Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012
Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012

Les Paul Studio 2012, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 25 reviews )
 14 reviews56 %
 9 reviews36 %
 2 reviews8 %
Value For Money : Excellent

Amarth's review"A superb guitar"

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012
- Mahogany body
- Maple top
- Mahogany neck
- Granadillo fretboard (an interesting rosewood alternative)
- Standard Gibson 24.75" scale with 22 frets
- Neck pickup: Gibson 490R Humbucker
- Bridge pickup: Gibson 498T Humbucker
- 2 volume and 2 tone controls
- Made in the USA
- Lefty version, in my case


This guitar isn't what I would call light, but it's also not extremely heavy. It can be easily carried with a good strap and it doesn't tip down, which is a good point.
The neck is nice, its '50s profile allows fast playing much better than my Epiphone Les Paul Custom. Access to the upper frets is good but it requires some time to get used to it, especially if you have your guitar below the ankles!
The tuners hold the pitch pretty well, I was very surprised by their effectiveness! It stays in tune even if you play really aggressively, so you won't need to tune the guitar every two chords, like on some guitars.
The pickups were a great surprise! When I first bought the guitar I thought about changing them, but I finally kept them. I play essentially metal and they suit my needs, besides being splittable and having a very convincing sound.
I also recommend you to get a straplock, regardless of the guitar. It will avoid ugly surprises on the varnish and the painting!


As I said before, I play essentially metal, but I also play blues and rock, and the pickups are up to standard! Except maybe for extreme styles, but that's a matter of taste, too!
The neck pickup renders a wonderful clean sound with a triaxis and a chorus, to play nice ballads. In split mode the sound remains very good. A good point is that the volume is almost the same, regardless of whether you use it as a single-coil or a humbucker, and the same goes for the bridge pickup.
In lead mode, the neck pickup allows you to play great solos, it is round and warm, without being muddled. You can even try more high-voltage things while always having a good precision and a good dynamic response.
The bridge pickup is, in my opinion, great to play rhythm guitar. It's precise without being sharp, it allows you to play different styles from blues to metal!!
It also comes out pretty good with clean sounds, and it's even better in split mode, you can easily find Ennio Morricone "western"-like sounds. But that's not its main strength, a strat would certainly do better.
I play with a Mesa Boogie Triaxis preamp and a cab with G12T75 speakers to get a Master of Puppets sound! It's perfect for me!


I bought it in an auction for $900 in January 2014 and I'm more than thrilled with it. It's my first Gibson and my first mid-range guitar. I now find it difficult to use my other guitars!
What I like best: The SOUND and look!
The Studio series is a good value for money and secondhand it's even better!
Don't let its lower price in relation to a Standard nor the fact that it's a Studio model deceive you. This guitar has all the features of a Standard without the flame maple top nor the body and neck binding, that's why it's less expensive!

CT-64140's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Formidable"

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012
Origin: USA
Body: Mahogany chambered
Table: carved maple
Neck: quartersawn Mahogany
Key: Granadillo
Profile: 50s Rounded
Body-neck joint: glued, mortise & tenon
Frets: 22 Medium Jumbo typed
Scale: 24.75 "
Radius: 12 "
Nut Width: 1.695 "- 43.05 mm
Nut: Corian (acrylic polymer) technology plek
Pickup: Gibson 498T Humbucker Alnico Humbucker
Neck Pickup: 490R Alnico humbucker Gibson Humbucker
Controls: 1 volume with micro push-pull splitage, 1 micro tone, 3-position selector
Electronics: micro switch and Switchcraft jack, linear potentiometers 300k volume, 500k tone nonlinear
Bridge: Gibson Tun-O-Matic zamak
Tailpiece: Gibson Stopbar zamak
Tuners: Vintage Gibson with Perloid buttons, 14:1 ratio, nickel
Hardware: chrome
Varnish: nitrocellulose, shiny
Accessories: delivered in case Gibson Nashville USA
Original strings Gibson tie 010046


Many speak of "sleeves lumberjack" about Les Paul. Personally, I enjoy with this handle. I often use the Stratocaster another musician and I much prefer that of Gibson. Sensations qu'apportent play a guitar neck depend on each ...

The Les Paul "Studio" is lighter than its larger, more expensive sisters. According to many opinions, ergonomics is not ideal. The most confusing for me at the beginning with this guitar was the absence of "stoned" on its back: I wear the guitar high enough and the upper rear part based on the sternum and the effect of pressure on places lifting straps that the front table of the guitar is slightly pivoted upwards (mics tend to look at the sky!). But I quickly got me! In addition, the body balance / handle is excellent. And finally, I think it is quite comfortable to wear. Reasonable weight makes me feel like a "real" solid-body guitar in hand - so that when I play with a Strat, I can not help but feel a toy is hanged my shoulder.

Access to the treble? Certainly not as good as with a Strat, an SG or my Vox SDC 55. But we made it also. Many other qualities, in my opinion, compensate.

The sound good? You do not get it. It was immediately when the guitar is plugged. And even vacuum is fun to feel the vibration of his body. It has excellent sustain.

The tuning stability is remarkable. It happened to me (unfortunately) to leave two weeks in its case without play and find perfectly tuned. During the game, when the ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) are stable it does not move! (Stabilié but the agreement also depends on how you play!)

The output levels of the microphones are high. Of all my guitars, this is the one that sends the most potatoes. I guess on the amp saturates fairly quickly, it must be difficult to get the 100% clear ... The pots are very good volume of work, especially to adjust the level of distortion. In terms of tone controls: escalation is good.

Remarkable point (this is not the case with all brands of guitars with microphones splitables): no difference in volume when switching from single-coil mode the humbucker.


It suits my style of music in beautiful blues, great capacity to sound jazzy, hell with a good distortion for rock. In short, a sound and quality (in my opinion) very similar to its large "standard" sisters or "custom", etc ...

Anyway, if you like the "Gibson sound", we can bring the studio, I think, to play almost any kind of music (I put aside the "metal" or "heavy metal" I don ' know nothing about the matter and therefore not going to comment). Maybe for the rockabily, the "edge" that can be obtained is too located in the midrange? But after all, perhaps you will agree with me that this is the style of game that gives authenticity to the style of music you play: entrust a Les Paul to Chet Atkins, it still sound Atkins put a Strat in the hands of Metheny, Metheny sound that too! etc ...

I think with a Les Paul, as with any good guitar, you can do everything or almost provided it has style and we will love the sound!

The pickups are splitables. In single-coil, of course, you lose a lot of "lespaulien" typically bold, but it is far from the world of Tele or Strat! The sound is a sort of hybrid mixing velvety attack would reminiscent of electro-acoustic sound with huge sustain on which would cut some of the highs. Difficult to describe sound with words! Personally, I'm not a fan of using in single coil with clear sound - except perhaps on the neck pickup. With overdrive, the splitting ratio in single I really like, for cons, I will not talk about overdrive humbucker: any "little sister" she is, it's still a Les Paul! :-)

All my amps (Palmer Fat 50 combo Laney Cube 12R 112 Combo Egnater Rebel), it sounds great. The quality of what one gets is of course proportional to the quality of the amp. Connected to my (great) Egnater, clear or saturated sounds, it is a pure delight! When I switched my Okko Diablo, I like being in paradise.

For those who do not know the Les Paul and his seeking of highly crystalline sound with a tight towards the treble spectrum, it is not the guitar that they need. The Les Paul in general, and even the "Studio", sends his bold with beautiful velvety in the middle and lower part of the spectrum, the attack is colored medium-less.

The sounds that I love? All!

I hate those? no!

The ones I like least? In single-coil with its light on the bridge pickup ...


I used it for 8 months with as much pleasure and envy.

I wanted a Les Paul and a budget not elastic, so I did not try to compare.

The violin is of good quality (I do not agree with those who say that there is carelessness in Gibson, at least with regard to the Studio I own). Aesthetics (color, paint, chrome deck hardware, etc.) is beautiful! He would miss him a net, but the net at Gibson probably costs € 1,000 more - just kidding: I guess the "Standard" or "Custom" have, in addition to the net which I lack of Other features that justify their price difference.

My only tiny downside is the opening in back of the neck, I prefer matte surfaces.

I have not used enough of big sisters studio so I do not go against those who say that the Studio is far inferior to the Standard or Custom. I against by the frequent opportunity to play on a Les Paul Custom Epiphone from home and even though I think it is an excellent price / quality ratio, I feel a pleasure to play on any other Studio: I think it is, in absolute terms, clearly above!

The quality / price? Found here and there models Studio 2012 around € 900. At that price it seems to me that we really-really-really worth the money! For less than € 1,000, which for me is a dream guitar!

At 300%, I do it again the same choice! and I confess that even the desire to rise in a Studio P90 tickles me!

legwenosor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love it!"

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012
studio one black gold finish (yuck) ... that aged very badly.

I personal all changes to a plastic chrome hardware and cream.

and as a pair of micro coqueterie "slash signature" zebra.

guitar dated 1996


I play hard rock, blues ... the standard ...

I love this race a little thick, the guitar is quite heavy (especially on répets 3h) but who accommodates.

the guitar was regulated and nothing to say, it sounds, it would Agreement ... I'm happy.


so I did that very little play microphones origins.

by envy than by need I mounted the slash signature really fishing!
with the volume knob can qualify well his game, I'm happy with my gear


I've had it 6 months.
I try épiphones but already the original gibson is over.
in sound, playability ...
So now I'm a little machine ... Personalised I am super happy.

purchase price (it had ripped the paint on the table so low tariff) and with my mods ... I remake this choice.

Ekovah's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good guitar"

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012
Studio Gibson solid body mahogany body with a beautiful finish Fireburst from black to yellow to red, rosewood fingerboard 22 frets, 498T bridge pickup, neck pickup 490R.


Very nice guitar. The handle is very good access to all the boxes is easy, including acute. It is rather heavy, but hey, this is a Gibson solid body mahogany, that's life. If you want the sound to go with it, there is no choice.


On the neck pickup (490R), sweet and punchy sound.
On the bridge pickup (498T), powerful sound for rock cut.


It does not have the frills of the more upscale models (no binding, unbound button ...) but a pure Gibson anyway, with the sound and the handle which made the reputation of the brand.
Purchased new order in 2003, it's a great guitar that I play with great pleasure for almost 10 years.

Ericoto's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012
I just added the description in terms of general info ...


Having learned to play 16 years ago on an imitation of the Les Paul in retrying this instrument I took the old reflexes almost instantly. However, I am passed on models superstrate Ibanez for 13 years in the meantime ...
The weight is not as high as I imagined, but it's true that it is heavier than 90% of the solid body
== The bends do not stand up on two tones without hurting
== The pinch harmonics come out almost by accident
== The handle has absolutely no approximation is a very thorough job done by US Gibson
== This is a guitar force to resume the habits (the lazy like me who ask the thumb above the handle will remain stuck in the acute!

It's frankly cool to receive a guitar in a highly rigid class cases, with a revision sheet signed by a luthier for Gibson United States ...


It is complementary to what I usually play. This supports a skyscraper broad scope: from blues to hard rock to rock & roll.
All sounds are good. I appeal to experienced guitarists to try to judge objectively the quality of this instrument.

== The neck pickup blues sounds at will. And what power! Even my DP 193 Air Norton petrucci is not as safe!
== The bridge pickup sending an ultra close to the led zeppelin with a good overdrive thrived
== Sustain unusual for me: the note lasts a long time ...


Used for one week (about thirty hours so ... lol)

== I tried Les Paul (Epiphone, Legend, ...)
== For stratos (Cort, Fender Mexico and US, the Squier)
Mexico telecaster deluxe == 3 microphones simple, a pure delight that scratching!
== US standard telecaster
== The superstrate (Ibanez RG470 that I have, of ESP, and Jackson)
== A rock gretsch 5135

I loved the power of the microphones, the speed of handling, sustain the madman, the perfect finish.

I do it again this election, even more than € 500

gilles-coyote's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012
Kalamazoo manufacturing in engineering practice. Tune O Matic bridge and stopbar. 490 and 498T pickups. 4 portar, 2 volumes and 2 tones.
All hardware is gold. In use, the gilding of the bridge goes and patina. Nothing serious, no oxidation.
Mine did not require any special setting, it sounded a hell to buy secondhand in 2004. It dates from 2001.


The handle is round and full hand. Fairly flat. Access to acute is not his strong point but it takes such a foot to play rhythm and double stop that cares!
The guitar is heavy though. We pay dearly for the mahogany! It is balanced, however, it looks not when playing standing. Given the weight it is tempting to sit, and there are the ribs morflent ... The upper body is indeed mark the steak. It does not make it necessarily reflect the time but the next day is blue (same tps, that's how I like the steak)!
Its side, it is a treat. Flew all the little annoyances that I just mentioned. Moreover, it is bound. Not sustain without a set neck and mahogany, thick ... The sound is round and warm in the neck, a little sharper and brighter in easel. The two and a pure joy.
Hard to jazz with ease and class ...


I like it, but that's not what I play first.
I wanted an opportunity Gibs and made the Laron. I tend to prefer the guitars a bit more versatile and light (Start and Parker).
I do not regret my purchase, however, far from it. This is an excellent guitar for the price, you gain access to reasonably myth. You need to type much higher to feel the difference in the mark ...


I play since 2004, so. Among others. This is not my favorite guitar but I like to go out for special occasions! Good riffs families. It is unbeatable for acdc and other ledzep ...
Its weight surprised me every time, but with a very wide strap, it becomes tolerable. I've tested a bunch of models in the same config-amp effects "and as I said earlier, it really had to type in the altogether to feel a real difference. That said, I probably did not pull the cord, as others would ... Is an appreciation, not an assertion.
The value for money is more than correct in my opinion and I repeat the same without hesitation (although I like sun or honeyburst). Anyway my favorite colors are not made in the studio.
The myth of affordable

Skyfighter1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Incredible"

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012
All adj t say but ...
Mahogany body with maple table bomb
Mahogany / Rosewood fingerboard 22 Profile boxes 59 '
2 490R and 498T pickups Gibson
2 volumes and 2 tonalities
A slecteur 3 position
Easel tun-o-matic / Stop bar tailpiece
Gold or chrome fittings
Book tui Gibson Black Reptile Pattern interior in white furs;)

Mine is Ebony finish. I think it is the best because it's on which we note the absence of the minimum net.

The characteristics are dreaming and they make me well



I was using before cort x2 with a really flat handle and I was afraid of the handle several friends told me quite thick.
But in reality this is pure happiness !!!!! This handle is really very comfortable to play whether for agreements or for leads.

The ergonomics are pretty good I do not find it heavy contrary to what is said and my Cort is far from being a same reference number if it is worth it for a beginner .dropoff window

I use Ebony Gold Hardware 2010 and finish is excellent in the smallest details. I just wish nets and bindings but I knew he had not the studios.

The only small BMOL is access to acute. Play 17me freight is not a problem but when we have to go pull a note when the cargo 22me solo Knockin on heavens door has become hot enough.
Standing with a good strap is not too hard but sat down, whenever I sometimes have to "look" slightly guitar to get there and each time I am afraid it Sliding my hands.

Even if the access to the treble is difficult from the 19th cargo, it is not enough to lower my bill.

So 10/10


The srieuses we get to things.
Many say that the studio is not a true Gibson but mine is a true !!!
It all depends on the models they say you should try not to have surprises.
But I purchased this guitar internet on a rant. Like what chance sometimes good things. I have compared with traditional Les Paul a friend and he will tape the sound of my studio.
The sound clean neck pickup is fat enough but for chords sound is warm and truly exceptional.
The sound pickup is very good but less "done" for agreements with its a bit more garish.

on the other hand in distortion is HAPPINESS is a really excellent condition use a good distortion.
I use a fender frontman 15g and clean is very good but the drive is not terrible. on the other hand with good distortion pedal has changed everything.
I have tried on the Marshall JVM 410H and the sound is really beautiful. Privilgiez lamps amp if you can

After some adjustment I found THE sound gibson and everything changes !!!



I use it for 3 weeks and I am still happy.

I tried another studio, a standard sg, a slash les paul piphone appetite, a les paul traditional and les paul custom for fun ^^ and honestly, my studio outperforms the level its all over except for the custom. Even if the Epiphone up with Seymour Duncan pickups do not slash signing Entire not bad at all, especially distortion.
on the other hand level finish, custom and traditional are the same when front. Even though mine is already excellent.

-The Sound
-The finish
-the weight compar my Cort

Les -
- The access to SGBA

For 999 euros I had a real Les Paul that would plir over a standard paul

With the experience I would do this choice eyes closed. But tried anyway the model in question if you can as several friends are poorly tombs.
Personally I did not do for one simple reason: I live in Switzerland and in the music store or I stay studios in 2500 and 1000 frs frs on the choice t ... Thomann fast fact.

blocos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012
- In what country does she makes?
Well recess USA (Nashville).

- How many frets, what kind of micro as well as their configuration?
22 frets, 490R Alnico Humbucker (neck) and 498T Alnico Humbucker (bridge).

- What type of bridge?
Tune 'o matic.

- What type of race?
Rounded 59 (between 50 and 60).


- The handle is it enjoyable?
For me, it suits me perfectly, Access in acute is perfect, which is not always empty for a les paul. Just a little thing, at the gibson polish is pretty bad for the price this guitar in the neck, after a few years, the coating becomes porous (with sweat), which makes it less agr able.

- Ergonomics is good?
It is a les paul, so I was the only problem is the weight ... Indeed, we must do weight training to take a stand together ... A real anvil. Mine is from 1996 so is not "hollow" as the new gibson.

- Gets it easy to sound good? ...
On this point I put the 10/10, I have a Marshall JCM 2000 and I can tell you that I connected the ds scratching, he told me just a few seconds for the sound I looking for. For containment, you have to play with the tone and volume.


- Appropriate are your style of music?
Big fan of Led Zep, I play mainly rock / blues of the 60's / 70's. So yes, this guitar is perfect for this style of play, it is suitable for the blues as the metal, a sound as fat as I like (paul forces).

- With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?
I play with a marshall JCM 2000 without any effect from being my baby cry.

- What kind of sound you get and with what rglages?
There is talk of a gibson les paul, so of course it's warmer and fatter than any guitar, besides the comparison with my sg a t trs overwhelming ... : D


- How long have you use it?
Few months.

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
(+) The sound, the peculiarities of the MODEL "old" keys bne, the fact that it is not hollow ...
(-) Finish a little too soft (no binding ...), varnish.

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
Hoooo yes ... PRS, Fender Ibanez rg tl 2550th, Washburn A5, re Fender Stratocaster, Gibson SG and Gibson Les paul .. Not to mention the other "small" but I love, 77 custom, ringtone maker ...

- How do you report qualitprix?
I bought mine for 700 because there were two pets on the body, it took me 60 rsultat to make them rpar in a luthier, it is not seen at all. For the price .. have a gibson 1996 with an older wood (such as microphones) I find it almost given (when you see the price of the studio in 1996.
As for the new, it's quite reasonable, average 1050, but no longer The models before, gibson has reduced its quality in recent years.
- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
With exprience ... I would do without this choice without the guitar part so as I did ... ais : D

remzman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012
-See view previous ones, says it all t


Trs-round enjoyable, somewhat rounded (ibanez saber enthusiasts go your way)
-L 'treble for CSTA is relatively good, until the vingtime case at least, no major concern.
Trs guitar-heavy, to love, I love (am I maso ....), we feel now that the matter was not a toy!
We quickly get the DSIR (unless you're a fan of funk ...)


We know what is expected of a les paul when a achte! rock, its fat and warm, ds that the branch, no dception the top
"I jou on various amps, marshall all the clean sound is clean, especially in neck pickup and with some small effects rack, the fact! distortions can play to tackle the rock 70s, 80s, mtal, even pop punk show.
It is not good let's rock!


Four years and three days may be o I did not touch. ds that I see is too much for me. I jou on a lot of other models before acqurir (all oriented rock), epiphone lp, yamaha, washburn, ibanez, and that's the only one I really want to keep . It's has never, ever a problem it is a box of scne and an excellent tool for any studio to discourage even the fragile lower back and lovers of red -hot ...

jimisecu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012
Gibson Les Paul Studio Gold United States
Rosewood 22 frets
2 Gibson humbuckers (neck and bridge)
Bridge tun-o-matic
2 volume 2 tone 3-position switch
Gold fittings


The handle is trs enjoyable!
Access in acute fairly easy
Good ergonomics from the weight! after a while the shoulder begins to hurt ...
The small shield in the microphones away t: Aesthetics and not inconvenient!
Big sound guaranteed!


The Les Paul guitar is a less versatile type trs.
I play fender performer 1000 amp (100W Combo hybrid) and Carvin valvemaster (Hatchback lamp 100W class A) with only a Morley wah like effect.
His desire and a bold attack sacr!


I use it for more than 10 years.
What I like most is the sound trs typ!
What I like least (weight / cracque that the switch!)
I had wanted to buy the LP era legends and I'm still not dcu!
Less than a standart, for me it's exactly the same as any other Les Paul with microphones equivalent.
I hsiter remake without the same choice!