Gibson Les Paul Studio 50' Tribute
Gibson Les Paul Studio 50' Tribute

Les Paul Studio 50' Tribute, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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Meur'saw 03/06/2012

Gibson Les Paul Studio 50' Tribute : Meur'saw's user review

«  quality / price! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
blablabla ... everything has been said!


it makes me think of my strong LP DC Special P-90 level ergonomics: super nice, light, etc. ...


the big difference compared to my LP studio lite and DC is its resonance, it's really obvious disconnected: it sounds louder, it has more body, it "hears" the wood ... the body must be chambered for QLQ thing, I like it ...

hey I'm a fan of P-90, at that price, this guitar is a dream ... I played it with a mesa 50 caliber + and JCM800 ...


I use it for a year, with the LP DC is my main guitar (although in the studio I would have preferred my tv, on stage I love their light weight, ergonomics and, yes I know you can beat me, her look ^ ^)

excellent quality / price