a PC and import / export WAV audio files
Box-rate (10 beats)
-Loops pre-recorded demos (10 loops)
-Ability to connect an additional switch to change the memory slots (sold separately)
-Volume loop and box separate rate
-Button "tap tempo" to adjust the tempo of the drum machine and recorded loops
-The case of the pedal is metal, so it is very strong

It is necessary to go to the site in order to download the Boss update of the Boss RC-3;
because of origin, there is a blank when you want to spend a memory slot to another while playing big (the update fixes this problem!)
and if for example you accidentally delete the loops pre-recorded demos, you can download them from the site Boss.


In use the Boss RC-3 is very simple:
We chose a memory slot,
A first pedal faith we support to start recording,
-A second pressure on the pedal starts the loop that you just recorded,

-Then it depends on how you set the pedal as is recording another loop (over the first) begins the second you press the pedal, or you have to press a third time to start recording,
-And finally, we support two times on the pedal to stop it.

The manual (in French), which is relatively small, is very clear and complete.

There is still something that bothers me is that it must press 2 times the pedal to stop the loop is spinning (it is then assé complicated to be properly seated with the pace of loop)
but hey, at the same time, with only one foot switch I do not see how they could have done otherwise.
So I tinkered a switch "stop" (with an old pedal not civil servants) I plug the Boss RC-3 and the problem is solved. (Switches to the RC-3 sold by Boss seem too expensive for what it is)


For recording loops there is no loss in terms of sound quality, that is with an electric-acoustic guitar (Gitane Cigano) or an electric guitar (Gibson SG)

When backup pedal button ("write"), a loop that is just recorded, it is possible to change the tempo of this one, but the sound is slightly distorted. (You do not lose the tone but it's a bizar effect on the sound)


I like loops demos, sweeping a dozen different styles (metal, rock, jazz, blues, bossa, stroll, electro ...), they are complete (bass, drums, piano ...) and allow have fun very quickly.

Personally, I connect the RC-3 on 3watts amp batteries;
and operate the RC-3 with a 9V battery, which allows me to play absolutely anywhere with minimal clutter.
for what is the view of the 9V battery in the Boss RC-3
bah ... it's a bit like all the pedals ... assé is limited.
but ample enough for me to play for a few hours straight. (Plus I always keep two 9V batteries with me, in case I'm off in full session)

I am completely satisfied with the looper, simple and effective, and if I had to make this purchase I do it again without hesitation.

Before_'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss RC-3 Loop Station
Looper at Boss, robustness of the case, nice color (yes it counts as at least for me).
USB and Aux input in order to make samples come from a computer, a sound source etc ...
Entry also connect an external pedal to control tempo, start / stop recording,
Two instrument inputs and two outputs for stereo sound output.
A knob to adjust the volume of the loop, and one for the rhythm volume (practice).


Use could not be more intuitive.
Once the book and read selected combinations to set the tempo, the rhythm type (6 or 7 available memory), and other controls, heating Marcel with Boss is very intuitive and easy to access.
99 memories available, 3h recording TOTAL (not recorded track) leaving plenty to do.
For recording precisely, we have: registration> overdub> read (you can reverse a manipulation process execution).
To start recording, click the up or if the Auto mode: when you play, it saves. Or also the Count in fashion, the rhythm is played on a measure and count it as a record, at least you're in the tempo and sooooo much practice, when you click to stop recording (twice if you make an overdub ), the loop is tied to the rhythm!
Only regret we can certainly set the tempo at the foot or hand (even loops recorded!), But not as a delay for example (I think the boss DD20) no digital display for it, I finally whatever.

The looper bed once the loop (as a sample you run temporarily) or continuous play, you choose, there's a manip for that.
IMPORTANT: Your overdubs can not last longer than the first sample on which you replay, it is important to know.

There is plenty to do.


Sound quality on top, do not forget that you save, if it is with a guitar or bass, the gross and not the amp.
Two or three layers nickel pass after as there is no mix, it becomes overloaded without being dirty.
Personally I use it with a guitar mainly, but also a drum for rhythm tracks and work with (which allows you to greatly improve!).


I do not use that for some time, I have not yet tested in a group (this is the summer musical holidays: D) so I would go back to bring my experience but there are ways to dig.
To train, there is nothing to launch sound loops, ibid.
It can also be used as a musical notepad, including record ideas, no worries.
I have not yet exploited all the possibilities, because the field is very broad.
Boss does not disappoint me, a good tool.