Gibson Les Paul Junior Faded
Gibson Les Paul Junior Faded

Les Paul Junior Faded, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

Qill 11/30/2016

Gibson Les Paul Junior Faded : Qill's user review

« A little big one »

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
Mine is a White Satin finish from 2009. It has an ebony touch, unlike more recent models…


It’s mostly a guitar for crunch sounds, as it only has a single pickup – now the way to get clean sounds out of it is to lower the tone control… Which doesn’t replace a proper neck pickup but it can do the trick…

Still, as it’s not polished, beware as any hit will leave a mark… Still, the absence of a a polished finish makes its touch more agreeable.
The original settings are just plain sh*t, I had to straighten the truss rod and to change the string height.


The P90 is a vintage-style pickup, so no bad surprise for me. Heavy, dirty, crunchy sounds on the way… A punk-rock register ala Green Day, Joan Jett, The Clash and so on, or bluesy to vintage rock ala Rolling Stones come along with no problem… Still, it lacks precision and leads won’t necessarily stand out as expected. Plus, depending on the crunch level you can get hiss – a P90 remains a single coil pickup, go soft on it. I also use in for slide, it’s really nice as the P90 provides a nice, plain, warm sound: a pleasant surprise.


It’s a guitar you see everywhere thinking it’s small gear: originally the Junior was for beginners, an entry level guitar.
Once plugged in, it can play in the big league with its unique sound provided by a P90 and charm of its own – now you can like it or not. The price remains unbeatable.