Edwards E-LP-90LTS
Edwards E-LP-90LTS

E-LP-90LTS, LP-Shaped Guitar from Edwards.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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ejendres's review"Simply Awesome"

Edwards E-LP-90LTS
This is a Japanese Les Paul copy. Typical LP wiring and features. It comes stock with a Duncan JB in the bridge and a Duncan '59 in the neck. Very nice neck medium c neck, I'd say in between the '50s and '60s profile as far as thickness. Very smooth pots. The quality of the parts is excellent and the finish is stunning.


This is a top notch LP clone. Honestly it as good or better than all the Gibson LP's I've played. Its really easy to get great tone out of this guitar, it just oozes the classic Les Paul tone.


The '59 in the neck is my favorite neck pickup ever. Its the perfect balance of thickness and clarity, it cleans up really nice, and it just nails that smooth, open lead tone I want in an LP.

The JB leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion. Where it really shines is with medium gain. Its super crunchy and sounds awesome for AC/DC style tone, it also can do a great 80’s pop metal tone. For cleans its mediocre and for high gain its really muddy and thin. Overall it’s not a bad pickup, just not as great as the rest of the guitar, and definitely not for me.

Honestly I'm switching out the JB, because I know the guitar will be that much better with a better pickup.


Overall this guitar is amazing. If you're looking for a US quality Les Paul Standard at a more affordable price you simply cannot beat this guitar. It nails the crunch rhythm tone and the smooth lead tone you expect from a Les Paul.

If you want a guitar for something other than classic rock I'd recommend swapping the bridge pickup. Otherwise this guitar cannot be beat.

I will be buying another Edwards in the future.

crazyfrenchy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Edwards E-LP-90LTS
This guitar is an Edwards E-LP-90 LTS VHB Made in Japan.
As a reminder or for those who do not know it yet, Edwards is a subsidiary PED.
Edwards makes these guitars in Japan and will not sell quau Japanese market.
Ledward is PRECISE rplique the Gibson Les Paul.
● BODY: Flame Maple Top Mahogany Back &
● NECK: Mahogany / Rosewood, 22Frets
● JOINT: Set-neck
● PICKUPS: Seymour Duncan
● SH-1n [the 59], SH-4 [jb]
● BRIDGE: Tune & Matic Tailpiece
● CONTROL: 2Volume, 2Tone
● COLOR: VHB (Lacquer Finished Top)


Once on the back, the guitar not nest trs heavy, I would say at about 4lbs. Being given that I am a singer guitarist, it suits me perfectly.
Level run I'm not a fan of bcherons sleeves. The handle is far Ledward DTRE end, but tudi and comfortable. Fan of 60s at Gibson, I find a handle that suits me well.
CHAC seemed more acute in that the original ais oddly, without being exeptional.
I find that all the jaime at the Les Paul: the hardware is visually identical, the knobs (Progressive, a pleasure), the MCAS (which take laccord) and the binding of give even more old school charm and dauthenticit guitar. The massive table, as she is beautiful. The mother of pearl inlays are really well made finish of the skyscraper is really impeccable.
I put 9 / 10 for the Les Paul inhrant defects.


For too cool, jai my new skyscraper, then gogo RPET world!
It plugs into any lamp, like Dhabi with the same rglages and, cest a vamp!
Dj empty, I found quon felt that his silent fuller, warmer quavec my other guitars, but a big branch sticking agreement on the SH4, we confirmed!
Here I finally lay the sound I wanted from what seemed a dull mas. Well, in the order in a resume.
So, clean:
Come on, we start with the SH-4. The clean is bright without being garish (thank you solid mahogany) and jai t really surprised that it takes so sensitive microphone in the register. In a song or I Nauris not have time to change the pickups because the parties are rapidly changing, I really Nauris not ashamed to do the song on the SH-4.
With the SH-1n, cest immediately something else. Cest hot EST loreille round and flatters. Of course, that neck pickup entant, cest the field where he excels.
The position is really intermdiaire trs INTERESTED because it is perfect lquilibre between the two microphones, cest neither too much nor too little, cest why I Laime much.
In crunch:
The SH-4 begins to show its potential, it is the Submitted and dynamic, while the micro saturates sentence. As for the SH-1n in the crunch, cest an invitation to the blues.
The position is as it always intermdiaire INTERESTED trs.
In disto:
That's it, is the bte lche, the lion roars and he is the king. The distortion in SH4, it's true standard.
Yet, scrapers javais an Ibanez type with a EMG 81 in bridge before, but cest no comparison. Edwards on the SH4 is dynamic, it sounds big, fat (thank you mahogany) and prcis (thank you Seymour Duncan) really EST THE rock sound I wanted. This guitar is just standard in the register. Long live the sustain and harmonics EST ETS.
As for the HS - 1n, well, I never nai t handle micro distortion. But that nempche ama do well pleased lcher solos Knocking On Heavens Door in the neck position!
As always, the position remains intermdiaire INTERESTED.


The reputable brand like Edwards or Tokai MIJ nest longer
Prior to lacquisition den, jai essay of Epiphone and Gibson. The comparison with same nest lEpiphone not feasible.
Balance the races, this guitar score 3-4 times less than the CHRE Gibson, and is also good to see even better (And yes, pearl dincrustation not drool as I've seen that r recently in the store ...).
When you think Quil is just 10 years, a Gibson Les Paul STD lquivalant of 1250 was worth in the shop, even when there's big foutage of mouth. Cest Daimer not blame the brand, but hey, there are limits
If I sold it one day, it will be just to finish in chang Edwards, yes if jai won the lottery, take a real Les Paul mga super high-end home Navigator