Gibson Les Paul Custom
Gibson Les Paul Custom

Les Paul Custom, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Gibson Les Paul Custom

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 35 reviews )
 19 reviews54 %
 9 reviews26 %
 3 reviews9 %
 3 reviews9 %
Value For Money : Poor
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tonmazz's review"Gibson Les Paul - Great guitar period! "

Gibson Les Paul Custom
This review is for a USA made Gibson Les Paul I bought from a local music store. Mahogany neck and body with a maple top and rosewood fingerboard. Black with gold hardware, Gibson 490R and 498T humbuckers. 2 humbucker, 3 way selector switch and all the rest of your typical Gibson Les Paul features. Got this for a great price as the dealer was on hard times and needed to move stock. Wasn't in the market for this but couldn't resist.


I have to say that newer Gibsons get a bad rap from many guys I know. Maybe with the new fret boards I can see that but this thing is a great playing and extremely well made guitar with the old wood. I have another custom shop Les Paul and it definitely gives it a run for the money. Very good attention to detail compared to some I see sitting in some of the chain music stores for sure.


The guitar plays perfectly but I will say this, I hate stock Gibson pick ups. Maybe for some styles of music, these are sufficient but for hard rock or metal, I definately needed something hotter than the stock pick ups provide. I swapped them out for a MotorCity Detroiter in the bridge and an Suhr Aldrich in the neck and holy moly this thing rips! I like the fact that it is significantly lighter than my other Les Paul but does not lose any of the great sustain and tone I can get from it with exactly the same pick up configuration.


Love everything about the look and feel. For the price I got it for, it was absolutely perfect and worth the money. I would never pay the $3,999 price tag that usually comes with these as no guitar is worth that kind of money. Being that I got it for a fair price, I will say it was well worth it. Having played many Les Pauls in the past, this is right up there with the best of them so in my own mind I put to rest the bad things that are said about newer Gibson products. As I said before, the pick ups weren't my thing so I swapped them out and now the thing is near perfect. In my case, I would easily recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a solid axe to play.
heads on fire12/27/2011

heads on fire's review"Classiest solidbody electric around."

Gibson Les Paul Custom
Made in Nashville, TN, USA (older models made in Kalamazoo, MI, USA)
Color: Ebony, Alpine White, Wine Red, others
Body Type: Solidbody
Neck Wood: 1-piece mahogany, set and glued into the body
Neck Shape: rounded profile
Top Wood: Carved maple top
Back Wood: Solid mahogany back
Machine Heads: Metal tulip tuners
Fingerboard: Ebony
No. of Frets: 22
Scale Length: 24-3/4"
Position Markers: Pearl block inlays
Pickups: 490 Alnico (R) and 498 Alnico (T) humbucking
Controls: 2 volume, 2 tone
Pickup Switching: 3-way selector switch
Bridge/Tailpiece: Nashville TOM/Stopbar bridge/tailpiece
Hardware: Gold
Custom Shop case included
Bound fretboard, body top, and body back


This is a perfect guitar. For anyone that likes the Les Paul style, this is the bee's knees, the cream of the crop, the top banana. Nothing sounds, feels, looks, or plays quite like it. From year to year, there are little quirks, little tiny idiosyncrasies that one can look for, but for the most part, this is a guitar that has remained unchanged in design since the late 1950s. The neck plays like pure, silky butter.


Singing, smooth, sensuous sustain meets biting, bold, bright bombast. This guitar can play anything well, from rock, metal, jazz, reggae, ska, country... There are 3 basic tones out of this, as well as variety of variations with the tone pot, volume knob blending, etc, but this guitar can literally sound great in any style of music. I've played this guitar in all manner of setups, in Marshalls, Fenders, Mesas, Bogners, digital amps, solid state, through all kinds of pedals, and no matter what, this guitar's perfect tone soars through.


This guitar is the classiest solidbody guitar ever made, period. I don't think it's possible to compete in the solidbody realm in terms of sheer elegance mixed with simplistic design - this is a perfect guitar. Anyone that hasn't tried one out yet is committing a grave personal offense to themselves!

Hatsubai's review"Your standard Custom"

Gibson Les Paul Custom
Gibson releases tons of these guitars every year, and they're probably one of their more consistent guitars. I find that they tend to be put together a bit more than your normal Standard, even though they're all made in the same factory by the same guys. Maybe it's just in my mind. The guitar features a mahogany body with a maple top, mahogany neck with an ebony fretboard, 22 frets, trapezoid inlays, pickguard, binding, hard tail bridge, two humbuckers, two volumes, two tones and a three way switch.


The guitar had some nice inlay and binding work. There were no fillers anywhere, and you could see that they took their time with it. The nut on this was cut properly, and that's a fairly rare thing to see from Gibson. I normally find their nuts to be roughly cut and need some extra work once they get to the shop. The frets on this were good, and I was able to get some nice and low action without much of an issue. There was some slight choking out on certain frets, but it wasn't a big deal given how low I had the action. The rest of the guitar is pretty much your standard Les Paul but with an ebony fingerboard instead of the standard rosewood one.


The guitar had EMGs swapped into it. It had the EMG 81 in the bridge and the EMG 60A in the neck. The 81 was great for metal, and it worked super well with this guitar. It could do In Flames to a T, and that was something that I was real happy with. Boost a 5150 and plug this guitar in -- instant Bjorn tone. However, it lacked the versatility that you'd normally get from a stock Custom due to these pickups. The neck was a 60A, and it worked great for cleans. It's a bit fatter than the normal 60, and I find it has a little more character for lead tones as well. It has an almost single coil tone to it at times, but it's somewhat beefy thanks to the natural construction of the guitar.


These are some of my favorite Gibsons due to the extra bite they tend to have. Gibsons can be a bit too thick at times, and the ebony board really helps keep that in check. It may seem like a small piece of wood, but I always felt it has a big impact on tone. I'm not normally a big fan of ebony as a tone wood, but it works quite well on these guitars. Maybe I'm just too used to how Customs sound to hear the harshness that I hear in other guitars.

Everlone's review"The cream of the crop."

Gibson Les Paul Custom
This Les Paul was made in October of 2001 in the U.S.A. It has a mahogany body and neck, with a maple cap on the body and an ebony fretboard with 22 medium frets. It has the usual dual humbucker configuration with a volume and a tone control for each pickup with the standard 3-way toggle switch. The stock pickups were the Gibson 490 and 498, but those have been replaced with a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and a ’59 in the neck. It has a tune-a-matic bridge and Gibson’s ’59 shape neck, which is somewhere between their 50’s and 60’s neck in its thickness.


Like with most Les Pauls, access to the higher frets can be difficult to reach if you are not accustomed to playing a Les Paul. This guitar is very comfortable to play either standing or sitting, but because of its weight (slightly over 8 pounds) after a few hours of playing standing up it can become a little heavy. However, the mass of the guitar translates directly into a thick and meaty tone.


I play all styles of rock with my Gibson Les Paul Custom. My amp is a Peavey Classic 50 2x12 combo, which delivers everything from pure clean tones to overdriven sounds. My pedal board consists of an MXR Micro Amp, a Bodenhamer modded Boss SD-1, a Line 6 MM4 and an ISP Decimator. No matter what amp settings or effects I use, the Les Paul always produces pure, clear, rich tones. This guitar most definitely suits my style of music. Les Pauls = ROCK!


I tried several other styles of Les Pauls and other Gibson models before deciding on the Custom. I believe the ebony fretboard set it apart from the majority of the other models with rosewood fretboards. It adds a special “snap” to the guitar’s tone. The Custom’s neck also felt the best in my hands. While $2500 is a lot of money for a guitar, there is nothing else I could ask for tone or playability wise from this guitar. It is built like a rock, and in the last 10 years of my ownership I have not had any issues with the guitar’s reliability or functionality.

nicocostantini's review

Gibson Les Paul Custom
Made in the USA by GIbson, 2 tone controls , 2 volume controls just like a regular LP, 22 Frets, Ebony Board. 2 Humbuckers, double binding, Grover tuners...
50's Type neck, not too big, not too small, very beefy yet comfortable to play.

The guitar looks gorgeous in all black with gold hardware, a real black beauty!


In terms of design this guitar is very nice to play, it is a bit on the heavy side weighting in at 9.5+ pounds.

Very versatile guitar, especially considering I installed single coil mode via a pull pot on the tone control knobs. Also changed the wiring, upgraded electronics, and installed a set of Suhr Aldrich pickups.


I use it with a Bogner Ecstasy 101B and a Diezel Einstein, it has the typical Les Paul trademark sound, long lasting sustain and a lot of power. The stock pickups were a bit lacking in my opinion, as do most Gibson pickups with the exception of a few. Replaced them and the guitar sounds much better, its a dark guitar in nature so keep that in mind if you are planning on swapping the original pup's.

Can do any music style with ease, especially Rock and Hard Rock and even metal. The Les Paul Custom is a workhorse and a terrific sounding electric guitar with the benefit that it is the nicest looking electric guitar that has ever been produced.

With the addition of the coil tap, it can do classic single coil Fender type sounds with ease for those bluesy moments

Turn down the tone control on the neck pickup and get insane "women tone" lead sounds...


This guitar will sure turn a few heads around in a club, its such an iconic guitar, you really can't go wrong, as they keep their value through the years.

This guitar will outlive you if you treat it right and give you a liftetime of great Rock N' Roll tones

PierreYves3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent but very exclusive"

Gibson Les Paul Custom
U.S. 1978 model
wilkinson nut (I would not do more ....)
3 original pickups
Trimmings origin


very typical round
heavy as lead ... (mahogany)
access les paul ....
excellent but very typical, no clear highs to Start ...


TriAxis preamp and amp mesa 20x20


25 years of use!
purchase price in 1988 no news (600 €!)
No seller ............
Vin T. Edge06/12/2013

Vin T. Edge's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"A marvel that has not aged since soon 60 years"

Gibson Les Paul Custom
Main characteristics:

Gibson Les Paul Custom, ebony black, gold hardware.
Made in the USA (Gibson Custom, Nashville, TN).
Body: Mahogany (without resonance chambers, but with "classic" 8 holes strategically placed to reduce a little-and-weight-balance a little-guitar)
Table: Maple
Neck: Mahogany
Key: * Richlite
Profile: 1950's Rounded
Body-neck joint: glued, Long Neck Tenon
Frets: 22 types
Scale: 24.75 "
Nut: Corian (acrylic polymer) technology plek
Head with inlay "plit diamond" pearl
Pickups: Two Gibson humbucker pickups. Pickup: Gibson 498T double coil Alnico V Humbucker. Neck Pickup: Gibson 490R double coil Alnico II Humbucker
Controls: 1 volume by micro, 1 micro tone, 3-position selector
Bridge: Gibson TonePros Locking Tune-o-matic Nashville
Tailpiece: Gibson TonePros Locking Stopbar
Tuners: Grover Kidney Tuners
Gold hardware
Color: black, white 3-ply binding table, back, head, easy to handle
Verni: nitrocellulose gloss (gloss)
Black pickguard with white binding two folds (just confusing as it should be with the rest of the guitar)
Accessories: Gibson Custom Shop case black (Made in Canada)
Original strings Gibson tie 010046


A Les Paul "classic" as it has "flaws", if true, well known in terms of ergonomics game: heavyweight, no cutting of the body with a stop at the back that you mark the coast access difficult to acute after the 15th to 17th case, an imbalance (moderate) to the lower body (straplocks recommended), maybe a toggle switch located less than a Stratocaster when you want to instantly switch from a microphone to a other ... The varnish-beautiful-is rather weak (sensitive to scratches etc..) And appears "sticky" or rather an indefinable sensation not necessarily pleasant at first touch (when you sweat a little etc..). All this is clear enough when we played so far on Fender Stratocaster ... and then little by little to tame the beast, for it is really this: you get used to it (fits?) ... The handle patina and touch is excellent and it is really nice, very comfortable. The weight is a bit forgotten (except perhaps if you play long standing? A very good belt as the Gibson Modern Vintage and guitar seems to have lost two pounds, and more!) ... And visual and sonic character does the rest: what a sound!


What a sound! What sustain! Both pickups are typed, various complementary. One begins to finally-use volume and tone of the guitar to build his own sound. Beautiful clean tones, round, a pickup more powerful, sharp and with a clean soul snapping a middle position as it should ... with little equipment, but if possible, good quality, perfect guitar for blues, rock, heavy-blues/heavy-rock that I love, but ultimately versatile enough to play a little all styles (except perhaps classical and heavy metal instrumental shredders ...).
My amp: Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister TM18H with baffle TM112C (simplicity, and the rest of the guitar is a good set!). Additional Effects: Suhr Riot distortion for more "modern", TC Electronic Hall Of Fame (reverb) and Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble (+ wah Fulltone). With all (just) that: simple-including volume and tone of the Custom-to an already great range of interesting sounds settings.
I love all the sounds of my Les Paul!


I use it for eight months, and learning my guitar, week after week, makes me love him a little more each day! The defects erase the pleasure felt by playing and listening to the sound it provides. Its warm, delicate vintage without being ridiculous in modern records, preferred to that of a '57 and a '58 Goldtop YOUR tested in parallel. Forgotten my old Ibanez JS100! As for my American Deluxe Stratocaster: I still love its beautiful clear sound and comfort, but I naturally put to play Hendrix and the Red Hot Chili Peppers on my Les Paul ... it is a sign that never fails! I love everything about this guitar, even the button Richlite *: after the disappointment of not having a good old noble wood fibers, I find it rather elegant (dark color, very close to the wood) and comfort really extra (over the material will probably be better in time for the wood). A little too fast here wear gold finish where the left hand is placed in most cases, but good brands will wear it a vintage charm, recalling that she was born in 1954 and accompanied the whole story rock, and still accompanied by beautiful way today.
More classic, typical, Les Paul Standard today; excellent despite significantly lower than signatures and other prestige lines price is a choice I do it again, finally with a good quality / price / performance, with a little history (Gibson, the Rock) that was in the hands ...

Pv44's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent, we must have at least one"

Gibson Les Paul Custom
Made in the USA - depending on the serial number engraved on the handle, you know the exact place and date of manufacture - I bought new in December 1982 PARIS 14, at Gaïté Music (I think the store n longer exists, unfortunately). This is not really the color I wanted, but it was only this one promotion (20%) and I took it as a Marshall JMC 800 single body. Paid 8,800 francs (which corresponds to about 3000 euros today).

I tried a few times because I was immediately conquered by the sustain due to the weight of this guitar. It weighs its weight. The handle is extra thin, flat enough ... the strings are very low, but it does not frieze ... you can play it fast enough on the handle. I love it.

Plugged into a tube amp, you immediately recognize the sound of the Gibson Les Paul Custom ...


The neck is super nice.
Easy access to acute and sublime.


You can play everything with: Hard rock, funk, jazz, metal, but it may also be preferable to have active pickups ...

I love all the sounds as well pickup, neck pickup or mix of both.


I always handle is always the same, the sound too. Probably due to some scratches waistband and other buttons.
This was my second guitar after Aria Pro 2. I've had a Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster which is different but also excellent. By the same.

Although today it may be worth 3000 euros (I do not know) I think this guitar has nothing to do with the other great guitars Fender, Ibanez etc ...

Without hesitation I would do this choice.

bengiunchi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Gibson LP cutsom 1979"

Gibson Les Paul Custom
With a Les Paul custom GIbson 1979 aged red wine, handle very typical late 70's Gibson ... ebony fingerboard 22 frets, pickups T TOP (tim shaw), highly rated microphones!


Quite late innings against other GIbson other times by ... weighs against its weight, 4.9 kg for mine .... 2h show we feel the past ...


Sound level is the foot ... the best sound you can get! its a dream we quickly forget the weight ... Gary Moore / Slash and company ... we find the grain! anyway mine equipped with T TOP (vintage) because recent studies have a more modern sound ....


purchase without regret!
Jean Nau l'Olonnais09/17/2012

Jean Nau l'Olonnais's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An instrument of legend ... who wins!"

Gibson Les Paul Custom
Usual characteristics of a LP.
Regarding the specific model, it is white with black triple binding, the hardware is gold, the microphones are 490R and 498T humbuckers ... and the oysters are large rectangles.

With regard to natural wear: beige varnish turns fast enough, the golden leaves room for the rigging of the silver chafing ... it slips nicely with the game Question of view, but I find more and more beautiful.

This is very subjective, but for me it is simply aesthetically perfect, this is THE guitar! And it is largely for this "aura" we chose this guitar.


Gibson Les Paul, it's been! So I'll just remember the aspects that must be overcome to tame the myth:

This is a guitar heavy, we feel that it has been on the back :)
The patent (beautiful!) Glue a little at the rear of the handle.
The angles are not saving the right forearm.
Access to acute (from the 15th fret) is complicated.

This is really not a guitar "comfortable", or a bear, or play!
And installation of ... straplocks is simply indispensable as the size of attachments is ridiculous.

But right before his meme talk, we forgive him these details immediately as we feel that the object is held between the hands is not a simple guitar ... It's hard to describe, it was love at first sight or not :)

I had heard of problems holding agreement certe, but after a very légé shot at the lime of Sol nut it has been exemplary.


I'll avoid the pile of superlatives .... But p .... n! this sound, this sound .... this is beautiful: ')

For a brief description:
The microphone is particularly acute flattering saturated, there is a real grain perfect for all styles of Rock. Volume 10, tone 10 is Gibson's big!
The microphone is more suitable for serious cleans sound is round, it is soft while maintaining a true presence. Here the tone control makes sense, it is very clean.

Overall, it was a fat and rich. To imagine the weaknesses, the sound is not enough for slamming funk, and not accurate enough for metal.


I use it for 3 years, and I'm never bored. Difficult to crack for another guitar after this one.

I was on a Ibanez JS100 forward, easy to play relaxed. And honestly, the week that followed the purchase of the Gibson made me doubt as the difference in comfort was huge. But after this adaptation time, hard to go back ... What a pleasure to play, what sound sensations!
Another black spot, I was not far from discomfort when completing the check ... I still have cold sweats.

But hey, this is THE LEGEND, it deserved: a little muscular shoulders, is forgetting rash on the forearm, we eat potatoes for a few months, and a serious Gymnastics hands for access to Acute ... and it is finally adopted.

Being reasonable, there is necessarily better or cheaper ... being reasonable. But how regret purchasing this kind of jewelry: D!