Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute Darkback
Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute Darkback

Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute Darkback, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

Public price: $1,399 VAT
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jauffret 04/12/2017

Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute Darkback : jauffret's user review

« Just plain irresistible! »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I use it with a Toneking Imperial and a blackstar Ht1R.

I mostly play blues, rock and Jazz with it. It’s just excellent for theses styles. The satin GoldTop finish is up to anyone’s taste, I really love it.

The P90s pickups sound awesome, I can’t believe mye ars. To me, these single coil pickups sound way better than the Casino Elitist’s doghears.
As a fan of my Gibson 339’s 50SR / 50TR humbuckers, I find these pickups particularly expressive in clean sound and very, very convincing on crunch and overdriven sounds.
The bridge and neck pickups are just plain great to me.
Plugged on a small 1-watt Blackstar amp, it’s already terrific. On the ToneKing… I’m left speechless!

The sound is very organic. It twangs really hard, even though the word is usually reserved to describe the Telecaster sound.

Its “Slim 60” neck is very comfortable to my average-sized hands. I immediately felt at ease playing it.

You can feel the paint won’t last long. But it’s almost new, and that ain’t a problem to me considering the instrument’s sound.

It’s very light, which isn’t to be taken lightly when you play for several hours.

Apart from the paint, its main cons is its tuners. They don’t keep the guitar in tune very well. I’m to replace them very soon.

Overall, it’s a really comfortable instrument with a great expressiveness, for a used price which is quite reasonable. I’ll put 5 stars to it as the most important is here.
I recommend it with no hesitation. It’s comfortable and generous, with a guaranteed thrill!