PRS SE Mark Tremonti

PRS SE Mark Tremonti

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SE Mark Tremonti, LP-Shaped Guitar from PRS in the SE Signature series.

38 user reviews
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PRS SE Mark Tremonti tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: PRS
  • Model: SE Mark Tremonti
  • Series: SE Signature
  • Category: LP-Shaped Guitars
  • Added in our database on: 12/08/2011

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PRS SE Mark Tremonti user reviews

Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 38 reviews )
 16 reviews42 %
 16 reviews42 %
 5 reviews13 %
 1 user review3 %
Value For Money :

MGR/DWolf's review"PRS Tremonti SE"

PRS SE Mark Tremonti
I,ve been making noise for over 20 yrs.I love it but I'm not so sure that my neighbors feel the same.Hey,if the only reason I played was to impress people I would have quit a long time ago.It's all about having fun!Bands?been there done that.Seems like there's always someone that takes things to serious(the Legend in thier own mind)and someone else that doesn't take it serious enough(the Flake)never fails,and just takes away all the fun.It's more fun to get a few people together and let the noise flow in whatever direction it may,Its all good. When I was younger I liked Heavy Metal and Hard Rock.Mellow was for sissies.Well now I'm turning into a sissie.I Love Stevie Ray Vaughn,Eric Clapton and even B.B.King and even worse I actually own a James Taylor CD,and I like it!

I bought this Guitar at Guitar Center.It was the last of the last(someone put it on layaway then flaked)I think it was around $500 maybe a dollar or so less.

The #1 thing about this guitar is(drum roll please)The Weight!!As far as I'm concerned All solid body electric guitars should be this light.Amazingly it still has great musical tone.I am impressed with the pickups.At first I thought they were a bit on the hot side,but after rolling the volume control back a tad and adjusting the tone control I'm able to get alot of different sounds.Almost reminds me of Bill Lawrance pickups.(If you haven't tryed them you should at least check them out).For a inexpensive guitar this has a nice fit and finish,better than most.

The neck is thicker and wider than I like.But I must admit this guitar still plays good.I've played it from night til dawn before and my hands were not sore like some guitars I've played(Epiphone L.P.comes to mind)

Very good for the price.It's made in Korea after all.NOT in USA(Memphis) or shipped from Mexico and asembled in USA(Corona)if you know what I mean,Vern?

Great Guitar for the money!If you like thick wide necks(cool it down girl's,not funny)It looks cool,plays well and sounds great.This is a guitar worth having!

P.S.I own 4 Gibsons & an American Strat(I sold my first born) in comparison I can't justify a five star rating.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Paul Reed Smith Tremonti SE"

PRS SE Mark Tremonti
I got this last one from a local store and paid $510 for it. I've had it for about 2 months now. I already had a standard Fender Strat, an Epiphone SG, a yamaha and Taylor Big Baby. (acoustics) I've been playing since I was 7, I now that I'm 14 I was looking for an Les Paul Studio style electric. I had always considered getting this PRS guitar, but was hesitant because I wanted to get a US made guitar. When I looked at the rave reviews for this, I started researching to find a dealer to purchase it from. So then I went to to look for dealers. When I go there, I went ahead to look at the specs for the TSE; and to my surprise, it said the model would be discontinued due to Gibson sueing them for body shape. (It was similiar to the LES Paul srudio) I knew right then to get this guitar, because soon they would all be gone, and also, because the value would get higher. Finally, I found one with one left, and went up to get it.

This guitar is superb. Of course, PRS has wonderful service anyway, if anything went wrong. The fretboard is wonderful! i play in a rock band and we do everything from power chords to soloing to picking and even acoustic styles. This guitar does everything; with a good map it'll be perfect with any style you want to play. Yes, of course, it plays Creed almost exactly as it sounds on the CD. The! iT's jet black and is very mirror-like. There is finish on the back of the neck and it feels so good going up and down. The neck is a little wider than my strat's, but it makes it a little easier to solo on this one. The guitar stays in tune, I've only tuned in about 5 times in 3 months; it also handles drop-down tuning well too. The strings bend easily, I can make it go at least 2 steps up. The action came perfect. The pickups are very good for this price range. Overall, this guitar does everything I want it too! I play with gigs with it every almost every weekend and it is great; the humbuckers give to unneeded noise. PLEASE-go get one today before they all run out! You won't regret it, in my opinion this guitar is the best EVER offered for the price. I wouldn't spend another $3000 for the original one because this one is way better for the price. I played the Tremonti and this Tremonti SE is almost as good, even more sturdy. Besides, who has $3000 to spend on one guitar???

NOTHING mechanically! AT ALL! The finish does get fingerprints very easily, but if you clean and polish it often, there shouldn't be asny issues.

Well I already mentioned many good things about htis guitar in the "likes" section. But, the set in neack seems very sturdy. I dropped this guitar once (gasp) and it is completley fine. The bridge is locked and keeps everything in tune. The construction is great!

Everything is great!!! GO get this guitar if your looking for a HH style guitar that covers many styles. IF you add better pickups and strings this guitar is just as good as the Tremonti. (besides and wood) This guitar is perfect for me, right outa the box. Cheers to the Korean manufacters and Paul Reed Smith!!!!!!!!!!

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MGR/Bruddah Waltah09/17/2004

MGR/Bruddah Waltah's review"PRS Tremonti SE"

PRS SE Mark Tremonti
Bought it through Musicians Friend

Pretty Mean sounding riffs, plugged into a LINE 6 Spider Amp. Stuff like AC/DC, Creed, Sabbath, and ACCEPT sound pretty kick @ss with this guitar. OK, It's not as good sounding compared to my Gibson SG But I only give the SG a slight edge.

Not too much I don't like. For a mere $400 you really can't beat it. And it's a PRS. Although my Tremonti had a minor Blem, Musicians Friend game me a reasonable discount when it was identified.

I'd have to say it's pretty solid. Korean's are doing pretty good stuff with Guitars. It's as good a quality as our American products.

You really can't go wrong for around $400 for this guitar. Now that they're not making them. It's just more of a curiosity. I think that's why we want them so bad. I've played Gibson/Epiphone Les Paul's and the Tremonti pretty much feels the same. But sound wise you really have to give the edge to Gibson/Epiphone. Overall, a good buy! If you can find one.

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MGR/Greg Dosttur 02/05/2004

MGR/Greg Dosttur 's review"PRS Tremonti SE"

PRS SE Mark Tremonti
This guitar is awesome i paid $429.00 but its well worth it for both price and quality of the structure and material used. I bought this Babe at guitar center in Carles place, NY. Check this guitar out. I got it cause of a hell of a nice structure, great texture and its so light so easier to carry and move around when i have band practices with it. Trust me you should TRY IT OUT. Especially if youre in a band who needs dirty sounds like Creed metallica stuff like that or stuff like pearl jam silver chair and also the old rock stuff like the beatles ramones. ITS GRRRRREAT!

its beautiful and i love the sound and the qualty of the music on each of the toggles. Great for rhythym and ESPECIALLY lead guitar playing.Her Pickups are beautiful. And its the only guitar i would buy for a 300-500 price range. Its affordable easy to bring around and yeah it is really strong and well built. Well worth the buy.

Actually im so far satistfied with my guitar its great for me im planning on sticking with Paul Reed Smith Guitars Because they didnt give me any problems yet and never gives me a pissed off time jamming with it by awful sounds or easily broken strings and breaking apart (Ex: the input jack's nut did not remove from the screw and this hard rockin guitar did not give me any rusted wires)Youll be satisfied.

Quality... well ill say its nice material its good for intermediate and advanced players. its great to solo with you know freestyling on the guitar. its nice for punk, Metal and can take classical on too.
A good guitarist needs good stuff to play. And trust me a guitar thats lightweight like this one is great for an advanced and intermediate player.

The Mark tremonti SE is an amazing guitar to jam with when you start getting better i recommend starting with a strat but thats just me. Besides the point i think that this lightweight Paul reed smith Tremonti se is a beautiful guitar comes in platinum silver and the original tremonti Black. So if you want to buy this guitar buy it when you know youre ready. its well worth the buy just go for it.

People guitar playing isnt easy but its all into your trust in yourself. I started and i thought ill never be good but i always did and will follow my mentors Mark Tremonti John Trovato (john thanks a lot for everything) and if you start with playing guitar say noone is better than you, say i can be just like. to start on the right foot is the key do not lose your trust do not lose your way to success in guitar playing and always think in yourself. i learned that from my 2 good friends "Dan ferrena" and "Tom costa" of "now or never" a new punk and EMO band from long island, NY. OH and one more thing to say to all of you guitar learners out there... you will do well in the future just follow your mentor if you have one.

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